Please forgive me.....I didn't mean to

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  • Tatiana

    ..get anyone in trouble. What I thought was a good idea....seemed to be a bad one. Innocently, I wanted to send each person here a Valentine card. I was sparked by elsehwere's thread.

    It seems it was a stupid idea, as I've received a not so nice email (I won' t mention names) from someone's wife. It really made me feel sick. When all I wanted to do was send a "thought" of friendship to the people here who have helped me so much. I even emailed back to explain this, but it was implied I wasn't telling the truth because "she" hadn't received one. I then had to explain that sending cards to EVERYONE HERE is a time consuming effort (well worth it, I thought), and I was by no means finished.

    I stayed up last night till around 4 am, finding cards, and sending them out. I've learned a lot about people here because I've read so many profiles now. But, I think I will stop now. I don't want to cause any misunderstandings between couples. Or maybe offend anyone who doesn't celebrate. I apologize if it's too late. Sorry I can't take it back.

    I did receive many emails from people here that were very sweet. Telling me.....I made their day...they weren't getting anything for V-Day, and they loved the card.......their spouse was still "IN", and the card made them feel better.....

    For those who wrote thanks, you're so welcome, but it's not worth having "ONE" person get yelled because of what I did to continue.....

    I apologize......

    and to the ones I didn't get to send one too........(I was only up to M's)(smile)

    I was thinking about you......

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  • ashitaka


    Thanks again for the card, it was real nice of you. I was having a bad day and it helped.

    Anyone who complains should buy a nice pair of plyers to pry the bug out of their ass.

    Thank god I'm not married to a maniac.

    Again, it was really sweet of you.


  • borgfree

    Thank you very much April. I got the card this morning and could not think of who could have sent it. It was very nice. Thanks again.


  • Valis

    April...don't let it bother weren't sending out naughty pics of yourself (my email is open BTW) *LOL*...but anyway, some people take themselves too seriously and misconstrue things where there is no reason other than their own insecurity. When you do something in good faith and it backfires, appologize to those that got hurt or offended and then if they keep it up tell em to piss off!...If the person you sent it to can't stand up for you and say "no fould" on your part to the offended partner then well...there's a couple word's for metaphor about being beat up by a feline, but I think you get the idea...eheheh...

    BTW, thanks for my card too....I wouldn't mind rumbling in the jungle w/that one...although she mioght kick my ass...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • calamityjane

    (((((Tatiana)))))) I'm so sorry that what you thought to be a good thing turned out to backfire on you. I can tell you that I appreciated your valentine day card to me, I opened it up this morning at work, and I was quite surprised. You really made me feel welcome that I joined the board, you made me feel like a friend. It is too bad some people take your actions the wrong way.

    I Hope you got my e-card. Have a great day, and yes I will get Kissed


    P.S. I thought I'd add to this. Just blame this one on elsewhere, maybe he has bigger shoulders to handle the blame because you have an awfully big heart. My god, to send everyone an e-card what a big job.

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  • Jesika

    Your intention was a good one. If some are offended, well, all I can say is ---You can't please everyone no matter how hard you try.

    Believe me I know. I tried to do something I knew in my heart was right and it has caused alot of problems in my home as of yesterday. I was going to post about it but am chooseing to wait.

    Chin up sweetie!!

    And happy V-day to you!!!!!!!!!!!


  • cruzanheart

    April, I'm sorry you had a bad experience! I think your idea was a really sweet one and I'm touched that you included me and Big Tex!

    My husband had a similar experience when our daughter tried to reach me on my cell phone and transposed two numbers. Evidently she did this a few times and hung up in fright when whoever answered the phone wasn't Mommy. Well, my husband got a call out of the blue one afternoon from a VERY angry gentleman who wanted to know what the [deleted] Chris was doing calling this man's wife, breathing hard and then hanging up! (Caller ID, don't you know.) Chris was, needless to say, completely mystified by this until he noticed the phone number was similar to my cell and got it cleared up with Jennie.

    We love you, honey!

    Nina & Big Tex

  • Windchaser

    April, it's sad that someone would take something so innocent (and so very nice) and let their jealousy turn it into something other than how it was intended! I feel very sorry for this insecure person.

    Your heart is in the right place. You say that you received nice e-mails... I say, continue on! Send those Valentine e-cards!!!! Don't let one person destroy the happiness you are getting and giving by doing this very sweet gesture!


  • larc

    April, thank you for the very nice card. I just showed it to my wife, and she thinks it was nice of you, as well.

  • StinkyPantz

    Hey thanks girl, that was really sweet of you!!! Too bad someone was offended by such a nice gesture.

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