Higher Education

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  • FedUpJW

    The idiots were threatened by anybody well-spoken who had a good job.

    My dad always said, and I now say, "The stupid are intimidated by anyone who is intelligent." He also said, "It's hard to be smart in a world full of stupid people."

  • FedUpJW

    I'm sorry for any Witnesses who listened to their garbage and never got an education or a well-paying job and are struggling today to support themselves.

    I'm not! And I refuse to buy into the WT promoted idea of "generosity" given to those who make poor choices. This is a quote from this mornings WT basically begging for money for others in the congregation. "...suppose a fellow Christian falls into need because of poor planning."

    If they will not prepare for the future I say, "F--K 'EM!"

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, that was my observation when I was in the religion. They absolutely hated somebody who spoke well and had a decent job. If it was a woman then you were hated all the more. However, I came into the religion with these things under my belt.

    It may not be popular to say this but I felt the born-in JWs in the congregation were behind all the cruel shunning and gossiping about anybody. People like myself and a few others were panned and viewed as fringe JWs because we weren't doing housecleaning and pioneering. Even though I will never forget this, I'm glad it worked out this way because I'm now retired.

    Some might think it's cruel to say F' em but these were the people who made sure I was shunned and not invited anywhere. I was labeled 'not spiritual'.

    Well, so be it - but I'd certainly never give money to any of them. They better go ask their 'spiritual' friends for money! LURKERS: If Witnesses have the nerve to ever approach me for money they will be told off so badly they will never forget it.

  • FedUpJW

    "Other than short personal handwritten notes, recordings of any kind are not permitted in any form. So there is no miscommunication, no digital recorders are to be used, no record to transcription applications to be used, no cell phone usage including recording transmission or live streaming. Are there any questions about this policy?"

    At this point in time FedUp has gone full on piss them off mode. I would have raised my hand and asked, "Does that include the recording of this meeting that is being made in heaven by Jehovah, Jesus, and the angels?".

  • wifibandit

    The original English outlines and videos have leaked. (Not translated)


  • shadow

    the second video under elders #4 (1:21) isn't downloading

    thanks for posting these

  • ttdtt

    Has nothing to do with wanting STUPID people - it has EVERYTHING to do with not wanting anyone to learn Critical Thinking.

  • ttdtt

    Thanks again WIFI!

  • curiousconfused

    I attended the Elders School last weekend (UK), and there wasn't a single reference to higher education, not even in the sections on making recommendations. Sounds like your instructor went rogue :)

  • slimboyfat

    What scripture did they apply?

    I think it’s time elders, and everyone, “reviewed” whether they wish to give any further service to this organisation as long as it continues such brazen conduct.

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