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  • Trauma_Hound

    Ok, once again, for the people that can't comprehend, I DID NOT HACK THE SITE! I entered a message through they're own interface, I simply pasted a java script that pops up a alert box, simple as that, if they don't want you to do that, then they should have written the script better. Period, end of statement, and if you can't comprehend that, I don't know what will convince you otherwise, how about talking about things you actually know about. Regaurdless if they knew or not, I told them about it, before hand, I don't need someones premission to post on a public site, I didn't break any laws, they're damn lucky I even told them about it. If your going to write backend scripting, then you should at least know how to code it correctly, plain and simple. I've told bill about it, I've given his admin the code to fix it, guess what bill did, he lied to me on the phone, he asked me to give the code to his admin, and he would fix it, I did, and all bill had the admin do is put an e-mail link in place of the link to the posting interface. It's not fixed, anyone with an comprehension of how a website works can still use the posting interface, if you know the url directly. Hell I don't even need the posting page, I could create my own and post directly to that script, that's how wide open it is.

  • Trauma_Hound

    Correction they completely took down the guest book, instead of inserting the two lines of code that I gave them, that would prevent this. Basically Bill lied to my face on the phone, he's a f&^*& cheese ball, and you all would do, not to have any dealings with this man. I wasted my time, sending his admin the code, per his request.

  • plmkrzy

    The only thing I want to know is how safe is it to log on to that site? I don't like the idea of having my cookies exposed

    Not without my permission anyway.

    I'm not sure how to go about erasing temp files that might be on that site containing direct links to my PC now. Would using a window washer ( on my PC) take care of any potential problems?

    This sucks

  • wednesday

    this really gets at where i live-ie , security and privacy issues. I too am worried about the same things Plum mentioned.

  • abbagail

    I see what you mean, TH, about a reply to the guestbook now goes thru an email. I wonder if that is a temporary measure... It's like a yahoogroup or other email list moderating every post before it is posted.

    Anyway, I just found this in my inbox from the SL Email List, and I don't see that anyone has posted it elsewhere, so I'll add it to this thread since that's probably why it was written:

    From: "silentlambs" info@silentlambs.org
    Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 21:40:40 -0600
    To: info@silentlambs.org
    Subject: website

    I wish to provide an update regarding silentlambs website. We are going with a clean version that was a back up some three months ago. The website is safe and all administrative functions are protected. We are in the process of a rebuild of a new site with professional assistance that should help silentlambs provide a much stronger educational presence on the web. Until that comes to fruition we are going to continue to use the current old site with few modifications as the new site will shortly replace it with all new whistles and bells. If you have sent me or the silentlambs website email between the dates of 11-15-02 and 12-19-02 and did not get a response, please resend it as it may have been lost. We will continue to provide the guestbook as a place to communicate, due to recent problems all messages will be reviewed before posting. We appreciate your patience through this difficult time as we try to establish a stronger message for abuse survivors.

    About two years ago I sat down and wrote the silentlambs mission, it was overlooked when we built the website but it will certainly be highlighted on the new site. As I read through it and thought back over the events of the last 24 months it was a reminder that our mission has not changed, it remains the same as the day it was written. For the first time publicly I would like to share it with those here on the silentlambs email list.



    silentlambs mission

    We at Silentlambs welcome all persons regardless of race, religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation, culture, economic background, gender or disability. Silentlambs remains neutral on religious issues and seeks to break down barriers that lead to the segregation of abuse survivors from different faiths and backgrounds.

    We wish to provide assistance to victims who have been molested as children and silenced from speaking out or seeking proper assistance as directed religious authority. Silentlambs believes education is the key to uniting people together. We wish to impart knowledge and understanding to survivors of abuse and let them know it was not their fault, we believe them, it is their right to stand up to those who hurt them, while providing a forum for interaction, which will help other abuse survivors know they are not alone. Silentlambs stands up for and will defend the right of any abuse survivor to tell their story. We believe when those hurt by molestation speak out, it lays a basis for providing mental and emotional healing. Silentlambs holds that, in part, when victims learn they are not alone this helps them to reach out to others, and help them take back the power that was lost through abuse.

    In expanding its mission of unity and positive societal actions, silentlambs realizes that there is a large contingency of individuals who historically have been left alienated from traditional religious institutions and doctrines. Traditionally, all aspects of life for molestation victims have been seriously under minded by the lack of assistance provided by misguided religious organizations, the injured are silenced. Our purpose is to give them a voice and a place to unite with others and find healing. Silentlambs seeks a fuller life for everyone with the encouragement of beliefs to assist the well being of the mind and body.

  • SYN

    Why didn't they just apply the two lines of script and fix the problem? Seems a bit harsh! If I was Bill I would fix something like that straight away, CRASH PRIORITY, purely because it would be so easy for WTBTS-sympathizers to hijack the SL site and do all sorts of naughty things with it!

    Hopefully in the next version of the SL site there won't be this same problem.

    [SYN], Holding Thumbs Class.

  • Derrick

    Yizuman wrote:
    After I read his open letter to the WTBTS, I am convinced that Bill is still blind to the WT's doctrine and that Bill believes the borg is still the true organization, only the problem is that it's run by corrupt men. So he wants to get these corrupt men thrown out of the borg and changes be made to meet his satifaction and I believe right then he will ask to be reinstated. Correct me if I am wrong, but that's my impression. I feel like if he keeps this up, he may think of himself as being a hero for saving the borg in the name of Jehovah.

    Your comment represents typical misconceptions amongst the ex-JW crowd about JW reformation.

    Those who have risked their lives in the sense of facing the potential loss of family, friends and sometimes income on behalf of this reformation are trying to, amongst other things, change the misnomer that the Watchtower Society represents the one true religion.

    Also, one of many problems is that the organization is presently run by corrupt men. This is by no means the only problem as you misstate.

    Yes, those who are practicing corruption to the detriment of the organization who are in high positions of responsibility must get rooted out. Yes, changes must be made to meet NOT the satisfaction of Bill or any other who believes in JW reformation but to meet the satisfaction of ALL SINCERE CONCERNED.

    Once these changes percolate through the organization, many will seek reinstatement. Shall Bill be amongst them? Among other things IMO it is quite rude for you to even speculate on a matter that involves a personal and private decision one must make between themself and God. If he chooses reinstatement who are you to criticize his choice of worship? That has nothing to do with his resolve to root out evildoers in the organization who molest and sexually abuse children!

    Bill does not strike me as one who would attempt to take credit for the reformation of Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower Society. I believe Bill humbly considers himself as part of a bigger picture that is orchestrated by Christ and his army of angels assigned to earthly affairs. We each play only a minor part on this big stage of humanity. Many people around the world including those in high places within this vast org have fought nobly together to root out the obvious wrongdoing and scriptural misconceptions throughout the organization and its many falacious teachings. The result of reformation if achieved will be a glorious victory, not of men, but of Christ who is trying to bring as many people into the light as possible using such organizations such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

    As Jesus Christ's original followers and Apostles had to be corrected constantly in their quest to follow in our Lord's footsteps throughout their entire lives, this has been the same quest for many throughout the last two millenniums leading up to the modern-day churches who worship Christ <i>including Jehovah's Witnesses</i>. Every congregation on this earth who profess belief in Christ's sacrifice, including Jehovah's Witnesses, each need to work out their salvation if they truly believe the Bible is the word of God.

    I have observed Bill's fine work in Christian reformation and helping to bring justice to those who have been cruelly and wickedly abused by those criminals who are sexual deviants. As regards his latter volunteer work, why would any decent person who wants justice for the young victims of crime keep criticizing him and the www.silentlambs.org? Surely your intent is not to discourage him and other volunteers in this organization from continuing to help those who are victims of heinous sexual crime?

    I want to commend Bill for his determination not to let anyone discourage him from helping others, and for remaining steadfast in his faith in God and Christ's ability and desire to bring about the wonderful future they have in store for mankind and all living things on earth!

    Bill, if you're reading this, the tests of your faith have only begun. I find your spiritual strength empowering to myself.


  • Satanus


    Yeah, i can see it now, The Jehovah's New Christian Witesses Reformed!! Gaak. Bill is gonna do to the wt what luther did to the roman. It's still the same crappy porridge, just a bit more sugar or milk added.


  • Trauma_Hound
    As regards his latter volunteer work, why would any decent person who wants justice for the young victims of crime keep criticizing him and the www.silentlambs.org?

    Give me a freaking break, I will not ever follow any man blindly, you got me pal? He deserves the criticism he's getting, I didn't see bill up here running the press conference in seattle, guess who was running that bucko? Me. Bill didn't do all this alone, you got me? But he's running it like a one man show, I'm sorry, but spare me your crap, even if the WTBS was reformed I'd never go back to it, they taught me one thing, and that's not to trust any organised religion period. If bills true agenda is to reform the WTBS, and go back to it, using silentlambs, then I want nothing to do with silentlambs, and I know many other abuse survivors that think the same way. For you information, MR. Uniniformed, I was critizing BILL, not silentlambs, but then again, silentlambs, only seems to be about bill. I heard that the BOD, is him and his wife, that's not a BOD in a non-profit corp, it's definatly usually made up of more then two people.

  • freeman

    Hear we go again, me thinks I'm about to shoot myself in the foot again.

    I keep coming closer and closer to exposing who I am IRL (by my own doing) because I care less and less about remaining anonymous as I feel my time is short and it is only a short time before I get DF/DA anyway.

    For the sake of clearing some things up and because I'm almost at the point that I dont give a damn who knows my real identity, Im posting this brief synopsis about myself so you will understand why I believe what I believe to be true and what makes me more knowledgeable about this matter then most folks. Here is my background:

    I authored the US Treasurys system administrators day-to-day computer security manual currently in use at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

    I have tested the security of the Department Of Justice massive data centers.

    I have tested the security of numerous NASA related systems including those that control space craft.

    Based on my findings, changes were made in many systems NASA wide also my findings have now become part of the official Congressional record.

    I have created security and contingency plans for five NASA data centers.

    I have worked undercover for the federal government and have been a member of no less then five top hacker groups, including one sponsored in part by the KGB.

    I have had the FBIs head of covert operations sipping coffee in my living room and trying to recruit me to work undercover for his agency.

    I have been an invited speaker of the Computer Security Institute.

    I have been an invited speaker of the Surveillance Expo.

    I have lectured at the largest and most important US intelligence agency, the National Security Agency.

    That is my unique background / qualifications, which some Elders are familiar with and could expose me, so be it. Im hopeful that this disclosure adds weight to the views I will next express.

    Now that everything is on the table, I say this:

    Mr. Bowens site had a measurable level of security before a finite date; and the security level of that site has been reduced considerably after that date.

    Who or what changed it from what it was?

    Since I do not have ALL the facts I cant / wont say, further since I dont have ALL the facts and dont have the ability to read peoples hearts I cant / wont say if such changes were deliberate and malicious or sloppy / stupid and accidental, however there were a number of security holes introduced into the site that were not there before the aforementioned date.

    And no Im not providing this date to anyone so dont ask.

    If some posters assume that they are being accused by me, they are incorrect; I dont have enough data to publicly accuse anyone, and besides I dont do that, its not my style.

    Unlike some others, I do have a technical background and education to know enough to know that I simply dont know enough to start pointing fingers Edited to add the words: (did I really just say that J ) . People who dont have enough familiarly with the technical issue of security are afraid of it and make statements that are better not said because they hurt and alienate people unnecessarily in the process.

    Mr. Bowen's cause is one that I support.

    I for one have the ability to separate and uncouple Mr. Bowen from the cause he represents, and I am generally an extremely tolerant person. However I hope I will not be foolish enough to abandon Mr. Bowen or his cause should I get caught up in all of this ill will that seems to be running rampant.

    Despite his faults, Mr. Bowen is a genuinely good man, and yes that is my opinion but I believe this to be true, and even if I dont agree with the way Mr. Bowen has handled some issues or people, I still genuinely hold this man in high regard.

    The cause is too important to allow the imperfections of one man or the hurt feelings of any person to stop it. I dont know how to fix the rift that has developed between some people and Mr. Bowen and I am saddened that it has developed and continues to grow even at this late date.

    I just offer some information to help explain why I think some things are the way they are and hope that cooler heads on all sides of the issue will prevail.

    And I know a good number of persons on this forum have abandoned anything even remotely Biblical, but for any that may find some wisdom in these words, here they are:

    How often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times? No, forgive him up to seventy times seven.


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