Latest rumor - all WT construction "suspended", except for Warwick

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  • konceptual99
    The other possible factor is the move to the LDC. There is alot of change in process here and perhaps they are simply not able to make it work effectively. They were trying to have full time people running projects, more third party contractors and not so many long weekend workers. Maybe it's simply not possible to do without spending lots of money...
  • WingCommander

    I can't WAIT to see the beating the rank-n-file are up for in the next JW Broadcast. I wonder, who will give it?

    Will TOMO III come out full swing beating the masses, or will they have Rubber-Faced Lett come out guilting everyone like some ol' feeble Grandpa who's in rags to give more, More, MORE!

    Grab the popcorn, I think things are about to get REALLY interesting!!

  • Magnum

    WingCommander: Grab the popcorn, I think things are about to get REALLY interesting!!

    I agree. This is the kind of stuff I check this site for every day. My interest is really piqued now.

  • Crazyguy

    The remote translating offices is just code so they can buy houses and other real estate buildings that don't fit the kh or assembly building template and not cause ones to wake up. I don't think the intent was ever to build just buy these properties as investments.

    If this is really happening then it means to me that the lawyer's realized how stupid the leaders are of the cult and stole the money.

  • freemindfade
    Very interesting, maybe they want to give the R&F something to be nervous over. I can hear my mom now... "the final push" yes just like the first time they had a special campaign and so on and so on.
  • StarTrekAngel

    May be they are anticipating the cost of the Australian fiasco.'

    May be is a move to make everyone think the GB knows something they don't and once the fear sets in and the donations begin to pick up again, everything would go back to normal.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    It's the money Lebowski! There must be money shortfalls big time!


  • WingCommander

    Ok, so what I find interesting is that the "helper" departments of the laundry and kitchen are being cut. This is an interesting move, that goes right along with the recent cutting of the delivery drivers in Canada, in favor of UPS delivering literature from the branch office to the Kingdom Halls. Oh, you didn't hear that one? That's right, ALL WT truck drivers were laid off in Canada, in favour of using UPS shipping instead.

    What I see here, is cost-cutting measures and streamlining using outside sources. Much like many schools, hospitals, and even the Military in the United States, the Kitchen/cafeterias/Laundry of WT HQ and Branches can be cut in favour of an outside source (subcontractor) who is cheaper and that whom they don't have to pay healthcare and living expenses on.

    This is brilliant! They get rid of human bodies, living expenses, living quarters, and other money-sucking things like Bethel workers and healthcare, and instead subcontract out the Kitchen and Laundry services to an outside company for a fee. Brilliant! Truly, a blessing from Jehovah, using Satan's worldly system to streamline HQ! This is a continuation from years ago, when they stopped using WT Farms food to cook from, and instead just bought cheap food from where ever. Same thing, different decade!

    As we can see, the bean-counters and lawyers run this religion. And the voluntary workers who signed up for a life of poverty at Bethel? "Go forth, be warm and well fed Brothers!"

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    If the GB finally gets caught in their devious shenanigans don’t think they don’t have a plan.

    They are always way ahead of the game.

    All the Governing Body has to do to escape repercussions from an angry mob of JWs,

    Is play the “Victim Card”

    It was the Bible’s fault; it’s not inspired from God

    But to be honest, we did tell you that it was not inspired.

    w96 4/15 p. 19 Why True Worship Receives God’s Blessing

    Bible translations themselves are not inspired by God. Translations, by their very nature, may reflect variations of the understanding of the original tongues in which the Bible was recorded.

    But you wanted to believe so we supported you!

    Good luck we wish you the best!!

  • Magnum
    What is going on? In this thread (, it is indicated that the org is slowing down on preaching and focusing more on construction. Now, supposedly, they're halting construction and focusing on preaching. Why such a rapid, abrupt change?

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