Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Same has happened here in Ireland today OrphanCrow having followed this Icelandic initiative.

    Many like ourselves have pledged a room in a our house, provided in my case that our landlord doesn't object (he's pretty cool so I'd suspect he'd offer one of his own rooms too).

    Problem is our government to date insists on all asylum seekers going into centres that are cramped and horrible where they will wait for 6/7/8 years to get processed, in the meantime unable to legally work. I'm hoping one of the things this crisis will do is quicken the asylum seeking process. Though we are talking about Irish governments. *sigh*

  • OrphanCrow

    People in Saskatchewan react to Syrian refugee crisis

    Syrian-Canadian in Regina says stability in Syria is key

    People in Saskatchewan are following the Syrian refugee crisis closely.

    The Mennonite Central Committee is one group that helps to bring refugees to Canada and Syria has become one of its main priorities.

    "I think it's vital," Elaine Harder, the group's refugee program coordinator, said. "It's who we are as people. We're caring for each other. We want to help someone in a situation that's vulnerable."

    Noor Mitri, a Regina restaurateur originally from Syria, still has relatives in the war torn country.

    Mitri says the solution to the crisis is to make Syria a safe place.

    "The country is not in a good place at all," Mitri said. "People have no jobs. They can't even send their kids to school with safety. These are the issues we need to look at."

    Mitri said his relatives live in constant danger.

    "I think the best problem for the refugee problem is really stabilizing Syria again," he said. "Finding out the factors that are currently destabilizing the country and restabilizing it all over again."

    People who have experienced turmoil in the homeland have deep understanding of the refugee crisis.
    Trevor Kakunze, a student, emigrated to Canada from Burundi. While he was not a refugee, he left the country while it was in the middle of a civil war and encountered many displaced people living in camps.
    "No choice is better than another one," Kakunze said of the limited options facing refugees. "People decide to move and go away. Some people decide to stay and wait and see what happens. It's not like a yes or no."
    The federal government has set a target to bring to Canada more than 11,000 Syrian refugees. So far, around 2,000 have been successfully processed.

  • Ruby456

    I find a lot that I can identify with in this crises because most of these refugees seem to be risking all for freedom. (could this be a roundabout way of talking to your mum re issues of freedom and totalitarian regimes)

    Here is what freedom house says about the countries from which refugees are flooding Europe

    • Ratings for the Middle East and North Africa region were the worst in the world, followed by Eurasia. Syria, a dictatorship mired in civil war and ethnic division and facing uncontrolled terrorism, received the lowest Freedom in the World score of any country in over a decade.

    • The Worst of the Worst countries are the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

  • barry

    Australia has the answer in the royal commission and also the answer to illegal refugees. Turning the boats around in the last year there have been zero people drowned on a dangerous passage to Australia. Before that there were thousands lost at sea.

    In the last 10 years there has been zero number of massacres because of the restrictions on guns here. Before that we had one every year.

  • mana11

    It is a crazy situation, There are millions of legitimate refugees, in refugee camps with documents to prove that fact. The people moving into Europe are not documented, it is just a free for all.

    One thing i notice is zero mention of ISIS.

    If I were ISIS I would be loading militants into those thousands of people, A perfect opportunity to infiltrate EU borders with no documents.

    I think in the months ahead there will be a huge price to pay for this free for all.

    There may be other factors at play here that we don't know about as yet.

    Time will tell all.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Barry - Australia does indeed have the answer that would stop migrants drowning. European rescue boats should:

    1. rescue migrants from drowning

    2. give migrants water, food, medical supplies

    3. tow their boats back to N. Africa to areas designated for migrants

    4. destroy the smugglers' boats.

    While all this is going on, special forces should eliminate the people smugglers.

    Our posturing politicians, who seem to care about everyone but their own citizens, don't want to know. A measly 150,000 signatures out of a country of 64 million seems to have softened Cameron, too.

    One thing i notice is zero mention of ISIS.

    If I were ISIS I would be loading militants into those thousands of people, A perfect opportunity to infiltrate EU borders with no documents - ISIS have promised to do exactly this, but it seems people don't want to know. When a few university students and activists want to hug a refugee, nothing gets in their way ...

  • barry

    Gday Loveunihateexams,

    I'm glad we agree on most things but using special forces to eliminate people smugglers isn't that going a bit overboard. The people smugglers would be put out of business by turning the boats around and the illegals know then not to try it again. I don't think Australia used special forces just putting the people smugglers out of business was all that was necessary to close them down.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    using special forces to eliminate people smugglers isn't that going a bit overboard - maybe, but figure it this way: it's the smugglers who take peoples' money and then pack them, like sardines, onto a dingy. It's the smugglers' fault that hundreds drown at sea.

    Despite what the liberal Western media say, it is not our fault that these refugees/migrants drown. All the blame can be laid at the feet of smuggler scum.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The bOrg zombies will always pick and choose which global events are significant with regard to being indicative of "the time of the end for this system" and ignore any and all evidence pointing to the contrary.
  • krejames

    There's always an excuse not to do something to help. Usually it comes down to protecting our own way of life.

    I'm sure this paranoid way of thinking was prevalent before and during the Second World War. As whole nations tried to flee the Nazi onslaught. Were there Nazi spies included among the genuine refugees? Maybe. But thank god for a few individuals who had more humanity than most and helped smuggle people to safety. They did the right thing for their "here and now".

    to those people saying "these migrants are breaking the law" - carry on looking the other way of it makes you feel better.

    to those people saying there might be a few terrorists among them. Could be true. But sometimes you have to take a risk to do the right thing. In any case they're unlikely to have weapons on them when they're rescued from a capsized boat or washed up one the shore. These people can be rescued and monitored.

    far more dangerous I think is for some frustrated people of good will taking matters into their own hands and smuggling people to safety out of sight of the authorities. In those cases any terrorists could well gain entry completely off the radar.

    to those that say we should send them back and concentrate on solving the problems in those countries at the root. That doesn't help anybody right now. The starving cold terrified family doesn't have the luxury of time.

    we will always find a good reason not to help other people. The bottom line is, any of us could have been born in Syria or Iraq. Luckily for us we weren't. But that doesn't give us any moral "right" to the land we were born in through no personal skill of our own.

    Humans. We're a selfish bunch aren't we?

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