Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • kaik

    Driving Force, you are the one who started attacking me and calling me liar. You know very well that East German anti-immigrant riots are happening, and been problem since the fall of Honecker's East Germany. East Germany is hot bed of right-wing extremism for 25 years. Three day riots in Heidenau were reported all over global media, and you can wave your fist in the air and uphold your beliefs that it is not happening, but it is you who chose it not to accept it. Seizing empty homes in Germany was reported in the Czech, Slovak, and even British press: "The row came as a mayor in Germany threatened to use emergency powers to seize empty private homes in order to house asylum-seekers."

    Any case, I have not made these things up. Yet you called me a liar instead you could use a google skills and find it on its own. I can go on. Czech media is far as free as German and for most of the 2000s were in the top 10 world wide freedom press index last year even ahead of Germany. So if all news station reported riots in the Heidenau, they did not make that things up. If Germany has censorship, than it is a German problem, but it is not surprising considering its history since 1871.

    "those nations were destabilized by the USA and Europe has to deal with the mess. But in saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for the American people, just your foreign policy sucks. So all you Americans do not take offense."

    So who destabilized Mali, Libya, and entire 3rd world country? You Western Europeans. Who were there? French, British, Italians. We did not had any colonies in Africa or Middle East, and yet Central Europe should bear a responsibility for housing 100,000s refugees who do not even want to stay there. And it is actually funny that a German (or someone living there for 30 years) is criticizing USA, when Germany destabilized entire Europe twice and continue to do so. Germany, that brought Bolshevism/Fascism/National Socialism into the Europe, which had to be rescued by USA. USA that gave you $$$ to lift up after Nazi defeat; USA that established a democracy in Germany something Germans were unable to create on its own; that good USA that pays your defense until today for non-existing Communist threat! But USA is the bad guy! What a joke.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    We did not had any colonies in Africa or Middle East, and yet Central Europe should bear a responsibility for housing 100,000s refugees who do not even want to stay there

    Good point, Kaik.

    In fact, I would go further and say that, in addition to the Czech Republic, even those countries which had colonies in the Middle East should not bear responsibility for these migrants. As the migrants' countries have been independent for decades, it's time their respective governments took responsibility for mass movement of Syrians (the West didn't intervene here, so takes no blame), Eritreans (fault of corrupt Eritrean government, not Italy), etc.

    Most Middle Eastern migrants are Arabic-speaking Muslims so Saudi Arabia and Iran should take the Sunni and Shia migrants respectively.

    If the UK takes any of these migrants it should be the Yazidis, IMO.

  • kaik

    Thanks LoveUniHateExams. This what today Visegrad Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia) had said to Germany. Neither these countries colonized or destabilized 3rd world from which refugees are pouring in. This is clear failure of France, UK, Italy, Belgium, and Netherlands. Hungary alone is overrun by over 100,000 refugees. Germany and France is criticizing its Eastern EU members for not accommodating the exodus on their expense. Germany and France fails to see these countries are independent and have their own rules when it comes to immigration. Neither ex-Eastern Block country will get get bossed around by anyone, especially by France, Germany, and Austria. Germany is behaving like it is running the show there like during WWII without SS divisions. All four countries are clear; the refugee problem is West Europe problem. Refugees do not want to stay in Central Europe. They were rioting to get into Germany, France, and Austria because social and welfare benefits are much higher in the West than in former, communist East. Frau Merkel thinks that Central Europe should turn into wast refugee camp. Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian governments are coordinating to push all these migrants to Bad Schandau railway crossing in Saxony, and lets German deal with the problem through the September.

    Additionally, I find disgusting when Western Europeans are criticizing USA, country that pulled twice Europe from the misery. Without American dollars, American sacrifice, and under American army protection, they will be worshiping Stalin and queue in lines for rationed goods. What the heck did any of these Western countries ever did in the 20th century for freedom and democracy? Nothing! UK and France sacrificed the only democracy east of France in 1938 to Hitler. Half of the Europe was cooperating with Germans from Spain to Finland and from Norway to Bulgaria. Germans could not even create own democratic system. American occupational forces had to do it for them after 1945. But Americans are the bad guys. Typical Western European hypocrisy.

  • prologos

    kalk , as I understand it, the country that lets the undocumented migrants in, is supposed to do the triage, deport or register them, and is responsible for the follow up. that should be a powerful incentive to keep the external borders of the EU tight, and the undesirables . undeserving out. As it is, everybody is pushing the flow on, to force registration in some other lucky country upstream. Hungary got it right, partially , stop them from coming in. but once in, push them on.

    Some governments like the influx, against the best interest of the population they are supposed to protect.

    more and cheaper workers, a divided, weaker populace.

  • kaik

    The issue is failed Schengen, Prologos. Per Schengen rules, first country where the refugees will appear will be primary responsible for registering them. In that case it is Greece. However, Greece is dumping that problem into Balkans by literally ferry the refugees from islands into Thrace where they pour into Hungary. Hungary is totally overwhelmed as country cannot cope with +100,000 refugees. Refugees doe not want to stay in Central Europe, but want to go where they get better benefits and more money: Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Netherlands, and Denmark. When I was in Prague couple days ago, there were two refugee riots; another one in eastern Slovakia two weeks ago. Every day, hundreds of refugees are pouring from Hungary to Slovakia to Czech Republic to reach Germany. Central Europe is not stupid and wait until Germany closes border and lets hundreds of thousand migrants stuck there at the same time, when Czech Republic and Poland is already hosting tens of thousand refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

    The exodus is not Visegrad problem; they did not create it, the refugees do not want to stay there, and EU is doing nothing to stop it. If Frau Merkel wants to have 800,000 refugees, Visegrad is happy to deliver to them (which will be materialized by unloading refugees at rail crossing at Bad Schandau in Saxony within next several weeks before winter settles in). Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, and Hungarians will not carry burden for something Western powers had created. Yesterday, Austrian government blocked roads from all its eastern neighbors, creating backups miles long. Nonetheless, arrogant Austrian witch minister, Johanna Milk-Leintner is threatening all Eastern Block to withhold all EU funds to them (btw, all countries including Czech Republic and Poland are contributing to them). Austria should realize that Hapsburg monarchy had failed 97 years ago and any confrontation with NATO states would not go too well for them. All four states knows that Germany and Austria wants shift problem into Central Europe and accuse them for mistreating the refugees, while covering their own asses.

  • ReligionOfHatred
    Can you help us locate charities to help people in need, I saw refugees trying to cross a France to UK tunnel on the back of trucks. These refugees have makeshift camps outside the highway, I wish God would help them, please Jehovah, please help them! I don't know any of the friends donating monies to this cause, I hope the brothers in Europe are helping these people in need!
  • prologos

    germans are welcoming the Syrian migrants (some of them refugees) with open arms, they are looking for the brain surgeons, and other skilled. They already have the Turks and perhaps hope that by the time fixed migrant quotas will apply to all EU members, the other nations get their share of Eritrean, Nigerians. Refugees are being love bombed, Germany buying a little mercy from the Muslim ire to come?

    Where are the wt literature carts?

  • kaik

    Germany until 2011 was banning all citizens from Central Europe to work there, while Ireland and UK opened markets already in 2004. Romanians and Bulgarians are still forbidden to work in Germany. So instead Bulgarian programmers, and Romanian engineers, Germany will get experts on head cutting, shoe bomb making, and goat hording. 800,000 all of them. What is now exiting Hungary in these transports, should scare any sane German. They can welcome them with open arms, and seize vacant homes to settle these refugees as needed, so Germany can truly and fully experience cultural enrichment, but in reality Germany would not be able to cope with the exodus. And this exodus will not stop at this winter either.

    Either way, Central Europe does not want to deal with it, as these refugees do not want to be there. They want German welfare money and care. As Czech official said yesterday, Merkel will claim in front of her voters that the Central Europe caused the problem by not accommodating the exodus and they will get blamed for everything wrong what this migration wave is causing.

  • prologos

    kalk "they will get blamed for everything wrong what this migration wave is causing."

    hopefully the blame will be charged to the blind, near-sighted lefty bleeding-hearts that allowed this violation of national, natural borders.

    In the meantime, CNN talks about a fence along the long US/Canda border.

  • Lieu

    Meh, the Ottomans were German allies. Nothing new there.

    The world is cyclic. One group overruns another the some other group overruns them. France & Britain were both originally homelands of Celtic (Gauls) peoples who got overrun by Germanic peoples. Spain was Celtic and Tunisian (think Hannibal & his father) before Romans and later Germanic peoples overran it.

    The French, Brits, & Belgians need to suffer. They fucked most of Africa up for its precious stones, oil, and gold. The Middle East & Levant is Britain's fuck up.

    Nothing new, except no one is warring for places.

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