Asylum Caravan

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  • sir82

    By the end of this year, after the Migrant Invasion of 20,000 Future Landscapers of America never happens,

    I could totally see Mattis throwing in the towel, which is a shame. He seems like a really smart, focused guy.


    That's the trouble with Trump's cabinet - it's a complete downward spiral.

    Sessions was arguably one of the worst attorney generals in [fill in a large number of] years.

    The next guy will be worse.

    Oh well, since Sessions is likely a target of Mueller's probe also, now he has the liberty, and incentive, to sing like a canary, just like everyone else screwed over by Trump is doing.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    @Simon "Just because he profited from other people's stupidity doesn't make him wise or sensible though."

    He certainly is far smarter than the average Joe.

    I am fiscally and socially a libertarian, but libertarian principals don't work in a world where intelligence, beauty and money are so unequally distributed. So, out of necessity and pragmatism, I have to compromise with those horrible "communists". We have to accept a hybrid economy so the most gifted (intelligent, beautiful and rich) don't become excessively powerful and cause our current system to collapse. George Soros doesn't look as bad anymore as Fox and Sean Hannity say he is.

  • dubstepped

    @never a JW - Why can't libertarianism work with unequal distribution of wealth, beauty, etc? There are plenty of dumb and ugly people that hit it big. Of course, then they're seen as evil because they're rich, but why doesn't liberty allow people upward mobility?

    It's not a fixed pie. One person's success doesn't necessarily equal the lack of success for another.

    I ask sincerely as I've been told that I lean libertarian myself. I've listened to podcasts with libertarians on them. I don't grasp your assertion.

  • Simon

    Isn't it strange how the Caravan just vanished from the news, same as the Ford allegations (apparently, she's too busy remodelling her beach house with her gofundme windfall to make any official complaint of any alleged crime).

    When are people going to realize that most of the main-stream news is really an attempt to play them and influence their voting and NOT to inform them of what is happening in the world.

  • redvip2000

    The news about the caravan fizzled our several days before the election, because the amount of news entering the news cycle is so large at this point that the lifespan of each tends to be smaller.

    They are not going to report on the caravan everyday because it does not make sense to report every day that they have moved yet another x miles. It will be back on the news cycle once they reach the US border. Who cares that they are another 20 miles down the road.

  • waton

    so, Trump issues executive order to restrict Asylum claims validity to those made at establish entry points, no more illegal border crossings rewarded with goodies.

    What a good lesson for Trudeau, who for years now is welcoming the car a vans of comers that fly into the US on tourist visas, and then cross the Manitoba or Quebec or BC fenceless line. These claimants are than housed for years in hotels while some of Canada's homeless live in cars on the streets, in tent cities.

    Bringing in more basket cases while societies can not even deal with their own own festering problems;

    visit Philadelphia, Chicago and other places in North America and see.

  • out4good4
    Isn't it strange how the Caravan just vanished from the news


    Especially since it was Donald Trump who was the only one pushing it to generate faux fear of an invasion by "those other people" and move his minions to action.

    Now that it didn't work as intended he's back to Paris getting ready to suck (up) to Putin.

  • Jehalapeno

    What are y'all talking about? It hasn't vanished from the news. I see reports on it every day or two. Just this past weekend, there was a demonstration by MEXICAN protestors in Tijuana chanting, "This is an inviasion...get out Hondurans."

  • dubstepped

    Yep, the people of Tijuana aren't happy to have this drain on their local system. I saw an article too. It talked about how they're fleeing violence about at the same rate of Detroit or another major city (can't remember) and how this is clearly simply an economic driver for them.

    I also saw quotes in another article where some are talking of hopping the fence en masse and overwhelming the border patrols. That sounds kind of invade-y to me. One guy jumped it and then went back to show he could. Sounds kind of entitled to me. The whole thing just seems odd.

  • _Morpheus

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