Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    to take in a refugee family into our homes if we have the space - would this be done on a compulsory or voluntary basis?

    the pope suggested that each european parish could take in a refugee family - the various Protestant and Catholic buildings across Europe have hundreds of spare rooms ... there must be ample space to house hundreds of refugees in the Vatican ...

  • Je.suis.oisif

    Also, wealthy arabs own most of the high end property in London. These mansions are sitting empty. Then the arab nations could be allocated refugees. If I hear George Osborne say once again "We really need to deal with this problem at source" I'll do for him. No one govt can sit down and be sensible.

    I'm afraid that this will backfire on society further down the road. As Kiak said further up the thread, the German media are not reporting the pegidda movement thats gathering momentum in the old east Germany. UK media reported the silent protest by French citizens against their impotent govt. They failed to report the silent protests around the UK in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow & Aberdeen. They kept this quiet.

  • TheWonderofYou

    13000 refugees arrived in austria most are already in Germany now.

    Pictures of Vienna, stop in Salzburg and Munich, Dortmund, Franfurt.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thank you for another interesting article, TheWonderofYou. And thanks for helping me with my rusty German

    Strahlende Gesichter am Grenzübergang Nickelsdorf. Für die meisten Flüchtlinge ist Österreich aber nur eine Zwischenstation auf dem Weg nach Deutschland = beaming faces at the border of Nickelsdorf. For most refugees, Austria is just a half-way house on the way to Germany.

    This really does need addressing. What's wrong with Austria? Are there no jobs/infrastructure for these people? I'm tempted to say that the moment these refugees leave the comfort and safety of Austria, they become economic migrants ...

  • truthseeker100

    I have read in a couple of articles about this European mess that Germany is regarded as the "Isreal" of Europe among the migrants/refugees. It just seems funny to me that people who are fleeing the religious extremism of ISIS and Arab Nations with a strong history of anti Jewish sentiment would regard Germany in this way. Germany is a country with a big history of extremism when it comes to anything anti Jewish hence the very existence of Israel.

    I can hardly wait for Caleb from Florida to return and give us his thoughts.

  • LoveUniHateExams


    If Germany is regarded as the "Israel" of Europe then I can only take it to mean that the refugees regard Germany as a beacon of democracy and modernity surrounded by hostile countries - much like the real Israel is a beacon of democracy and enlightenment surrounded by retarded theocratic countries.

    Germany is a country with a big history of extremism when it comes to anything anti Jewish - to be fair, so is the Arab World.

  • TheWonderofYou

    That they are deciding to go to Germany is a phenomenal event. It was a mistaken declaration of the office for foreign affairs that was interpreted as invitation, which got the ball rolling. We will not send back a syrian refugee who is traumatised... simple words that had big effect like the fall of thr wall in berlin.

    Now 16000 in Germany arrived. This year 800000- 1000000 are yet awaited in Germany.

    Some will stay in Austria, but the relation between austria germany is 1/10, 9/10 in population

    Last night Merkel snd austrian faymnan had 10 telefon conversations and decided to open the border without control, then they informed hungarian Orban who was returning from a match. Orban plays the strong man but is not cooperation with the other EU states in a joint solution. So they build a fence to prevent that refugees come to hungary. Hoolligans spit on the refugees. Austria and neighbour Hungary have communcations problem about a joint solution.

    Merkel gets love letters from syrian refugees, some fotos show refugess wearing pictures of their hero Ms. Merkel round their neck. Some ask where do the get the large print high quality pictures of merkel, while members of her own party affront her to be a betrayer of the country.

    Merkel warns right wing extremists

    A europen solution has to come, Merkel is the only leading person in europe who can hold europe togehter
    Its a test for europe. Australia will take refugees, Obama says its a european problem.

    Of course there are attacks and riots at refugees camps, a certain % of people re right wing, bt i think not more than in any other country, in 2011 250000 right wing extremist = 0,03 % of poplulation (82 000 000) but importance is greater.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Sorry the declaration was not of office of foreign affairs but at tweet of the federal office for immigration and refugees on tuesday, look up here. Break with dublin. The technical message spread over internet and achieve the budapest refugees, on the hunarian border syrians are not trying any more to scramble under, over or through the border fence ( barbed wire ) but are simple saying. Please we want to Germany.

    arabic love letter to Merkel:

    My love is your plan,

    My love is your plan,

    The plan of the smugglers, is of no interest to me.

    **Correction;: The number of right wing extremist persons was not 250000 but only 25000 in 2011 in germany.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Another good article (Zeit) although I found parts of it difficult to understand.

    Merkel is absolutely right when she warns of the dangers of right-wing extremism. I obviously agree with her when she says there should be zero tolerance for the kind of hatred and xenophobia that is associated with right-wing extremists .

    Joachim Gauck spoke of Dunkeldeutschland ('dark Germany'). What was that? Was he being racist?

    I find the East-West [Germany] issue a fascinating one. I'm ignorant of the details but my intuition tells me that what is acceptable and unacceptable should apply to the whole of Germany.

    I would go further still. You said, TheWonderofYou, that austria [and] germany is 1/10, 9/10 in population, i.e. Austria has a smaller population and a lower population density (persons per km2) than Germany. I believe that what is acceptable/unacceptable should ideally apply to the whole of the EU. Perhaps those countries/areas with low pop. density should start taking volunteers first. Refugees could be kept in refugees camps outside the EU until these countries/areas prepare their infrastructure for incoming people.

    I'm also not sure what plans our Euro-elite have in place re refugees. Merkel spoke of a refugee problem but if a sensible migration plan were pursued, there shouldn't be much of a problem. A related issue might be that if migration is poorly managed, right-wing extremism may increase.

    Also, not one word about Islamic terrorism ...

  • prologos

    LUHE: Austria has a smaller population and a lower population density (persons per km2) than Germany.

    Austrian volks are squeezed into the valleys, how would you like to live on the Grossglockner? besides,

    some of Austria's population is dense, look at the one that got away, LOESCH. or the one born Braunau.

    added: May be Merkel wants to load Germany's "quota " with mid-easterners to avoid the loads coming from Africa,

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