Asylum Caravan

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  • Simon
    I don't know, but it would be interesting to hear from a more liberal view what this is all about without people shutting down or just poo-pooing a discussion of it. If you don't like it, bring some well thought out balance to the discussion.

    There's a reason that won't happen: they don't have a common sense immigration policy so can't argue the case for it. All they can do is declare the debate not worth having as an attempt to shut it down and shame people into not sharing their views while making out that they are morally superior somehow.

    Every country needs to have a common sense border and immigration policies or else you simply don't have a country. Everything else that happens in a country starts with that.

    No one should have the right to enter another country just "because" anymore than anyone has the right to take someone else's property or house. Real basic law-and-order 101 stuff - the breakdown of this is why some countries are shit-holes that people don't want to live in and others are places people do want to move to.

    The real answer is that the people in these countries need to stop electing dead-beat corrupt leftist governments that run the countries into the ground. It's no good doing that, then fleeing them and then voting for the same sort of thing which we all know is what is going to happen. If these people were going to become republican voters this wouldn't be on the news and there would be support for the biggest wall outside of China.

    Sorry, "Cheyna"

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How anybody can take this caravan nonsense as a threat has got to be either gullible or insane (example provided by the asshole who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh.) - conflating two separate issues, no doubt influenced by left-leaning media.

    The Pittsburgh shooter killed Jews and called for a genocide against them ... nothing to do with illegal immigrants and other criminals coming up through Mexico.

    You're welcome.

  • waton
    Funny in a way, as much of Texas and all of California used to be Mexico ..SIMON

    Yeah, so imagine an always bigger Mexico, without all the advanced stuff developed in Silicon Vally, SF, Berkeley, Stanford, Livermore, Los Alamos NM, Houston TX Nasa, ,-- never happening. no apple, google. so,

    let's make Mexico great again? by bringing in caravans?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I believe my thoughts on immigration are balanced. I don’t know if they reflect liberal or conservative stances.

    Yet much of what I would like to see happen doesn’t because of legal loopholes.

    Asylum courts are all over the map. 75% granted in New York. 90% denied in Atlanta. Shouldn’t there be a standard that reflects uniformity in every court?

  • pepperheart

    whats the problem america is a rich country they have loads of billionaires who can afford to pay a bit more tax

  • dubstepped

    I did kind of wonder what they needed asylum from, if it was some sort of war or genocide or something. It sounds like it's more personal preference, wanting to live where it's better. I can understand that, but if too many people do that it's no longer better, or so it would seem.

    When it comes to people that are born here, it seems like they should get to stay. I'm not sure I agree with sending them back to a country they have no relationship with.

    That whole minuteman situation sounds like a bunch of people just looking for a fight. That doesn't sound like a good idea.

    I'm still left wondering where this caravan started, what or who was behind its formation. It still seems curious to me.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    The Central American countries that this increased percentage in 2017 of asylum seekers are coming from are in the top 5 most violent places on earth.

    Its gang warfare and drug cartel driven. People arrive here and claim they are fleeing the violence and the US grants the asylum.

    In fact, 80% of women pass initial screening for qualification under the stipulations of the “Convention against Torture”

    Then there are conflicting reports that many of these disappear into the masses never to appear at their final asylum court date.

    The courts are over run and the return dates can go years.

    But it isn’t just an asylum issue.

    Travel visas are abused and after the plane ride here they disappear into the masses.

    I wouldn’t get caught up in the caravan issue. It is being utilized politically and covered by the media as a result.

    For decades, there has been a never ending caravan arriving at the border.

  • zeb

    "I just read an article where they were essentially offered asylum, jobs, education, etc. in Mexico but of course they turned that down"

    if this item is correct it sounds exactly like the 'refugee' situation in Europe where the masses arrived through safe countries but were after the social security payment of other countries.

    I fear for the US and for us because if this swarm of bees is allowed in then the same thing with boats or one way airline tickets will happen here.... again.

    and, who the hell is this George Sorros character? Last time i looked he was not the elected head of any country.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Soros is a Democrat mega donor. He’s rich.

    This is the pattern.

    Day 1.

    Trump says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Soros has something to do with this caravan.”

    Day 2.

    Trump says, “A lot of people are talking about Soros having something to do with this caravan.”

    Day 3.

    Every right wing conspiracy gin website runs a story about, “Soros’ Caravan.”

  • Simon
    Its gang warfare and drug cartel driven. People arrive here and claim they are fleeing the violence and the US grants the asylum.

    That isn't what asylum is meant to be for and I don't think the entirety of South America is quite that bad or dysfunctional. There are cities in America with as high-crime rates as some of those South American cities - do those people get to have asylum and move to California?

    We also need to distinguish between asylum seekers and refugees. There is a convention for taking refugees, taking asylum seekers is, as far as I'm aware, at the discretion of the country they appeal to.

    Many of these people are not asylum seekers facing persecution because of their religion or ethnicity and they are not refugees of any war-zone or disaster. They are economic migrants and should be sent elsewhere. If they were genuine asylum seekers or refugees they should be applying at the first nation state they reach, they have not.

    Also, they are not even taking the shortest route to the US - they are heading for California aren't they? Why is that? Is that what people fleeing something do or what people seeking out a specific place do?

    Why don't they all go to Venezuela where they can enjoy the rich fruits of Chavez' socialism that all the Hollywood Celebs fawned over.

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