Asylum Caravan

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  • dubstepped

    I tend to look at things in a utilitarian way. It seems like thousands of immigrants coming at once would take a lot of resources to process, house, feed, care for their health, etc. with little in return. Some seem to see the US as the Jesus of the world, the savior that can cure all of the ills, while at the same time demonizing the country. It's a weird dichotomy.

    If we have to take in all of these people, how many more will come? Can our society handle all of that financially? What about integrating all of these people in, finding them work and schools and such?

    Compassion is a beautiful thing. Taken too far it becomes codependency, which is unhealthy.

    I look around at all of the problems we have taking care of our own. If my family struggles and you bring me a pack of kids to adopt, adoption being a noble thing in theory, it could be disastrous.

    I know as a white male I'm the devil to some just like immigrants are the devil to others, but all of that is bullshit to me and secondary to the utility of all of this, the practicality. Where does it stop? Why have borders become so evil in our culture? Boundaries can be a very healthy thing. I guess I just feel like we need to work on ourselves as a country before we take in others.

  • _Morpheus
    I respect your opinion Morph.

    Well, thank you. Lets see how long that continues.....

    I have difficulties reconciling it with your avatar. But I digress.

    Yes you do. You digress right into racism. I dont mind sambo dancing for me, entertaining me...? Fishburne, little jim crow, its all the same. As long as the negro entertains me hes ok... right?

    Thats what you seme to be implying, that im racist but dont mind negros dancing for me. Yes im white. I also have two children with a balck woman. Does that change your mind? It shouldnt. Facts and stats are not racist and neither am I. Its simple fact that violent crime is committed at vastly higher rates by non whites. We can talk reasons, socio-economic disparity, culture, whatever you want, but facts are facts. Statistically, if your going to die violently, it wont be whitey that does it. That dosent mean i dont love my kids or their mother, and it dosent make me racist.

    Whenever legitimate study and research doesn’t fit agenda or argument why is it always biased or fake news?

    Awww see there you go again. I never said it was fake news. I said it was biased and explained exactly why. Clear incidents of terror, like fort hood where terrorist has ADMITTED he did it for allh, are not counted. Thats akin to saying “asian women cause the most car accidents” and only count accidents involving asian women. Well by that metric of course. Thats what your stat did. It ignores all acts except white men by categorizing them (acts by non whites) as something other than terror.

    The point is, fear mongering is pointless. Our fear has a clearly home grown basis to focus on.

    Ahh now the point is something else. Of course. Also, what fear mongering? Who mongered fear? Me? By using facts? I see.

    It isn’t a race issue for me. It’s just facts.

    Yea, i seems like it is. You need it to be white men. Thats racists the same as someone needing it to be blacks or mexicans.

  • waton
    not to be so stupid in taking care of this earth: STA

    and these mass movements, caravans show, that the countries, the cultures, they come from have not. but have succeeded to make their homelands uninhabitable already. and these invaders will bring these failed attitudes with them; Make the territories they invade "Nobel Prize" countries too, to borrow a term from the girl next door.

    Already we have to have nature preserves, species going extinct. The success of the majority populations has to be preserved.

    See the defending of borders as a means to preserve life on this planet.

  • atomant

    l wonder if there are any jehovahs witnesses preaching amongst the caravan and highlighting the story of moses and how he parted the red sea to get to the promised land.

  • Jayk

    There is deff some political agenda to this. It hasn't hit main stream media but the Honduran government just announced they deported 100 islam radical extremists.

  • Simon

    Yes, to imagine that Islamists who want to get to the US to cause harm would not think to try and go through the dysfunctional countries to the south (with a colored population where they won't stand out) is naive to the extreme.

    Y'all shouldn't be so focused on the south though - Trudeau seems eager to invite Islamists over to Canada so keep an eye to the north as well until we get rid of him.

  • Simon

    I see some are back onto the tired and thoroughly debunked claim that whitey is responsible for all the bad things that happen. How about some cold hard facts instead:

    White people are under-represented when it comes to committing serious crime, so stop the racists crap.

  • truth_b_known

    After wading through 7 pages of this thread, please forgive me if I missed someone already commenting on the following -

    Thousands of citizens from Honduras and Guatemala have been organized to make a trek from their nation to the U.S. southern border with the hope of entering as well as staying. We have all sort of theories being thrown around, fueled by mass media and talking head spin. They are coming none the less.

    The issue I find interesting is the concept of this group and predecessors coming under the guise of "asylum seekers" or "refugees". There's a problem with both claims.

    By international law, a person may seek asylum from another nation for various reasons. Often it is because their lives are in direct danger from their homeland's government. The issue is that the asylum seeker must seek asylum from the first nation they enter. The asylum seeker does not get to pick and choose where to seek asylum. The asylum seekers does not get to flee home, cross two sovereign nations, and then seek asylum in a third nation.

    The next issue is to consider this group or previous groups as "refugees". There are strict terms defining what causes a person to be considered a refugee. Those reasons would not include poverty or violent criminal gangs. Also, accepting someone into your nation under a refugee status is only for a limited time with the intent of the refugee to return to their homeland.

    I believe the real driving force behind this mass of persons intending on illegally immigrating into the U.S. is rather simple - money. Whenever poverty borders prosperity this is what you get. Unlike over a 100 years ago when people crossed the oceans on ships to enter Ellis and Angel Island, there is not intent on these people to assimilate and become Americans. Unlike that same time, there is no limit to the number of Americans willing to provide substandard wage employment in menial jobs (under the table) to them.

    The worst prisons are the ones without bars. Poverty is probably the worst prison. It makes people desperate and there is no shortage of people willing to take advantage of that.

    I have been saying for years that the U.S. has deployed its armed forces in the wrong places. It's quite obvious that Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico's governments have no intention of fixing their problems. A few Marine Battalions should be able to round up all the drug cartels and MS-13 members.

  • Simon
    Have we forgotten that thousands of Jews who were fleeing Europe and almost certain death or years of slavery were treated very much like Trump's plan for the South and Central American refugees heading north looking for some safe haven?

    Except the people heading to California in that Caravan are nothing like the Jews who were fleeing real persecution who absolutely should have been let in (and why the convention on refugees was created).

    This false equivalency doesn't help those genuinely oppressed and fleeing very real persecution because people start to equate the word "asylum seeker" and "refugee" with economic migrants and may be less inclined to help.

  • Simon
    I have been saying for years that the U.S. has deployed its armed forces in the wrong places. It's quite obvious that Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico's governments have no intention of fixing their problems. A few Marine Battalions should be able to round up all the drug cartels and MS-13 members.

    Unfortunately, previous governments have done the exact opposite - dealing guns and drugs with these criminal cartels and contributing to the problems in these countries instead of trying to help solve them.

    If I were a gang member, I think I'd head to California - benefit handouts, sanctuary cities and a soft populace to feed off. It's like the OT march to the promised land!

    (I think I should get bonus points for throwing in a religious reference)

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