Please forgive me.....I didn't mean to

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  • Makena1

    ((((Tatiana & Tinkerbell))))

    Glad to see this matter resolved in such a positive way. Gee, and it didn't take a CO or elder to do it - who would have thought that possible? LOL

    All best and Happy VD!


    who is a sucker for happy endings!

    PS - April - still waiting for my card, and it's OK if the card is one that could possibly make Sabine a little jealous. She's a whole lot purdier than me and gets more than her share of attention anyway. ; ) To Sabine - Luv ya hon!

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  • Billygoat

    ((((((((Tinker and Tatiana)))))))))

    Please accept my sincere apologies for calling you a stupid ninny. I just posted a thread on not judging without seeing the whole picture and look at what I do. I thought I learned a lesson, but I guess I didn't learn it well enough. You are a sweet woman as is April. I love you both and think even more of you for settling this misunderstanding so maturely!

    ((((((((Group hug))))))))


    PS: [email protected]! You know the elders think without them, the Kingdom Halls would be mass chaos!

  • Tatiana


    I sent your card to Sabine's addy. A few days ago. Check Yahoo.


  • patio34

    Ash opined:

    She should haved stayed anonymous then, shouldn't she? We were stating opinions on the actions and the email. We were not attributing them to a person, because we didn't know who sent it.

    Beautiful Garbage stated:

    The reason I post to this thread is that I don't want to give the impression that I'm just going to slink away from the words that I first posted here. But, on the other hand, I don't want to make anymore grief than has already been caused.


    I'm sorry to hear that the past few weeks have been rough for you. Still, your reaction DID strike me as insecure and jealous. I guess I just have a completely different attitude about this sort of thing. I've also been married a long time and it would take a lot to get that sort of reaction out of me. I do commend you for your courage to stand up and let us know it was you. Good one on ya!

    I still think April sending the cards was a very sweet thing to do. Married man or not.

    I think both are sensible. I hesitate to apologize because of agreeing with Ash. But also I certainly don't want to nose in on what I don't know much about and make Tinkerbell feel bad.

    So, my original statement should merely have been to thank April for the nice card and thoughtfulness and not to be negative about the other half. Sorry to have butted in and I'll learn to keep from forming hasty opinions.


  • Tatiana
    Tatiana's over. All is well...(I hope)

    Love to you all.....







    just don't expect a card for Happy 4th of July from me!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    or a Happy Secretary's Day card

    or a Happy Non-Smokers Day card

    or a Happy April Fools Day card.....:)

  • ashitaka

    Love to everyone, I'm having a great Valentines!


  • Solace


    You are such a sweetheart. Dont feel bad, we know that you ment well. I think it was a sweet thing to do.


    If your name would have been "Cinkerbelle, you would have gotten your card on the same day as CC did.

    Dont misunderstandings suck?

    Glad you guys taked it out.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    I guess it's time I said something. I've been dealing with losing my job last week and trying to help Tink with the suicide of her friend a few weeks ago. To say the least it's been a bad Feb. Tink had told me of the e-card that you sent over the phone while I was at work. I didn't recognize the name and we both did not know you were sending it out to alot of us on the board.

    I'm glad it's all cleared up. It was nice of you to send out Valentines Day wishes to everyone. I would have done a one time Happy Valentines Day post, but that's probably what every guy would do, take the easy way out...LOL. I also don't think something like that should be discussed on a public forum, it should have stayed private. I just wanted you to know that Tink is very sincere when she said that she apologizes to you and that she feels bad about how things went. We've talked about it over supper tonite and she felt very badly about reacting that way. Were all friends here, don't feel you have to handle us with kit gloves in the future.


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  • patio34

    Hi CC,

    Thanks for that dignified post and love to you and Tinkerbell. I'm glad you're both such neat people and I really hope March is lots better!!


  • Valis

    Craig...dude...sorry I called you pussy whipped...I realize you have lots of other stuff to deal with and probably can't dance around being forward and needing to be very caring at the same time, while your prettier half is having sadness of her own. Thanks for speaking up and getting us back to being able to clear up misunderstandings in a humane way...Cheers and no offense really intended...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

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