Please forgive me.....I didn't mean to

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  • Tinkerbell4125

    Worldly girl, this is what the beginning of the email stated that Craig recieved. Confidential! For Craig (CCRyder) only!

    Thank you for having my back on this. I still can't believe how quick everyone was to trash me here! I totally agree with you on your post. Thanks again my friend for sticking up for me on this.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Thank you Valis!

  • ashitaka

    -That's a really hot and saucy title there.

  • Tinkerbell4125

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  • worldly girl
    worldly girl


    You people on here are so full of opinions on actions.

    The point I was trying to make is if you knew ALL of the circumstances you'd find that there are 2 sides to every story and you shouldn't accuse one of being a maniac, pshycho and whatever else you all said when you don't know ALL the sides of the story. I'm not saying you have to agree with Tink, but to be that quick to call names, without a thought about how it would hurt someone... I mean even Tatiana, apologized and said she wasn't trying to hurt someone, sounds like you guys could learn a lesson from her.


  • Tatiana
    It's been bothering me all day because I thought that if it was someone here like she stated, she'd see this thread and know that it was just a friendly Valentine card. Then the husband wouldn't be in trouble and maybe she'd post an apology or something.


    So, I started investigating a little. And I found out who it was. (This will remain with me.) But, I will say that I am very surprised. In shock, really. Because from what I've read of her posts....(I've been in Members reading for a while), she is very sweet and kind. I'm surprised because she's been on this board for a while. I'm kind of hurt that she would think this of me. But, this is the net and strange things happen here, as we've ALL seen lately.

    So, I will apologize from the bottom of my heart...????wife>>>.....if I caused you or your husband any problems. Please forgive an innocent lapse of good judgement. I'm very sorry. I wish nothing but the best for both of you.

    I DID apologize.....even BEFORE I knew who you were. I had NO IDEA CC was married. I had NO IDEA who you didn't sign any name to the email. And the CONFIDENTIAL--TO CC ONLY---that is a standard greeting FROM THE CARD COMPANY...NOT ME!!!!!!

    And yes, that email made me feel ill. I'm sorry if I'm too sensitive. That's just me. I try to be hard, but it doesn't work. It hurt me. Period. And I was confused because I had no idea who sent it.

    worldly girl said......

    when you don't know ALL the sides of the story......

    Tink should have taken that advice too.

    Maybe if I'd gotten an email ASKING me what was going on in a nice way....or politely trying to find out why I sent it before JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS....none of this would have happened.

    And yes, unfortunately.....I have a lot of time on my hands right now.....I lost my job. I babysit in my daughter's home. When the kids are napping, I'm online.

    As for any future attempts at this....well.....

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone......

    This is all I have to say......



  • waiting

    I suspect I'm one of the older ones on this thread *sigh* in every way. Just a thought?

    All this card & gift giving crap is new to most of us. I still haven't got my kids birthday card/call them on the right day crap down yet. And my daughter keeps telling me about it.

    Well, duh!!!! We were in a friggin' cult & learning to be social creatures again. We make mistakes ---this board is full of them. I've discovered I'm quite tired of holidays already. Too much damned stress - and I've only partaken of them two years.

    But we are learning. I've emailed with April for some time now - and have found her to be a totally pleasant person. This thread IS entitled as an apology. And I didn't read any but the first page and the last - so sorry about missing the argument inbetween. I've also read Tink's posts before - and she also seems to be a nice person. Perhaps a True Misunderstanding?

    Let me add my apology - just for the hell of it. Perhaps tonnage of apologies will dull the flames?

    Happy Valentine's Day for all of us Newbies & y'all take care.


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  • BeautifulGarbage

    The reason I post to this thread is that I don't want to give the impression that I'm just going to slink away from the words that I first posted here. But, on the other hand, I don't want to make anymore grief than has already been caused.


    I'm sorry to hear that the past few weeks have been rough for you. Still, your reaction DID strike me as insecure and jealous. I guess I just have a completely different attitude about this sort of thing. I've also been married a long time and it would take a lot to get that sort of reaction out of me. I do commend you for your courage to stand up and let us know it was you. Good one on ya!

    I still think April sending the cards was a very sweet thing to do. Married man or not.

    Listen, I have had nearly the same sort of thing happen to me on this board about a year and a half ago. I made a comment about someone in chat and another person emailed them about it. Even though there was no malice intended on my part. I know you meant no actual harm to April sending her that email.

    Here's the thread. I got called all kind of lovely names (asshole, pathetic loser, etc.) without people knowing they were talking about me and knowing the details of what happened. I know you are hurting now, but please, this soon will pass, OK?

    Take care,

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  • Tinkerbell4125

    I'd really like for us to drop this. I'm sure we would all agree that this has blown way out of control. It has been a big misunderstanding.

    Tatiana, I understand now that your intentions were good. I was having a bad day and your email hit me the wrong way. At the time, I didn't know who you were and why you would be sending CC and Valentines card. I wish I had never sent you that email and I apologize for upsetting you.

    I hope we can put this behind us and move forward.

    Sincerely, Tink

  • Brummie

    ((((Tinkerbell & Tatiana)))

    You are both great people and hopefully this can be dropped. Neither one of you did wrong, it is just a misunderstanding.

    Sorry that either one of you have felt hurt.


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