Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • Powermetal4ever
    Wow this thread has grown since my first post.And apart from my original question, I find it an interesting subject as a whole. Reading most of it , and thanks for all advices!
  • Ruby456


    I find it an interesting subject as a whole.

    I do too. I think humanity (and all life in fact) have faced such encounters throughout existence and the real life stories of extreme hardship and death, small joys and fulfillments and new starts that come out of these encounters enrich us. I hope that your mum can come to be free of her fears ...

  • mana11
  • mana11

    America Works with the Saudis, Is opposed to Assad. Where is a SAUDI BUYER selling these sex slaves to?. Why is the USA not putting an end to this?. This is a disgrace.

    HOW many of the GENUINE REFUGEES are trying to enter europe?.

    "The Islamic State group is running an international market in Iraq where Christian and Yazidi women are sold as sexual slaves."

    The best-looking girls were reserved for the bosses or wealthy clients from Gulf nations.

    Convinced that she did not speak Arabic, Janin's two owners spoke freely in front of her, and one night she heard a conversation revealing the extent to which the slave trade is run like a business.

    "A man cannot purchase more than three women, unless he is from Syria, Turkey, or a Gulf nation," said one, named Abou Omar.

    "It's good for business," replied the other, Abou Anas. "A Saudi buyer has transport and food costs that a member of the Islamic State does not. He has a higher quota to make his purchases profitable.

    "It is a good deal: The Islamic State increases its profits to support the mujahideen and our foreign brothers are satisfied."

    Read more:
  • TheWonderofYou

    At the moment already 4000 refugees passed the Hungarian -Austrian border and got shelter in event-halls where they get medical care and food of our aid agencies. They have been brought with hundreds hungarian buses this rainy and cold night escorted by hungarian police to the austrian border. They did not want to be registered in Hungary.

    More news reportage will follow

    They were welcomed with applause in Austria. There are waitiing hundreds of busses yet at the austrian border, 10000 refugees are awaited yet.

    Most of them want to go to Germany because they have family there or because Germany Merkel has invited them or because there are the best opportunites there, they think. Only a handsome of them want asylum in Austria.
    Austrian railway organises then the transport corridor over Salzburg to M√ľnchen, Germany. Austrian cancellor Faymann has appealed to hungarian politicans to act conform the genf convention for refugees.
    It is an humanitarian responsibility to help and to share ones material possestions if you are confronted with people who are need help.

    These people are refugees ant not "terrorists" or prospective "IS-djihad-sleepers".

    First special chartered train with refugees arrived Salzburg, Austria

    Meanwhile Austrian police checks the streets for smuggler trucks after the 71 dead of last week.

  • username
    Refugees escaping war torn countries that the Western world instigated...Oh the irony!
  • TheFadingAlbatros
    Something is wrong and we no longer feel safe in Europe with all this influx of Muslim refugees who are not respecting our borders and our culture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TheWonderofYou

    username: Cant you see any joint responsibilty of the eastern leaders?

    The fading albatros: integration projects in sweden, germany, switzerland, austria show that they most refugees are humble persons that will learn our language, workd and live with the family at a secure place, they are only happy to be free of the daily war.

    Muslims are since long part of Europe and have been living peaceful with others.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Although lodging and apportionment of refugees is a problem in austria, austria is one of the countries, i think second after sweden who already immigrated the highest number of syrian and afganistan refugees, 20-30.000 new asylum application in 2015.

    Link: Asylum coordination austria -

    The picture with the suffocated refugees in the truck was in the newspapers. They had only air for some minutes and no possibilty to escape. Another truck of the same smuggler transported 81 refugges but the people could somehow destroy violently the sidewall of the truck and get out of it.

  • username

    You mean the propaganda filled news on Eastern Leaders? Because the way I see it, it's actually the rhetoric from Western Leaders who are throwing their toys out their pram because such leaders as Putin want to trade without the need for the American dollar. This in itself has Wall street reeling. Not to mention Russia has one of the biggest gas pipes in the world.

    If one takes a logical look at the news, one can see that it is indeed America and Britain provoking the east Putin is not stupid, he knows the game!

    Apparently there are a great many Syrians fleeing? Why, because America and Britain are bombing the fuck out of it in a proxy war, under the guise of targeting ISIS. Both America and Britain lost the vote on going to war with Syria, so what do they do instead? Start a covert war. This will only end badly. Oh and FYI, it was reported yesterday refugees are coming into countries like the UK with absolutely no ID, leaving our shores very vulnerable to terrorists! That in my mind is absolutely fucking insane and our government is letting it happen|!

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