Lloyd’s new book

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  • jookbeard

    Bonnie's books are excellent

  • OnTheWayOut

    Maybe if I answer with a similar attitude as Cedars, it will be more clear.
    Facebook and AAWA??? He apologized for that. He clearly stated it wasn't his fault and it was no big deal anyway and nobody was hurt despite their claims. Then he apologized anyway saying that stuff again and again. He was sorry that people blamed him and that they felt hurt by what happened, so despite it not being his fault, he apologized. At least, that's the way I read his apology.

    As for contributing to his income, I will answer this way. I wrote a book and would love to write a second one. But I really truly write best when I don't have to worry about other work, and I write even better if I can afford to do it from a tropical beach. So if I start a gofundme page, it's just so that I can write my best book for YOUR benefit. And any inspirations you all send me, if you help keep me on that tropical beach, I will thank you for letting me collect royalties for including your inspirations and for paying for the privilege. Don't worry, you all won't be entirely paying for my tropical living. I will have to contribute myself, just less with your help.

    I could go on with the other subjects, but I hope I made my point already. Sure, I won't get rich off of ex-JW stuff, but I would like to try.

  • jwfacts

    Here is an interesting article about how much can be made off YouTube. Why ‘Success’ on YouTube Still Means a Life of Poverty I found it interesting because my 10 year old son is one of the "one-third of children" that want to become a YouTuber when he grows up.

    "Breaking into the top 3 percent of most-viewed channels could bring in advertising revenue of about $16,800 a year, Bärtl said. That’s a bit more than the U.S. federal poverty line of $12,140 for a single person. (The guideline for a two-person household is $16,460.) The top 3 percent of video creators of all time in Bärtl’s sample attracted more than 1.4 million views per month."

    No JW related YouTuber is getting anywhere near 1 million views per month, and even 1 million views does not get a person above the US poverty line.

    notsurewheretogo - I agree with most what you say but disagree that he is making "far less" based on what is publically available for all to see the potential earnings he makes from his activism.

    I stand by that comment because I was not referring to a freelance, paid-per-word translator. Lloyd could be working full time running or owning his own translation company. He has the capability and personality for it. He is certainly more capable and emotionally stable than some of my managers that earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.

    I did not want to make this thread about money, but discussions over financial motives regularly pops up, and they are an ad hominem attack that are not accurate and should not have any relevance to the effectiveness of the work being achieved.

  • menrov

    I do not like personal attacks at all and I believe each one that left the WT should appreciate the efforts by people like Paul or Zeb or Lloyd. The site Lloyd had helped me a lot, JWFacts helped me and other sites as well. We all have our own personalities (once the WT imposed personality has faded again) and so do all these people have. Even if their efforts helped you 5 or 10% it is far more than anyone in the WT ranks would do to help you to regain your life.

    I know hosting a site cost money, providing the contents is hard word and cost a lot of free time. Normally institutions to help drunk or abused people get some subsidy or sponsorship. I presume the so-called exJW sites are funded by their own money. If writing a book helps to generate some income whilst still helping others (You do not have to buy the book, there are still many sites available), who are we to judge? Also to publish a book cost money.

    Anyway, I am happy with all the efforts that help people to wake up and re-gain their own lives again.

  • jwfacts

    Merov - you make a great point about attaining your own personality, independent of the Watchtower imposed one.

    When we leave we make a lot of mistakes. Regardless of age, those raised as JWs often are like teenagers, having to shed an imposed moral code and belief system and develop a new one. We will make mistakes, as teenagers do, but teenagers are excused for it whilst as adults we are not.

    ExJWs have a unique set of struggles, and these forums by and large accept and support that. You know where I am going with this comment.

  • notsurewheretogo
    I did not want to make this thread about money, but discussions over financial motives regularly pops up, and they are an ad hominem attack that are not accurate and should not have any relevance to the effectiveness of the work being achieved.

    I'm not "attacking him"...why do you think that is the case?

    The point is all these threads exist because he is releasing a new book...he has to because he needs to generate income...it is a factor as to why he does...maybe not the biggest factor but one still the less.

    Mentioning that a full time activist has to generate income to fund his "career" is not "attacking"...it is simply pointing out the fact as to why he has to release new content...because it is his income.

    Paul...I'm disappointed in you...you are the author of a non-bias, neutral, amazingly resourceful website yet you you seem very defensive in this subject...the fact is you are not neutral when it comes to Lloyd...you have appeared in a recent video interview and now a foreword in his book..and now you post active threads about it on here.

    This is not the neutral sensible Paul that we know.

    Whether you like it or not Lloyd has many people in the exjw community who have issues with him due to previous dealings, personality, egocentrc behaviour etc.

    As I've said the mature approach is to see the past the man and look at the content and either enjoy or dismiss without overly attacking the man.

    I enjoy some of his content, I ignore others...I give my opinion when asked such as threads like these which I have a right to do but still I will promote good content even if the man presenting it has fundamental flaws.

    But you recent overly need to defend this is rather disappointing.

    Why did you think there was a need to create this thread?

    Not every point made is an "attack"...when someone puts themselves forward in any light you are always going to get constructive criticism and just plain criticism...deal with it...as Lloyd does.

    For the record I like most of Lloyds content, I point others to it, I have told Lloyd that his self-confessed mental issues (depression) that he suffers means his work and what he has had to put up with makes what he has done amazing...and I applaud that.

    Yet he has made mistakes and has an attitude in some areas that do not help his cause and make people turn off him.

    But even so...enjoy the content...forget the man.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Being a ExJW activist is a lot like marriage. The flaws always seem to overshadow strengths and saying “I’m sorry” is the only way to survive.

  • steve2

    Thanks the girl next door. There is an awful lot of bitching in this thread that resembles couples bickering. I think it is enough that some admire Lloyd, some don’t and others wonder what the fuss is all about. I admire the guy and at the same time am not surprised some don’t.

    Paul I like that you defend him and I hold many views similar to yours. But I have to say that it is a mark of good grace to allow people to have their views on him. I kind of see where notsurewheretogo is coming from - and as he says, he’s not attacking Lloyd.

  • JaniceA

    JWs s are taught from thefirst how critically important It was that no one in the organization is paid a salary or wage. We are taught that any perceived moral or social failure demanded our scorn rejection and shunning.

    lloyd is human and shows us himself in a open honest way. So what if he makes money. I wish we all could get something back for our wasted years and hard won experience. I’ve seen blogs and folks making picture perfect videos. Lloyd is about the content and he doesn’t grovel enough to please everyone. Well, so far he has shown more character than most leading politician types and I’m pretty sure he isn’t eating off of a 30K dining table paid for by you so I’m good. He’s not my idol my leader my minister or my husband. I just don’t watch you tubers that offer me no value. I don’t go anywhere dissing them. Life is too short and we only get this one for a guarantee and there is no warranty of workmanship so just move on if you don’t like someone. I find some of the couples to be annoying and often drama queens, but they still offer good info sometimes. I like the variety, but I like apostate chick best. Give me humor and it’s like sugar to wash down the medicine.

  • Ruby456

    I honestly haven,t seen any bitching on this thread. There are sincere concerns about Lloyd and we shouldn't,t try to silence them because of some mistaken idea that we need to united against a common enemy. If this is the message then more people are going to end up disappointed, hurt and depressed. It is better to have an interplay of fairly independent points of view because that is how life is outside of closed organisations.

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