Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • Powermetal4ever
    So I had a discussion with my mother about this, and she claims that because of this that: "We are surely living in the last days right now" While I must admit myself that the situation seem chaotic, I don't want to believe that it is the last days. So question is, how do I face an opinion like that?
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The U.N Refugee Agency, June 8th 2015.

    " Globally one in every 122 humans is either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum"

    Now I can understand how a person who reads the bible, may believe that the above figures are down to satan and a sign we are in living in the last days.

    Personally I think what is worse is that many of us simply shrug of the figures with:-

    " well it won't reach my street so why should I care"

    So I wouldn't take your mothers thoughts too seriously, as long as she doesn't see you as a black sheep, and you get along, isn't that most important?

    The Rebel.

  • Finkelstein

    Its spoken out of a lack of education particularly in ancient biblical times .

    There were many wars and populations escaping the violence that those wars created and some those wars were orchestrated by (God's) chosen ones, the Hebrews/ Israelites.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. has been teaching and proclaiming that since Christ taking position of his heavenly throne in 1914 that the occurrences of world events correlates to that date....... ie. " End Times "

    The reality of those occurrences were no doubt significant in the 20th century but they were not unusual occurrences if you study human history .

    Every occurrence to note those " End Times " actually occurred right in the era when those words were written.

  • Giordano

    Tell your Mom that far worse was WW2 when god wouldn't lift a finger to save the Jews nor the JW's and others so 20 million died in the concentration camps. It took the Supreme Commander of the European theater of war Dwight Eishenhower, who was raised as an international bible student/Jehovah's Witness, to save the Jews and millions of other prisoners.

  • prologos

    Last days, ? love cooling off? not here. It is amazing to see the altruism of the European population; to absorb millions of migrants that could prove to be the 'Trojan Horse" to end the European civilisations as we knew them. governments simultaneously opening shelters and increase policing of trains, businesses, airports that are targets of some of these newcomers.

    no good deed will go unpunished.

  • freemindfade
    Wanna barrow trump?
  • prologos
    reemindfade12 minutes ago
    Wanna barrow trump?
    Like the Hungarians now, Trump wants to build a better wall. By all means the families need relief from the senseless conflicts, but settling them in Sweden, Britain is stretching it.
    Give them help as close to home as possible, remember Srebrenica.
  • kaik

    I returned from Europe couple days ago, and the refugee crisis is real and it creates a havoc in the society. It radicalize the majority of population while politicians are refusing to address the issue. It also singled out left-wing liberals as the main supporter of the refugee crisis, which means that upcoming elections, they will be routed up. Additionally, Catholic church is stepping up to accept as many refugees into its wing to offset losing membership on the Continent. Any case, majority population is against the refugees and will be a matter of time, when they will take a things into their hands because governments are refusing to address it. The craziest country there is Germany and France. In Germany it is going so far, that the government will size private properties that are not used by the owners to house the refugees. There are widespread anti-refugee riots in Germany, but censorship is so strong that it is even not mentioned in the local press. In the Czech Republic, all discussions against refugees are blocked, and biggest opponents are prosecuted or threatened with arrest. Slovakia is not much better. Only Hungary seems to stop it at any means, even considering to use armed forces to stop the refugees on the borders.

  • umbertoecho

    Without denying the fact there is a exodus of people who are escaping hardship and who knows what else........bad no doubt.

    I would like to know where she got her figures or the rather broad statement from.

    I can go back to before WW2 to WW1 and show some evidence of this type of exodus from the eyes of a certain Rahpael Lemkin, he was the one who invented the word "genocide". A polish jew who took to heart what different nations were doing to minority or even rather large communities who had lived in their countries for decades, until some new autocratic government decided to either kill them off of move them on, preferably helping the to die along the way.............Read also Susan Powers, A problem from Hell.

    What we have is a global communication system, and although some countries severely curtail full disclosure, it is virtually impossible for complete black out of information. Perhaps North Korea is one of those places that practice such silence, followed by it's bordering neighbours China and further on Russia.........This is not a first time event. It is what has been going on since the beginning of human history.....

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