Asylum Caravan

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  • dubstepped

    Alright, so what is the deal with the thousands coming to the States right at election time seeking asylum? I'm not up on this, usually try not to be, but how can this not be manipulative? It's either manipulative in the size of the group and pressure that creates, or in where it started or who started this, etc. This is just too weird. I just read an article where they were essentially offered asylum, jobs, education, etc. in Mexico but of course they turned that down.

    Is this just a political stunt? If so that's disgusting, exploiting people for political gain. Or is this another country trying to interfere in our elections? Or Democrats? Is it somehow Republicans (not sure how that would work)?

    Any insights on this, opinions, or general discussion? I don't remember seeing this talked about and I may be early as the caravan is still a bit away from here, but what's up with it? I'd be interested to hear people's views instead of emotional memes on Facebook.

  • sir82

    LOL. They're 1000 miles away, covering about 20 miles a day.

    Better send 5000 troops to the border right now, this very second, so they can.....erect tents.

    Who could possibly think it was a stunt for the midterm elections?

  • dubstepped

    Okay, I didn't know how far away they were which is why I'm asking. But do you not think that it's already causing a stir that is causing a response that is impacting people that vote? I'm already seeing things on social media and people using it as a tool to promote their views and their side. You need not be knocking on the door to make a point, right?

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Just let the border patrol take care of this non issue. Vet them and if they meet the refugee criteria, give them get refugee status.

  • Simon

    It's a stunt, timed perfectly to reach the border to coincide with the midterms.

    There's no way those thousands of people could make that journey in the timeframe without external support (and who organized it to start?). The democrat supporting media probably already have the articles pre-written and planned to air segments on them ...

    Watch for the token number of women and children who will be featured heavily on camera but they'll ignore the mass of young males, many throwing rocks and burning US flags and chanting for the overthrow of the elected President of the United States - is that really what refugees are meant to do?

    Sending troops to defend the border is THE most appropriate use of a nations troops imaginable.

    The funniest thing I saw was one reporter obviously looking to create a segment to air about the plight of these "refugees" and he finds some guy to ask his story. I'll try and find the vid but it went something like this:

    reporter: "So you sir, you must be a refugee fleeing persecution ... right?"

    man: "Si, I flee, they persecute me - try to lock me up if I stay in country"

    reporter: "Because of your political views?"

    man: "Maybe ... and also because ... how you say? ... the murder"

    reporter: "erm ... and over here there are some children - look at the children!!!"

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    These caravans happen all the time and have for decades.

    This one is special because Trump is special. It is months away and dwindling in size. Immigration is a better topic at this mid term time for Trump than oh let’s say healthcare.

    Shepherd Smith from Foxtrump News said it best, relax it’s not an invasion, nobody is coming to get you, nothing to worry about.

  • dubstepped

    @Simon - Lol at that interview. Watch what you ask.

    To be fair, Sir82 says they can't reach the border in time. I did see that they have had issues slowing them down from the Mexican government to kids getting lost to issues between people in the group. Maybe they won't get to the border on time but it still seems stunt-y (is that a word).

    I don't usually post political stuff but enjoy reading. I like to stay somewhat ignorant and then ask questions that are sincere and see where things go and learn along the way, research things off of that, etc.

  • dubstepped

    @thegirlnextdoor - Interesting to know that these caravans have happened for decades. What is the usual response? Let them all in, turn them away, something else?

  • Simon
    It is months away and dwindling in size

    Remember that when they magically arrive days before the election and then think "hmmn?"

    They will be bussed to the place of maximum political effect when needed.

    There are likely some legitimate people in the group, they need some for cover, but there will also be criminals and opportunists and people trying to get to the US for handouts or to attack the country.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I don’t have any data on that dubstepped.

    I live in Los Angeles. If I had to guess, I would say that they all get in and they come here.

    edited: WOW that sounded really bitchy.

    Our immigration system is a disaster. It can’t be fixed. Not even a wall will help.

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