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    Brian J

    Wasanelder Once> Recordings: Jajajajajaha! BEFORE even the opening prayer, the CO stood up, asked that any elders still in the lobby or break area please come into the main auditorium for an important announcement, waited an uncomfortable 30 seconds then announced: "Other than short personal handwritten notes, recordings of any kind are not permitted in any form. So there is no miscommunication, no digital recorders are to be used, no record to transcription applications to be used, no cell phone usage including recording transmission or live streaming. Are there any questions about this policy?" And I'm sitting on the front row, shoulder to shoulder with several techies, so hell no I didn't attempt to record anything.

    Boredposter > Higher Education: A single scenario was presented. In a not so subtle way to prove the 'point' that it is impossible to not be affected by higher education, with the chuckling increasing with each word:

    "If the appointed man, his wife, and/or child decides to attend university or trade school, regardless of the duration, he should not be dealt with by the congregation if in doing so it:

    >in no way interferes with family responsibilities

    >meeting attendance

    >meeting preparation and participation

    >having a share, ahem, a zealous share

    >congregation responsibilities

    >personal bible reading

    >weekly family worship

    >setting and reaching spiritual goals

    >and being a regularly seen and refreshing part of the congregation." So did he clarify.....sorta.

    AverageJoe1 > Yes! 20 minutes of how to attack an outline, which now apparently requires a calculator + another 20 minutes on how to read. I especially liked the how to read part for all of us whose favorite color is potato. Blah.

  • Brian J
  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has had a long standing opposition toward higher education, calling universities places of godlessness evil etc. Suggesting that these endeavors were a waste of time since the new system of things is upon mankind.

    They still do to this day as a matter of fact.

    They want to be in control of the information their members receive for obvious reasons, in doing so they can influence their mind controlling agenda, such as working for them distributing literature and converting new converts.

    There is inherent corruption within the WTS and most of that surrounds building and sustaining their empire or kingdom as it were, the overall betterment to the individual or humanity for matter plays second fiddle.

  • darkspilver
  • ToesUp

    We witnessed this same scenario in our former congregation. This same message was given several years back, of an Elder loosing his "privileges" if his kids attend college. Watchtower then created a caveat to this...."it would go before the Body of Elders." What that essentially means is how much does this particular Elder contribute to the congregation (time, money, ass kissing). How exemplary is he and his family? This exact thing played out in our KH. The Elder really "bumped it up" in the spirituality department, as did his children. We saw this Elder pretty much carry the entire mid week meeting. He had part after part after part. His kids all pioneered and kissed the CO's ass. It was disgusting to watch.

    My spouse and I are all for higher education but this really woke us up. I would love to thank the Elder that helped us see "the light." The light just kept getting brighter and brighter and now our family is free. THANK YOU WATCHTOWER FOR SHOWING US YOUR BLATANT HYPOCRISY! We couldn't have done it without you and all your exemplary spiritual counterparts!

  • truth_b_known

    As one poster replied in this thread - If this policy is too be enforced it needs to include those who obtained higher education prior to becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Here is the argument for this:

    Appointing a brother to the position of Elder or Ministerial Servant who obtained higher education prior to becoming one of Jehovah's Witness may still stumble someone in the congregation or send a conflicting message that pursuing higher education is acceptable by the organization.

    All doctors and lawyers who are Witnesses should immediately be removed as Elders, Ministerial Servants, and any position of full time service in the organization.

  • steve2

    truth_b_known, parody - but contains more than a few grains of truth.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS party line is discourage higher education, which pretty much has been the position propagated by the WTS since its inception as a religious organization.

    Every JWS gets evaluated upon those set guidelines and this also involves who's worthy of being an elder.

    An elder might even loose their position if lets say he had children who went to university and eventually left the JWS entirely.

    That would by other elders perceived to be spiritual weakness upon him for not controlling his children.

    Similarly like having one or two of their own children DFed .

    Big trouble in other words.

    In this understanding it would be highly unlikely that a man would be put into the position as an elder if he was going to university full time to be a Doctor or other elevated academic course.

  • truth_b_known

    Yes - My post was a parody. However, it shows how the religion thinks.

  • Bobcat

    Hi BJ,

    I was wondering if the parts on making reccomendations had any discussion about dealing with brothers who don't seem to be reaching out.


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