Largest amount of refugees since WW2 in Europe

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  • prologos

    It is within the power of authorities to take control of properties to house "refugees" in germany, and they do. There are now also daily bloody mass fights between groups of migrants from different countries that are housed together, and the pro and cons of creating separate housing for Sunnis, Shiites, Afghans, Syrians, Pakistanis, even separating them into different provinces is considered.

    Of course the families need help, but Australia has a much better method to deal with the need for safety of migrants.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    The irony of this picture is that Saudi Arabia has a refugee tent city that can hold over a million people completely empty. They're even air conditioned!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'd be wary of getting too many facts from the Daily Mail - agreed. And I've made some kind of effort to use different online papers in this thread.

    The trouble is, the Mail isn't the only bigoted paper - papers such as the Guardian or Independent won't publish this kind of article because it doesn't sit with their bigoted views.

    If someone can show me the above article is nonsense I'll happily retract it, otherwise ...

  • kaik

    There were widespread anti-immigration demonstration in Poland in past several days. Katowice, PL.

    People considers last week voting to accept refugees as a treason, and they are cursing Ewa Kopacz for succumbing to Merkel's pressure. In past several weeks, there were more than 100 arson attacks in Germany alone. The refugee crisis will undermine European politics and it will cause disintegration of European Union. I would not be surprised if something much worse would happen from this.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yet another article - this time from The Indy.

    A Pakistan-born father in Germany has admitted strangling his 19 year old daughter because she had rejected an arranged marriage and started a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. Absolutely disgusting - there's no 'honour' in 'honour-killing'

    I'd like to think that this is a very rare occurrence in the Muslim community but I'm not convinced.

    Most Syrian refugees are Muslim, like this man in Germany. Just how well will refugees integrate into European society when there are already very serious issues among established Muslim communities, issues that seem to be swept under the carpet?

    As a commentator who posted beneath the following article cheekily said, "if you want a butcher for a neighbour, vote Labour."

  • prologos

    Luhe. how well will refugees integrate?

    germany expects 1.5 million arrivals this year. they coined a new concept for "Refugees" : "Anerkennungskultur" in return for our "Willkommenskultur".the message: arrivals:, embrace a "Culture of Recognition of our values" in return for our " welcoming Culture, or---.

    70 years ago germany was the most dangerous place in the world to be in. (sharing that honour with the orient) your chances of being klled, raped, losing all, were very high, yet the country was flooded with 14 + million victims of ethnic cleansing ~20 total arrivals, today it is the (still) peaceful haven . yet

    factions and fractions are already in the newcomer population, that perhaps have not, and never will recognize

    the Culture of Recognition and of accepting gratefully.

    bring out the carts, trolleys

  • kaik

    Majority of these refugees will never work. They will not integrate. Germany was not successful integrating Turks who are there today already in the second and third generation.

    This is article from Switzerland: Swiss Parlament 91% of Eritrean refugees are on welfare 7 years later so are 88% of Turks. This is in country that has the lowest unemployment in Schengen. Refugees will cave German welfare system. Schengen already disintegrated. Train connection between Salzburg and Munich is closed, and its opening was postponed from Oct 4 to October 14. In Central Europe which plays a key role in logistics and delivery on manufacturing, the refugee problems caused tens of billions of dollars from lost freight and transportation. Hungary estimates it on 6 billions alone or 5% of GDP. Numbers from Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia will be even worse.

    Any upcoming elections will route out any current liberal nutcases or they will be cancelled as it happened in Sweden. Situation is turning from bad to worse. It is a really sad that ultraliberal, left leaning government attacked such basic principles as free press and election as is happening in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia.

  • prologos
    and while these earth-shaking events go on, on CNN----
  • kaik

    I do not trust much mainstream media lets be from the left or right. There is a term that calls them presstitute. This is nothing new. Maximilien Robespierre wrote in 1794 on press:

    What are the obstacles to their [people] enlightenment?
    -The paid journalists who mislead the people every day by shameless distortions.
    What conclusion follows?
    -That we ought to proscribe these writers as the most dangerous enemies of the country and to circulate an abundance of good literature.

    What is happening right now is the tightening grip of the government against the domestic population. This is happening from Germany to Poland to Sweden to Slovakia; where anyone who disagree with the ruling elite on the refugees is automatically labeled as racist, right-wing, fascist, and so on. After Polish votes two weeks ago which sided with Germany against Czech-Slovak-Hungarian position on emigration, the situation in Poland went so far that they even blocked discussions in largest Polish news media. Last week, there were thousands of people in Poland demonstrating against the government on the refugee crisis, but the coverage was nonexistent anywhere outside Poland, and very little mentioned in Polish media. This reminds me situation to Revolution of 1989 when I went to protests and our factory went into General strike against communist government, yet there was no news of it anywhere in the media, while one of the largest manifestation in the country history was just unfolding.

    My gut feeling is that the refugee crisis will not only doom EU economically, but it will end the democratic system as we know it. European union is already disintegrating. Economies are still operate bellow 2008 economic peak even in such countries like Sweden, Finland, and Netherlands. Germany while it has balanced budget is deeply indebted and its economy depends on export. No country can afford generous welfare system to population that does not contribute. Something will cave, and I am betting on the economy, which will spill into widespread political crisis.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just been reading an article that tells of the murder of Syrian woman in Germany.

    She had moved to Dessau two years ago from Syria. When she was in Syria, she had apparently been raped/sexually assaulted by three men. She said that her family had allegedly viewed her as unclean because of this, and was in fear of her life. Clearly, despite what all the do-gooders say, all cultures aren't equal.

    Her body was found in a shallow grave on the family's allotment, with multiple stab wounds.

    I know that some will say that the vast majority of refugees aren't like this, but I don't care - this is what European leaders have imported into Europe.

    Shame on them.

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