Greetings, I've changed my username to abbagail, formerly known around these parts as GRITS (Girl Raised In The South), FL. Learned the WT-version-of-truth in Aspen, CO, age 25 (1977), began to study age 27 (1979), moved back to FL and got baptized age 28 (1980), and was a faithful-sister-dub a total of 11 years (left the org in '90). Even so, I was still under the SPELL of WT-doctrine during the subsequent 11-12 years, up until somewhere between finding Silentlambs in the Fall of 2001 and Dateline in the Spring of 2002. Thanks to all the great informative threads, WT error-revelations, I was finally set FREE to discover the REAL Truth as found in the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord and Oh Happy Day! ;-) ------------ /abbagail --------------- Visit my groups: ------------------- and -----------------------