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  • Alfred

    CuriousConfused... It was your instructor who went rogue (not Brian J's)... Talk #8 outline specifically directs the instructor to mention higher education as a factor in determining whether a dub can serve as an elder.

  • snapdragon4

    . What are some situations that may raise questions about an appointed man’s qualifications? [The following examples should be conveyed]

    • He confesses to viewing pornography

    • He frequently misses congregation meetings and has limited participation in the field ministry because of his secular work

    • He or a member of his immediate family is pursuing university education

    • His child becomes involved in serious wrongdoing while living at home

    Above is from official Watchtower outline from avoidjw.org, part 2 appointing an elder, apparently pursuing a university education is viewed on a similar level to viewing pornography, the lunatics truly are running the asylum!

  • slimboyfat

    So if an elder or his family member attends university they “may” no longer qualify, and they should be “reviewed”.

    In some ways that’s worse than a clear rule excluding such people. It’s an invitation for all sorts of petty and small minded investigations into families and personal “attitudes” over what should reasonably be a private decision.

    Thinking about all the inevitable tedious discussions about what counts as “higher education” as opposed to “further” or “vocational education”: it hardly bears thinking about.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    A circuit overseer once sat in our home and said about various changes in the organisation, "It's not rocket science, all you have to do is do what you are told to do. Obedience is better than sacrifice."

    And as I humored him with my polite nods, my mind was thinking - Jim Jones and the massacre. "Just do what you are told to do. "

    What was it your mom used to say to warn you? "Just because everyone else sticks their hands in the fire doesn't mean that you should as well." Mom's know best. 👌👍

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has always been opposed to higher education because in most instances these people end up in critically thinking jobs that requires people to use their intelligence and secondly higher education offers scientifically acquired information that diminishes the viability of the bible in its version of how the world came to be.

    The WTS wants and needs to sustain its operation as a publishing house, that's why it wants more and more people distributing its literature through their descriptive action of pioneering.

    Its their acquired power which they are seeking to sustain, people bring them that power and they also bring them free labor and money, mind controlling with a purpose is you will.

  • Fisherman

    Scene 1

    Brother Lowly one who at the Society's counsel coming from the local elders never went to college and is a full time pioneer and flips burgers to make ends meat talking to Brother Elder who is congregation PO:

    Brother Elder: "How are you doing spiritually brother Lowly, I see you have been missing meetings lately?" It ain't easy says brother Lowly, but somehow, I manage."- Brother Elder opens open the Bible to give some counsel..... Brother Lowly: "Thank you for that encouragement, Brother Elder, I will never forget when I was studying the Bible with you how you discouraged me to go to college and by the way, how is your family, Brother Elder?" "Well, my wife is a full time pioneer but she is also going to College at night, she wants to get her degree is Sociology- but she is pioneering!" "You know brother Lowly, the world has changed since you came into the truth, a High School diploma just does not cut it anymore ( Brother Lowly interrupts: "Tell me about it!" ) and that is why my daughter has no choice but to go to college, she is majoring in Economics with a minor in psychology....! She is very excited."

    Scene 2

    " This is to inform .. Brother Elder has been deleted as an Elder."

  • NewYork44M

    Education is just like any other investment. You need to be a smart consumer. It is easy to discount the value of education by showing examples from people that did not make good decisions.

    However, be sure of this fact: A good education is a critical factor in a person's success.

    What the Watchtower is doing is shameful. Fortunately, I did not follow the advice, but I know of many who did.

  • Finkelstein

    What the Watchtower is doing is shameful

    Yes it is NewYork but its part of self indulgent corruption of the WTS.

    It serves itself and really is a blight onto humanity.

    ...but lets not forget there are other dangerous mind controlling religious cults out there who act in similar fashion to the JWS

  • Fisherman

    Education is just like any other investment.

    No it ain't. One can lose an investment and go belly up-but it ain't the same with an education, you never lose it and it puts you at an advantage over others without one (everything considered: those born into wealth or royalty rule over the educated) and it enriches a person's senses and therefore one's quality of life. The best of both worlds is a higher education and being a JW. Given the choice though, I would give everything, higher education and wealth; there is nothing I would not give for the relationship I experience with God as a JW.

  • zeb

    Pale Emperor "I seem to remember the JW lawyers in the Royal Comission acting confused when it was claimed JWs are against higher education. "We're not against higher education your honor".

    Lying pricks."

    Yes that was one of my gasp! moments watching the streaming of the ARC.

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