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  • Fisherman
    They are just too lazy and never wanted to be part of the workforce.

    I don't think so. JW work harder to support themselves without a higher education but financial security is not what they trust in. -----Everything considered, some people are just lazy or suffer from depression but that is another topic and doesn't truly represent the spirit of JW who pioneer full time and work to support themselves. Other JW too that don't pioneer because of financial obligations too don't trust in financial security. I can tell you stories of wealthy people who's finances and circumstances changed on a dime. --From riches to poverty overnight.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry but I disagree. They may SEEM to work "harder" because of low wage jobs.

    From what I saw, they wanted jobs that were close and convenient so they could get their preaching hours in. They were extremely interested in how they were viewed in the congregation and loved that title of "pioneer" and gatherings they are invited to....The problem was they never had enough money and were asking for money for this and that..which they have NO business doing in my opinion.

    As for your statement about how people's circumstances can change overnight - everybody knows that. The problem is that Witnesses use this as a justification not to better themselves.

    As I said in an earlier post: they are free to do this whether because they think they are pleasing Jehovah/organization OR because they don't want to invest time or sacrifice in education but that is their choice.

    You can keep coming back with lame excuses and cliches because you seem to want the last word, FISHERMAN. However, Jehovah's Witnesses who choose to live on the edge because they listened to the religion's bad advice are going to have to live with the consequences of this. If they are happy and feel good about themselves, great.. I'm just glad I'm no longer around them. 'Nuf said.

  • Fisherman
    OR because they don't want to invest time or sacrifice in education but that is their choice.

    It is because JW believe that their time belongs to God based upon their dedication to God. It would be challenging to take an elder seriously if after becoming an elder and teaching from the platform not to pursue higher education that he went or that he sent is family to college.

    I know JW that went to college and then pursued a career and later got appointed as elders or went to Bethel and got management jobs. There are 2 elements here 1. WT discourages higher Ed and 2. Elders and those holding office or positions in the Cong can loose their appointments for going or for sending their kids. It ain't that JW don't want to go, sure they would go and it would be easy for them to pass the courses and make more and easier money. --But they listen to the counsel for the reasons I gave.

  • dubstepped
    Fisherman2 days ago2 days ago
    But, when they can't pay their bills they better go ask their "spiritual" friends for money!!!

    If God is real then they will manage


    No, if taxpayers fund government programs they will manage. God doesn't provide for them, often actual hard working and diligent people do in funding programs as JWs live off the government, not some imaginary god. Soooo many JWs live off of the same government they despise. Some pioneer off of it and are held out as examples on assemlies. JWs are often terrible employees because they are told to see their job as no more than a means to an end. That attitude doesn't foster dedicated workers. They want to work as little as possible to get by so they can live in denial of how close to the edge they are, knowing that the collective is there to catch their lazy ass on the other side, evil worldly entities that they preach against.

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