Please forgive me.....I didn't mean to

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  • ballistic

    April I was very touched by your card!!! Thanks!!!

    Sorry I didn't reply, but there was a link there to sex toys and I got side tracked!!!

  • patio34

    Thanks, April, for the thoughtful card--it was my only one so far! That was very extremely thoughtful and I think you are a wonderful person!

    Quite possibly the disgruntled person who took you to task is very easily upset by any little thing (paranoia? as Ash said, maniac?). But that's their problem and it's too bad it spilled over on such a kind person as yourself. But that often does with poorly coping people--they're hell to be around.

    Have a very wonderful Valentine's Day and know that you sent cheer to dozens of people!



  • bittersweet

    April, Thanks so much for the Valentine. I'm sure it will be the only one I get. Growing up in the "troof", oftentimes a school mate would give me a Valentine. I would hide it from my mom, and hope she wouldn't find it! Now as an adult, if I get any type of holiday card, I have to hide it from my husband! lol Some things never change!

    Any way,thanks again. Don't worry about the one person who didn't appreciate your gesture. I imagine she was just having a really bad day, and is now embarrassed about her behavior. She is most likely hanging her head in shame, and is afraid to come apologise, knowing the beating she'd get from all of us!

    Now you go and have a wonderful Valentines Day,ok?

    Hugs and Kisses!


  • Xandria


    Thank you sooooo much for your Valentines Day Card. I love it ! Although cannot post it b/c some may be shocked!

    I got to run dealing with some issues with a viewing for a movie. GAWD why me! Life is never dull.

    Don't want WB down my back over it. Nothing worse than Entertainment Corporate Lawyers breathing fire.


  • nilfun

    Tatiana, I got your Valentine! I love it...

    You are the only person to give me a Valentine this year...and it means a lot to me.

    Thank you

  • Tinkerbell4125

    I'm the one that everyone is talking about here.

    I can't believe that I am being called a insecure maniac that has done such a awful thing!!!! I may have been called alot of things, but that is certainly not one of them.

    The one thing that I can't believe is that Tatiana would come on here and post my email!!! And that's supposed to be okay!!!!!!! I dare her!!!!! Talk about putting salt in the wound!!! Yes I can see that you truly feel bad Tatiana. You have come on here and have tryed to make it look like I have crushed your world.

    I don't think it's appropreiate to send a married man a personal Valentines Card. Period. Maybe not here, but I feel that many would feel the same way I do.

    I'm the one that's sorry. Sorry that this bullshit has blow up into this!

    Tabiana, I hope you have recieved the support and validation that you obviously need and that you're looking for. I hope you've found the permission that you was looking for. You obviously are the victim here.

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  • ashitaka
    I don't think it's appropreiate to send a married man a personal Valentines Card. Period. Maybe not here, but I feel that many would feel the same way I do.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, honey.

    You know, I was having a bad day yesterday. The day before, I got bad news medically, and my wife got in a car accident. Then, I got in in the morning, and saw the email. It immediatly made me feel better that some person cared enough to send something nice.

    I saw what April sent. There was nothing sexual, naughty, or even romantic about it. Mine simply had a white flower, the word Hello, and April wrote some text that said,

    Please have a Happy Valentine's Day. Do something good for yourself....:)


    What's so wrong with that?


  • Valis

    Alright that you know Tatiana meant no offense, and yes you have been indirectly called names, is it possible to come to the conclusion that your reaction to her card was not expected? We're all friends here and we even act out things in public threads that leave what one would call "propriety" behind. Even chat gets racey sometimes, but it doesn't mean we've done something wrong or we are trying to hurt one another's feelings. I'm thinking Tatiana reacted the way many would...a friend freaking out over something done w/no malicious intent or agenda...she needed to tell someone about it and seeing that CC wasn't willing to say "Hey now! What's all this for? I love you, so drop it!", then somebody did. Isn't that we are all here for? To help each other when we are hurt? If you sent me a greeting on any holiday, and maybe had a hot looking chick on it, would CC get mad or would he look at the pic and say "Yep! He will definitely like that one!"...In the words of the not so great Rodney King..



    District Overbeer "Friend of All" class

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Okay Valis, maybe I did over react alittle. And for that, I am sorry.

    I will admit, I have been overly stressed these past few weeks and found someone to lash out at. Honesly, I'm not a jealous person. I don't know what got over me.

    I feel terrible about everything.

  • Valis

    This Thread Brought to you by the following website...don't forget to send family, moms dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, married, unmarried, single, or divored friends , and lovers both male female, or yet to be determined, a holiday greeting they will always remember and cherish..*LOL*

    Tink, we don't stop loving our friends...chin up, make up, call it good and don't forget to send Tatiana a kinky card...*LOL*.


    District Overbeer

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