Me? Studying to be a conspiracy theorist. :) Pacifist. EX-Jehovah's Witness. Cult survivor. I now believe any organized religion is a farce. (See Stigmata) Photographic memory. Humanist (I try to behave decently without any expectation of rewards, everlasting life, or punishment after I'm dead). Feminist. I believe corporations and lobbyists will be the downfall of America. I am anal about incorrect spelling. Other than that I love everyone. ;) I always wear black. I hate shopping and this way I always match. Ironic because I love to design and make clothes. Just don't like shopping for them. I just love people who don't judge others till they walk a mile...yada yada. In a perfect world, (NOT Walgreen's) everyone would remove their rafter before trying to take a splinter out of their neighbor's derriere. I lived in Chicago for almost ten years. Moved to Madison, WI for 4 years. Back in Chitown now. Born in Maine. Grew up in South Carolina. I was raised in this monstrous cult and survived. My sister didn't.