Please forgive me.....I didn't mean to

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  • bigboi

    Thanks for the e-card April. I was wondering who sent that.

  • SixofNine

    I don't have a wife to go pycho on us *weeps*

    just a little humor at your expense Tink, sorry, can't help myself

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    Awwwwww. . . I think you did a beautiful thing, sending V-cards to us!! I certainly appreciate it!!

    I nominate you as the St. Valentine's Day poster girl for JWD

    Ditto for meeeee!!!

    Love ya, April!


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  • embalmed

    I enjoyed it. Don't usually get actual e-mail. Mostly just junk.

  • LoneWolf

    Well, I'm glad that I didn't catch this thread until now. I was raised in a family where no one could even say "Good morning!" to another without them trying to figure out some evil motive behind it, and this jumping to some wild conclusion without giving the other the benefit of the doubt is one of my pet peaves. I'm afraid I'm not very gentle in those circumstances. Ask the elders who know me.

    Tink, I fully understand being under stress and sticking your foot in your mouth before fully understanding the situation. I've done that too, and always felt like a dog afterwards. That's why I always try to go to an apparently offending party and ask them first before reacting. It's saved a tremendous amount of heartache on both sides.

    Worldly Girl, I know that you were merely trying to defend your friend and demonstrate loyalty to her. But you should know that I don't want friends like you. Why? Because true friends will look at a situation dispassionately and look for ways out of it rather than throw gasoline on it as you did. I want friends who have the loyalty and courage (and it takes both) to tell me the truth even if I hurt because of it, and to kick my butt should I need it. That is the kind of friendship that can be trusted when the chips are down.

    April, I hope that my comment didn't throw any cold water on your parade. I was flattered and appreciated getting the card, and had a good laugh about where you got it. It's true that I really don't have much use for holidays of any kind, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the thought behind your actions. I do.

    (Actually, I was outraged. To prove it, I'm sending you a great big bouquet of skunk cabbage. It should be there in 3 to 5 days. )


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  • LyinEyes

    Thank you April for the beautiful card,,,,,,,,,,,,I love horses , even the unicorns , reminds me of someone who loved unicorns too,,,,,,,, thanks again.

  • xjw_b12

    Awwww. This is so nice. A Happy Ending. Thank goodness.

    You know, reading this post, was like reading a romantic novel.

    Mystery !

    Suspense !

    Jealousy !

    But in the end...... Love.

    I am glad this is all worked out.

    Kinda ironic though, that this happened on St. Valentine's Day

  • worldly girl
    worldly girl

    Well I'm glad you guys got this straightened out....

    LONEWOLF: I don't really mind that you don't want to be my friend.... obviously you don't understand the meaning of true friends. My friend (Tink) has been through HELL in the last few months and it upset her to feel disrespected by someone on this board. There are a lot of things in this world that money can buy, but RESPECT is not one of them. Thanks to JW's everywhere I have learned that if you don't defend yourself and speak your mind, whether the majority agrees or not, SOMEONE else will do the thinking for you..... I can respect your view point, but I stand by what I said.... I didn't say what I did to be popular or make friends, I already have a ton who REALLY know me, so take that for what it's worth.

    CC & Tink: I love you guys and if there's anything I can do or my family, PLEASE let us know!!! Presley loves you guys and we do too!!!

    Just because I forgot yesterday....

    Happy Valentines To ALL: young, old, married, single, friend, foe.... Happy friggin Valentines Day!


  • ashitaka
    My friend (Tink) has been through HELL in the last few months and it upset her to feel disrespected by someone on this board.

    Again, if we knew it was Tink, we wouldn't have said squat. We said things about an anonymous person, not Tink. For all we knew, it was some JW troll wife who was giving her husband hell. We just didn't know.

    I have dealt with a friend's suicide before, and it's heartbreaking. I know what she's going through. She has all my sympathy.

    As for you, WG, CC and Tink dropped it, now why don't you?


  • aluminutty


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