Asylum Caravan

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Just let everybody come in. America can support several billion people.

    How about real open borders so we can go and buy ANY land in Mexico or wherever, not just the restricted lots, and be able to work there, too.

  • resolute Bandicoot
  • Tahoe
    I’ve lived on the Mexico/US border since the 1960’s. Even back then, we knew never to leave clothes hanging on the clothesline overnight as they would be stolen by those crossing the river illegally.
    Now, the migrants pay a ‘coyote’ upwards of 6k (US $) per person to get them across the Rio Grande river. They are dropped off via rafts on the US side and told to find Border Patrol agents and turn themselves in.
    This year alone there has been half a million captured by the Southwest Border Patrol, with an untold number eluding. Since 2014 there have been over 3 million captured. Approximately 25 thousand per month.
    The migrants that are able to find work, send their paychecks back to their home country.
    Also, once they make it across, there are people whose only job is to help them fill out paperwork for public government assistance and housing. Some of these helpful folks have made their way into Mexico to assist the migrant group.
    The opinion in my town, made up of over 97% Hispanics, is somewhat split over the caravan.

    This could be political sure, but it also could be comfort in numbers, plus saving the money they would normally have to pay corrupt individuals in Mexico to make it here.

    Apologize for this post being all over the place, I’ve been ill for a couple of days.

  • zeb

    I see a huge clash coming. God help the first US soldier who fire his rifle. He will be vilified by the press and his family under threat.

    These migrations should have been stopped long ago. France, Sweden, UK, Germany and no doubt others have gone down a path of (almost) no return and now internationalists are hell bent of flooding the US with persons whose culture has wrecked their own societies and they will bring that with them.

    This will be an enormous boon to the JW and their perennial crying of doom and gloom.

    It is likely a Labor Govt will be voted in next time 2019. With that will come the 'boats' from the north and the planes carrying their cargos of unwanted to jam into the overcrowded main cities and live off Australia's struggling social security system. Americans note if any city in Australia becomes a migrant ghetto then radicals will breed like wildfire threatening the entire south Pacific.

  • Simon
    How about real open borders so we can go and buy ANY land in Mexico or wherever, not just the restricted lots, and be able to work there, too

    Sorry, open borders only work one way - they can come in and take your things, you have zero rights to go and even purchase things in other countries without their approval.

  • LV101

    There should be billboards all over US of the Soros photo above but doubt it'd make much difference.

    Yes -- this migration should have been stopped decades ago.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    LV101 there is in his home country of Hungary.

  • waton

    Poles and Czechs follow Austria and Hungary in rejecting UN migration pact: the Irish times

    All vulnerable countries, US, Canada should follow. cancel caravans.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How about real open borders so we can go and buy ANY land in Mexico or wherever, not just the restricted lots, and be able to work there, too - sounds good.

    I'm English and live in England but I love Scotland. It's a beautiful country.

    My passport's out of date and I can't afford a new one but no matter, I'll travel as an undocumented migrant and Scotland can feed me and house me.

    If any local people object, I'll call them racist.

    Scotland, here I come ...

  • LV101

    resolute Bandicoot -- why is he so hateful toward US? Didn't realize that was his home country -- WOW. I knew he was from eastern Europe but thx for info. I knew a gal from Hungary who was here in US engaged to American boy -- her parents complained about the Hungarian gov't (communism - or maybe hadn't moved toward socialism yet but this was early/mid 1980s) and their best friends turned them in and the gov't eliminated their paychecks for a period. Unimaginable. Recall she, her parents and all their friends were on Xanax -- the gov't handed it out freely in those days but don't know how it works now. Sounds like the cult WT -- I'm sure they'd hand it out to numb people if possible.

    So Soros is filthy rich and loves socialism -- did he make his money here in the US? Aren't these communist countries interesting. I almost starved to death in Russia (visiting for way too long) and yet the wealth of a few at the top is amazing. Like China - there are more millionaire women than in any other country - go figure. How does that happen!

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