Latest rumor - all WT construction "suspended", except for Warwick

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Magnum, quit beating around the bush. What are you really trying to say?


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Dozy, you have crystalised what I have been thinking. This is exactly the pattern that failing corporations show. The solution often is that someone comes along and buys the whole operation for $1 and asset strips the business. Perhaps the LDS will take them over.

    The normal "outs" for corporations are not available to "Gods Organisation" they must be running round like ants under a stone trying to mend the Org whilst still smiling and pretending.

  • cofty

    Thank you Dozy for a very credible assessment.

    The fact that the decision makers are genuine believers will be their undoing.

    When I was a christian I got given the job of treasurer. Every month I had to make decisions on who could get paid and who could wait. All my warnings were greeted with platitudes about how god would provide. They would announce an "offering day" and thank god once more for his blessings. What that meant in practice was guilt-tripping the faithful into giving even more. Things got worse.

    At the AGM I made a presentation with graphs showing the 5 year trend in income and expenditure to illustrate that the problem was not the simple cash flow challenges of the past. The pastor was relegated to part-time and soon left completely.

    I reckon something similar has happened. They have had a reality-check and gone into panic mode.

  • Fisherman

    Magnum you are a genius. My post is a species of red herring.

    glad you caught it , except that if you have read any of my previous posts, you would have thought after seeing, that I never do that. I try to follow rules of logic in all of my posts instead of using logical fallacies So, there must be a purpose to my post here that you commented on. Maybe you can figure it out. (hint: read sir82 recent posts to me on other threads.) And if you can' figure it out, how about posting what you have posted to me also to sir82 in his posts to me on other threads so that he can get the point that YOU made HERE in response to my post to his post

    But in any event, thanks. You have made my point to sir82 with your post on this thread.

  • slimboyfat
    Wow if it's panic stations as it looks like, this sucker could go down.
  • Magnum
    slimboyfat, I had to translate your British into American. I had never heard "panic stations" before. Looked it up and found that it's a British & Australian term. Anyway, when you say "this sucker could go down", are you thinking the whole org could do down?
  • slimboyfat

    I don't know I just love the phrase since George Bush used it for the economy in 2008.

    We all long for some dramatic WT collapse so we can turn to family and friends and say, "see I told you so! (or wanted to at least) The WTS religion is a load of nonsense and rightly folding under its own contradictions". But don't get our hopes up. The religion is practically impervious to disconfirmation: neither logic nor reason, contrary evidence nor internal corruption, neither chronic malfunction nor sudden utter collapse would be enough to convince true believers not to believe. It can all be interpreted away. "Prophecy never fails for the truly committed" as one sociologist put it.

  • Magnum
    slimboyfat, I agree. Good points.
  • LisaRose

    It reminds me of a post I read a while back by someone who volunteered some free lance work in the graphics field. There were fancy new presses that had been sitting there unused for years, no one knew how to use them. The department was completely nonfunctional because people were promoted based on time in position and butt smoothing, each department was run like a fiefdom, there were petty grievances and lack of cooperation among all the departments.

    If the whole organization is that dysfunctional, it's not surprising that they have miscalculated and are having cost overruns on a project of that size. They probably thought they could sell the Brooklyn property then cheaply build a fancy, impressive new facility and have enough left over to tide them over until Armageddon. But a dysfunctional organization does not make good decisions, so one bad decision after another causes cost overruns. Using volunteer labor on a Kingdom Hall is one thing, trying to do so on a project of this size and scope was probably not wise.

    Things spiral out of control and now they are in trouble. It reminds me of the housing market here in the San Francisco bay area of California. I live in a far flung, small suburban town, not one the super expensive areas. But before the recession housing hit a giant bubble throughout the area. People saw their houses appreciate quickly and some couldn't resist the lure of easy money. One house I looked at in 2009 was a short sale (the seller owes more than the home is worth). The owners bought at $550k, then took out a second loan for $200K after the house went up to $750K in the bubble. The economy tanked, they lost their job, and lost the house, which they sold for $380k. Who knows what happened to the money they took out. If they hadn't spent their equity they might have been able to ride it out, the house is now back to what they paid for it and then some.

    Bad decision on top of bad decisions. If they had stayed in Brooklyn they might have been able to fix things, but they are in a pickle now.

  • done4good


    Good to see you again!


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