Latest rumor - all WT construction "suspended", except for Warwick

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  • konceptual99

    Assuming the AGM letter is genuine then there is no better time to announce bad news. You just generate something else that interests people more.

    Week 1 - tell the Bethel family some of them are toast and the construction work is on hold.

    Week 2 - Just as the news is filtering down then make a big announcement about the meetings and magazines.

    Week 3 - Watch as the JW global spin machine goes into meltdown about the chariot going supersonic and the end being so close. Cue up those memes for @jw_instagram_bollocks.

    Week 4 - Check the bank account to make sure the outgoings are no where near the income.

  • Vidiot

    konceptual99 - "Watch as the JW global spin machine goes into meltdown about the chariot going supersonic and the end being so close."

    I just realized something.


    A chariot is really just a glorified horse-and-cart.

    The average horse runs about 50 mph.

    The average jet plane flies at about 500 mph.


    If "Jehovah's Chariot" is speeding up, it's still got a ways to go before it catches up with the modern world.

  • konceptual99

    Actually the meltdown of the clueless, head in the arse dub has started already over on our favourite dub friendly site...

    Wow, exciting times indeed, I cannot wait til the letter is read and also for the Annual Meeting. Jehovah is certainly speeding up the work. And to think with all my worries and financial problems I was thinking of stepping down from Pioneering. But this has awakened me even more, I will deal with my problems and preach, preach preach.
    All this conversation reminds me of the new morning worship by AMIII. Obeying will result in blessings. He specifically mentioned directions from the GB and branch committees. He did not seem very happy and now we can imagine why.
    So because we help out with BRD, or the British branch relocation, we get to link up to morning worship in London bethel. The brother hosting that day says they've got a special announcement letter to read from the governing body. (I can't remember exact words so if anyone else was there maybe they can corroborate?)
    It basically said further to the broadcast about helping contribute more money as it won't last forever, they are postponing, cancelling or majorly reducing all construction work, worldwide. This includes reducing bethel family drastically, and reducing the services they get while on bethel, like getting more to do their own laundry and housecleaning. All those that have to leave will be assigned to the field, in most cases as regular pioneers. It said that the governing body loves you very much and just to trust in Jehovah and make it a matter of prayer. They will follow with more information in the next weeks and months.
    The reaction was mixed but the atmosphere was very subdued after this announcement as you can imagine.
    But we started talking about it, and it's interesting that the governing body want to send more out in the field, maybe a last final big push before the great tribulation? Obviously the more in the field, the more will come into the truth, hence the need for more Kingdom Halls, but with most of the construction work either stopping or being reduced greatly does this mean that the governing body aren't thinking long term? I think this shows how close we are to the end, it's imminent! The stress now is on getting as many people in the truth as possible before the end!

    There is also at least one person laying really strong hints that there is more to come and obviously is aware of the content of the the leaked letter...

  • WingCommander
    Bwaaahahahaahaha! The "End" must be near because Bethel is downsizing (Again) simplifying to accommodate the uneducated morons (again), etc etc? Wow.....head up arses is right!
  • NewYork44M
    When they raided the bank accounts of the congregations perhaps the were disappointed with what they recovered.
  • OnTheWayOut

    It all could be crazy dis-information before the annual meeting to see who is leaking things.

    It could be true and they have all the money from all the congregations and want some false sense of urgency so they can stop spending it......or they need the money for humongous lawsuits yet to be aired.

    I will wait and see.

  • Tech49

    The other day I talked with a friend who had spent 6 weeks at Warwick over the winter. He said it was the most unorganized clusterf#&@* he had ever seen. From a purely construction standpoint, it was hugely wasteful and inefficient, with so much work having to be done several times just to get it right. The reason is simple: One week you have this group of brothers in to do a task, the next week you may have a whole different crew, and no one knows what the other guys did, and what the next crew will do! So tons of materials and supplies go wasted, or get removed and demo'd due to lack of experience.

    Now, having burnt the experienced brothers out, their pool of qualified help is dwindling down to nothing. More and more outside contractors are being brought in to complete key components of the build. Many of the "friends" are tired of it.

    My friend said this: "I dont understand why they just dont PAY the brothers to do the work. No one can afford to go there on their own dime, and miss weeks or months of income to work there. And then, after they leave, their work is torn out! It just doesnt make any sense!"

  • the comet
    the comet

    If you roll back the timeline this past year it's pretty clear what happened.

    The bean counters at corporate HQ saw they were facing a financial issue, the cong bank accounts and have every cong send a set amount every month. This gives you a cash injection and now you have a pretty good idea what your monthly income will be. Spin this as a streamlined arrangement and a "forgiving" of loans.

    The problem wasn't fixed by doing that though. The bean counters saw what they collected and found out, nope, still not enough! Solution-the may broadcast. Lett begs for more money. That was their last ditch Hail Mary chance to salvage all their construction projects. It didn't work.

    the final, and only choice left was what was leaked today..layoffs and suspending all but the Warwick project. i think they're in major financial trouble, long-term.

  • WingCommander

    I'm not worried a bit.......after all, the sound advice that Mother has always bestowed upon the lowly flock surely applies to them as well:

    "Jehovah Provides."

  • konceptual99
    WT 1879
    "'Zion's Watch Tower' has, we believe, JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg norpetition men for support. When He who says: 'All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,' fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication."

    Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.

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