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  • steve2

    Don't ever get on the wrong side of Las Malvinas son Argentinas! If someone speaks nicely about you, Las Malvinas will set the record straight. Yet I will grant las Malvinas is perfectly entitled to his opinions.

    I read over what Las Malvinas has written in his post and thank goodness he has not observed me in a pressured situation as he is strongly inclined to bring a decidely negative and nasty slant to his observations.

    BTW, Las Malvinas, can you direct me to the evidence that Lloyd has actually said he "is giving up a lot to be an exJW activist". I have heard him recount his background and life course on a number of occasions but have never heard him say anything remotely like that. I am open to evidence to the contrary.

    Like SBF, I understood that Lloyd's earnings are public knowledge - but I acknowledge I do not know that for certain.

    As for his living circumstances, unless he himself has made this a matter for public consumption, I'm inclined to think people should mind their own business. I will say this much: I have heard several different and mainly negative things about his living circumstances in Croatia and I'm certain not all of them can be true.

    Las Malvinas does show some mercy regarding Lloyd's "motivations" which (to quote) "are best known by himself [Lloyd] and his close friends". But even here the sentence is crafted to imply something negative lurks out of view.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    steve2 - I am a “she”, not a “he”. Hope that gender correction doesn’t imply that I am saying bad things about you.

    As for the evidence you requested regarding where Lloyd said he was earning far less, your contention that I claimed Lloyd said this directly is false. I was responding to the OP which stated:

    “Lloyd is earning far less from his JW activism than he could working full time in his business as a translator.”

    I never implied that Lloyd had stated this directly. Nor was there any hidden meaning behind my comment that Lloyd’s motivations are best known to himself. There has been much stated about that, both negative and positive. I was taking a neutral stance since his motivations are (naturally) best known to himself.

  • sparrowdown

    Lloyd living with his still in JW in-laws is common knowledge of which Lloyd has freely spoken about. In fact in one of his videos he speaks of the uncomfortablenes of doing christmas because of the arrangement.

  • slimboyfat

    Well done to them for putting up with it. Maybe they think it's just a phase.

  • sparrowdown

    When you agree to a massive front page story complete with photos of yourself for a Croatian newspaper it's no longer a phase.

  • steve2

    Thanks Las Malvinas son Argentinas. I stand corrected.

    Yep, the OP did indeed say Lloyd was "earning far less" - I think that was in connection to what he could be earning were he pursuing a career.

    And thanks for clarifying you are a "she" - I wasn't sure when I looked up your avatar so took a guess.

    Your reply was far more even-handed in comments about Lloyd than your earlier post - I may have been thrown by your vivid criticism of him in your opening paragraph of the earlier post.

    I appreciate your wise words about motivations: We are on the same page. Inner private states are not easy to decipher and are best left alone - unless someone has come straight out and disclosed, "My motivation is..."

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    steve2 - Thanks. Though I appreciate your attempt to be balanced on such a subject, I stand by what I said. Perhaps I worded it in a way that triggers people, but that’s exactly what is part of the problem when discussion revolves around Lloyd. I’m afraid many take what is said about Lloyd and like him, immediately get defensive. After all, I am speaking about a man in his late 30’s, I’m not kicking a little child in the balls. Whenever the Evans mishaps, current and past get discussed, there is a knee-jerk reaction to remind people of his videos and other work as if people aren’t already aware of it. I am aware of it, as much as I am aware of the fact that you can also do these fine works and not be a complete prick at the same time. The fact is he has a well-earned reputation for exactly the same things he accuses others of being. It wasn’t that long ago that he treated this very forum like it was his own domain. His behaviour repulsed me as arrogant and childish. He was known to chastise people and accuse them of keeping him up too late if they dare said something that he felt required his response. He would also use the same opportunity to accuse the same people of keeping him away from his wife and thus harming his relationship. Then stay off the forums if something as trivial as JW related discussions are harming your marriage! He would also announce his holidays as if the forum could not go on without him, and would advise people to PM him in his absence if something came up. As much as he has been attacked, there are plenty of instances if not more of him dishing it out himself.

    Before you tell me to think of the good works he has done, just think for a minute about how effective this man could have been had he not angered this many people by his behaviour and actions. I’d venture to make a prediction - the issue of his making money wouldn’t be such a toxic issue. Having someone on the community payroll to combat WT isn’t a bad idea in itself, but be mindful as to whom you’d want in such a role. A gallant activist who was approachable, tame, well-reasoned and certainly emotionally stable would be primary on my list. Someone who is known to attack any and all people who were not completely in agreement with himself and his methods wouldn’t be.

    Sorry if I over-reacted, but calling Lloyd Evans “emotionally stable” is like calling Donald Trump “meek”.

  • AbusedandPissed

    If you even look at Amazon under his reluctant apostate if someone dared to give him a bad review he would either accuse them of being an apologist or just dismiss them as not knowing what good writing is. He can't take criticism of any kind.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I like the cut of your jib Las Malvinas son Argentinas...your views are more or less the same as mine.

    Which is why I am rather disappointed with Paul at JWFacts.com for posting this thread.

    Lloyd has a right go at the WT, the GB, other ex-jws etc yet you make remarks, comments, constructive criticism about Lloyd and he takes it personally...he can't take what he dishes out...

    I don't believe for one minute he earns "far less" in his activism as myself and others have pointed out what is publically available and hence why I suggest the reasons why he has to produce content and new books is because of money, because activism is his income.

    I too have told Lloyd that his site and his articles prior to his "coming out" as an apostate, as in prior to him DA himself that they were balanced, neutral, factual and highly effective....just like JWFacts.com.

    But as soon as he DA himself then the focus of his channel was himself and not the content and in that he has lost an opportunity to get people "still on the fence" out of the WT...all the people who have come out since he showed himself on his videos were on there way out anyway otherwise they wouldn't watch his videos because now most would view them as apostate whilst prior to his DA they were balanced to the point you could watch them whilst still in.

    Fair enough he changed his direction but he made it about himself...how many exjw's has he put off because of that? How many possible exjws who are still in are put off?

  • jp1692
    NSWTG: As soon as [Lloyd] DA himself then the focus of his channel was himself and not the content ... he changed his direction [and] made it about himself.


    For some people it's about the cause; for others the cause is a way to make it about them.


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