Asylum Caravan

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  • caves

    dubstepped-Boundaries can be a very healthy thing. I guess I just feel like we need to work on ourselves as a country before we take in others.


  • Simon
    Boundaries can be a very healthy thing

    The saying "Good fences make good neighbours" applies at the national level too.

  • Moster
    Trudeau seems eager to invite Islamists over to Canada so keep an eye to the north as well until we get rid of him.

    Right you are Simon - that fool is putting Canada on a dangerous path. We need him gone asap

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Detaining immigrants in tent cities, while they wait for court dates, is not going to stop the flow of immigrants.

    Now instead of them having to find a place to live and a job to pay for what they need, we are handing them everything, including their children that had been previously separated from them.

    This is supposed to deter them from trying to come in? Insanity.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    So Trump said in one of the news reports today on TV that if just ONE rock or bottle is thrown at the military or police like they did in the Mexico border, the military has orders to open fire. The world must know that no foreign nation can invade the United States of America illegally.

    quote from Trump; 'I hope not. I hope not. It's the military. I hope there won't be that. But I will tell you this: Anybody throwing stones, rocks, like they did to Mexico and the Mexican military, Mexican police – where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico – we will consider that a firearm,' Trump warned.

    Here is a follow up article.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It costs nearly $800 per day per child in these “emergency” tent cities. Compared to the nearly $300 per day at the over capacity permanent facilities.

    It is estimated that 400 children cost 5 million per month.

    Previously the children would be farmed out to foster homes or relatives. That process could take up to 3 months.

    Now there is a bottleneck because people are afraid to foster, family or not, because vetting often leads to arrests of illegal relatives in the fostering family.

    Now we are going to hold every immigrant in the tent cities. No more releasing with gps ankle bracelets to wait 3 years for a court date.

    I don’t even want to do the math on cost.

  • waton

    basically this an old stile invasion on the autumn, trying to overwhelm the defences to harvest where they did not sow,

    fences fall first in the fall, always have. both ww1, 2 started in the autumn too.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Native South American here... living in South Texas for 18 year very very close (like 10 min away) from the place where those kids were detained a while back.

    Facts from the ground...

    - A wall is already there and it hasn't stopped anyone. If you want a picture of it, I can go bye it today and take a shot. I have seen illegals arrested in my backyard (literally speaking within the limits of my property) even with the wall in place. After the installed a blimp with cameras and sensors it never happened again. Way more effective and cheaper than a wall but there are businesses out there ready to make a buck on the political rhetoric

    - South America may not be as deadly as a German concentration camp but if you use that as a reference or a metric to determine asylum eligibility then you are no better off than those who justify the watchtower child abuse policy by saying this happens everywhere. Is not that you are wrong, your humanity threshold is just off. Where have I seen that before??? With that said, the crime rates and the atrocities committed by gangs in central and south America are heavily under reported. All that along with the corruption and persecution you experience if you don't conform to the demands of the gangs. We recently went to Mexico to drop off a close relative who is here legally but is leaving the US voluntarily as a step towards legalization (yes, that is a thing). We dropped him off at a bus station but before that he had to find out which bus line is up to date with the drug lords. If you take the wrong bus line you run the chance of getting stopped and robbed or even killed. Once he got there, he told all his family he was on vacation for fears of getting kidnapped if local gangs got to know someone has an interest on him returning

    - It is a myth that illegal immigration is a social burden. Not saying some people do seek the easy way out but the vast majority of illegals work hard for their money and they do jobs no one else want to do. If that doesn't seem to chime with you just simply know that if they were here legally, your fruit and your hotels and other services would be much more expensive. Don't get me wrong... I would gladly pay for it. All I am doing is pointing out a fact. I know plenty of illegals and some of them are relatives of my wife. I don't know a single one of them that is counting on government to take care of them. My wife worked the fields along side many of them for 5 years as a teenager. Same there... no welfare queens to be seen. There are more welfare seekers among Mexican Americans born and raised in the US than from illegals. The real social burdens are the companies that will come to benefit from overpriced services to the government and that would make a political push for the status quo so they can keep raking in the dough at our expense. This include the jail operators, contractors that will build facilities and even some airline charters that deport people

    Done with the facts from the ground part

    The caravan thing is fishy.. I'll give you that. If we are going to down the conspiracy theory path... either party could have initiated this for political purposes. Any radical political idea or change can be carried out without the name calling and the bullying. If anyone should be able to spot that should be us ex-cult members. Bringing up the birthright citizenship issue at this last hour is not any less suspicious than the caravan. All politicians a crooked, but this one president can smear shit in your face and people still smile pleasantly as long as he keeps pointing out to any mere little climb of the stock market. Never have I seen such blind compliance to any little bullshit he points out as positive while blaming CNN and the democrats for everything else. Oh no... wait, I have... at the watchtower.

    The words of Deborah Layton are more applicable than ever before... "If there is any lesson to be learned it is that an ideal can never be brought about by fear, abuse and the threat of retribution"

    It seems like many here have forgotten those words

  • Simon
    It is a myth that illegal immigration is a social burden. Not saying some people do seek the easy way out but the vast majority of illegals work hard for their money and they do jobs no one else want to do

    The evidence is that this is wrong. It's not that there are jobs others won't do, it's that others can't do them for that price because they have taxes to pay. Illegal workers paying no taxes can easily undercut wages and it negatively impacts the poorest the most. Illegal workers make the poor poorer but do increase the overall economy (the figure often quoted to claim it's OK and should be welcomed) but the wealth it generates is concentrated in the already wealthy who benefit from the cheaper workforce.

    It's really basic economics 101. If lower wages didn't hurt people's incomes, why have minimum wages? The typical pattern is that someone eventually gets into a position where they can hire people and from that point on they only hire their own kind. The workforce is taken over by immigrants and the poorest citizens of the host country suffer the most both from low wages and from lost jobs.

    Also, if South America is really as bad as you say ... do we want people flooding in from there without proper checks? Isn't it all the more reason to vet people and protect the border with a proper ordered immigration and asylum process?

    These countries are bad because they have abandoned law and order and allowed a free-for-all - the exact thing that civilized countries have to avoid and protect against.

    A proper ordered process benefits legitimate immigrants the most and disadvantages the criminals and people smugglers. That anyone would want to support things that works opposite to that is simply mind boggling to me.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    How can it possibly be a myth that illegal immigration is a social burden?

    Did you not read above what I posted as far as the expenditures made just detaining the children?

    There are currently @ 2,400 children still in the detainment process costing the government nearly 60 million dollars per month.

    I do not think these stats are biased because they have been generated by advocates for these children. Likely to get them out of the tents and into the fields, or school, or with therapists and social workers.

    Guess what? All that costs millions of dollars too.

    I know starving citizens, families living right here in Los Angeles.

    I’m certain that is something common throughout the nation.

    If we cannot help destitute citizens, why are we spending millions in detaining illegals?

    Trump is determined to detain many many more.

    All that cost; tents, air conditioning, beds, linens, food, water, medicines, court, on and on, being spent on illegal immigrants by a country that can’t help it’s own starving citizens, is a social burden.

    There is only one way to solve it. Nobody comes in until we get a handle on our own citizen plights.

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