Asylum Caravan

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  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Being part of a caravan is really a dumb thing to do if you really wish to disappear into the US from south of the border. It puts you in the bullseye.

    Being a native south Texan, and being in a Spanish congregation for 3 years, I've heard many stories, first hand, about paying the coyote, floating across the Rio Grande, camping in the Texas wilderness and and meeting up with the coyote associates at a convenient store to be driven to San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston. A nice tall wall will only take a ladder and rope, easier to defeat than the Rio Grande

    A huge group at the border, especially with the current administration makes NO sense.

    I say we do a big hands across America conga line and force the caravan to go on through to Canada. Let them be Simon's problem.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Lmao! Brilliant. Like I said, Texas is porous.

  • waton
    If I had to pick one man on earth to carry on with after an apocalypse tgnd

    Give me any science Nobel prize winner instead, not as sexy as the caravan alpha males of 2025 and 2018, but safer to spare us another apocalipse, or coming population explosion, of which caravans are a symptom.

    No offence NDT, it is good to have a publicist getting science to be made attractive.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Nobel Prize winners? That shit is bought.

  • waton
    Nobel Prize winners? That shit is bought tgnd


    they paid the high price for excelling in the science that advances, not dilutes, mankind, respecting the laws of nature. but you,

    Calling the likes of Einstein, von Laue, Roentgen, The developer of Penicillin, Fleming " shit" shows your contempt for real excellence, human worth.

    The likes of you probably proliferates in the caravans, contempt for law, property rights, the work of others. or?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Lol. Bravo. I wish the caravan had my sarcasm.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Morph you are right. I came down unfairly on white men. What do you think right wing extremists look like?

    I hate to keep beating this drum... but this is exactly where the left-wing/right-wing continuum fails us. “Right-wing” extremists are just a different type of authoritarian collectivist. They are in no way, shape, or form like the libertarian or conservative “right-wingers”. These violent “right-wingers” are, ideologically, on the left (if we want a consistent continuum).

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    This is not the first time this scenario has played out. Have we forgotten that thousands of Jews who were fleeing Europe and almost certain death or years of slavery were treated very much like Trump's plan for the South and Central American refugees heading north looking for some safe haven? Here is a quote from the Smithsonian website regarding the so-called "ship of fools" incident during World War 2:

    "With politicians in the U.S. and Europe again calling for refugee bans in the name of national security, it’s easy to see parallels with the history of World War II.

    "...although today’s refugee crisis isn’t identical to mass migration in World War II, the past could still offer lessons for the future. They say that this time around, governments should be careful not to rush quickly into new policies.

    “Simplistic kinds of answers—close all the doors to refugees, or welcome everyone—are dangerous, and ultimately counter-productive,” says Lipstadt.

    Orchard highlights a related worry—“that we'll see short-sighted policies adopted that have real lasting effects.” He believes governments have historically succeeded at screening for refugees, which suggests that national security isn't at odds with welcoming them.

    "According to Breitman, the government, the media, and the public all share blame for the backlash against Jewish refugees during World War II. 'I think the media went along with the fears of security-minded people,' he says. Among hundreds of thousands of refugees, there were only a handful of accused spies."

    History tends to repeat itself - especially when the lives of poor homeless people are involved. What America has lost is its real sense of empathy for almost anyone that is not white, not native, not English speaking, and not financially secure. Nothing has really changed since the years after the Civil War in the United States when former black slaves, indigenous people (American Indian tribes), and Mexicans living in their homes in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona after the US confiscated those lands from Mexico. Most were treated as stupid, ignorant, and dangerous to the American white invaders. We have not had any wars with Mexico for nearly 100 years. The last major problem we had with our southern neighbors was the short Panamanian war in the late 1980s against dictator Noriega - who was charged with drug trafficking and threatening the canal.

    Trump knows that the best way to unite the majority of the country behind him is to be in a war. We all fall in line to support our troops and to protect our homesteads. So, even though very few of us are in any danger of being attacked by Central America refugees, Trump needs to create an "us versus them" situation and painting "them" to be as dangerous (many criminals, diseased, transporting drugs, ignorant and uneducated, thieves, etc.) as possible to engender fear among our youth, oldsters, unemployed men and women, and others that are not fully secure.

    I remember when I was a young man living and working in Hollywood. A fairly large number of Jewish families had fled Russia and brought to West Hollywood and parts of Beverly Hills. Most had been taken in by Jewish families and organizations and provided with housing, clothing and some temporary income. But many did not speak a word of English and were uneducated in American culture. Several times a month there would be gangs and crowds of people marching and chanting "send them back" and "we don't want you." This was happening in areas that had large and significant populations of Jewish-Americans. They said the very same thing about those immigrants as our President is now saying about the refugees from Central America.

    Who among us (USA / Canada) does not owe our lives, history and standards of living as residents and citizens thanks to the open gates of our adopted countries? Who are we to deny those same privileges to others - not unlike our ancestors - who came to work, pray, have children, and provide for their families?

    Juan Viejo (German / Scots-Irish / English / Dutch)

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Dont worry Waton by 2050 or so the white majority will end in the US. Then 100 years after that if mankind is still alive there will be another majority of people of a diffrent race and so on and on. I just hope they find a way not to be so stupid in taking care of this earth and show more human compassion to all. I am for the human race and right now it's in grave danger. Whatever the outcome of this caravan I hope it is dealt with legally and human compassion. Still Totally ADD

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Nothing has really changed since the years after the Civil War in the United States when former black slaves, indigenous people (American Indian tribes), and Mexicans living in their homes in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona after the US confiscated those lands from Mexico - you make a good point.

    But let's remember that Mexico was a result of imperialism, too - the Spanish Empire.

    What the British and French did in the north, the Spanish did in the south.

    Dont worry Waton by 2050 or so the white majority will end in the US - the whites will still be the largest ethnic group.

    What you mean is, the whites won't have an overall majority (more than 50%). They'll be less than 50% but still more than the blacks, Chinese, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Native Americans, etc.

    The US is very heavily influenced by its main heritage - the UK.

    The US shares a lot in common with the UK - democracy and standard of living.

    Customs and culture overlap, and the language is practically identical.

    It will be a sad day indeed for the US when another race/ideology takes over.

    Some if not all the freedoms you Yanks enjoy will be lost.

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