I'm banned from the Silentlambs Website

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  • Trauma_Hound

    They're using a back end php script, the safest thing for them to do would have been to add a simple filter, that changed the <> symbols, no one would be able to post raw html.

  • Englishman
    All client script, either in script tags or inline attributes are removed out along with object tags, meta tags and a few others (such as redundant style attributes that word puts in). I can control what is allowed down to specific elements and attributes (and could even allow some but not others etc...).


    I had one of those once, but the handle fell off.


  • Hmmm

    I'm sure I'll be told I don't have a clue, or be told that you can lift river barges with one hand (with the implied ass-kicking coming my way) or one of your other remarkably mature rejoinders, but I see Kismet's point.

    I'm not sure what you mean by setting up a "demonstration", but it is never considered OK to alter or deface a web site--no matter how benign you think your actions--and will almost always get you banned out-of-hand by the site admin. I have a hard time, considering your obvious knowledge of web hosting (much greater than mine), that you would not realize this.

    The acceptable way of handling a discovered flaw would be to warn the site admin and OFFER to demonstrate the flaw if they don't know/believe what you're talking about. To point out a flaw and take advantage of it before the admin has time to address it is never going to be met with gratitude.

    If I recall correctly, Bill Bowen was going to be hiring a third-party site admin. Is it not possible that this person banned you, and that BB doesn't even know about it?

    I also don't know why you're bringing it up here. Telling the world that you emailed him, and that he has not responded within the alloted 2.41 picoseconds, is not really making an effort to settle the issue privately. What does the site hosting policies of BB or his hired admin have to do with this site?

    I'm sure you can kick my ass (after all, you're eight feet tall, and have been lifting engine blocks since you were seven years old) and I should STFU because I'm a [fill in the blank], but I'm just trying to help. There is enough acrimony on the board right now where BB is concerned, and I don't think it helps to bring in extraneous technical/hosting issues.


    (Don't worry. In an effort to save you some travel, I'll be meeting Kismet later in the week: We're going to kick each other's asses.)

  • hillary_step
    (Don't worry. In an effort to save you some travel, I'll be meeting Kismet later in the week: We're going to kick each other's asses.)

    lol....You are correct. These discussion boards sometimes require that you have a thick skin, a thick ass, and ofttimes a thick head. As I am the very proud owner of all three I suppose I am an admirable candidate for the White House.


    PS - Don't you think that the term 'kick bottom' sounds much more civilized, as in 'My God....scatter, here comes TH, he really knows how to kick bottom'.

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  • Trauma_Hound
    but it is never considered OK to alter or deface a web site

    I did neither of these things. I modified none of the website. I didn't hack the site, or did you not read what I said? That would require hacking the site.

    and I don't think it helps to bring in extraneous technical/hosting issues.
    It had nothing to do with a technical/hosting issue, the issue, was I was banned at the server level from the site. I hosted his goddamn videos, used my goddamn bandwidth, to host those f&^^%ing videos, and this is the way he treats me? I won't kick your ass, but you can kiss mine.

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  • donkey
    What do you think the WTBS would do with the knowledge I possess?

    They would do nothing and if they really wanted to hack apostate sites they certainly have people in their IT department who are smart enough to do so.

    The last thing they would do is something illegal and risk being caught - esp if it looks like a trap.

  • Trauma_Hound

    They don't need to hack, thusly, nothing illegal, when someone leaves it wide open. I just talked to Bill on the phone, supposedly the ban is being lifted, but as of this post, I'm still banned.

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  • donkey

    I stand by what I wrote. They don't need to do anything to Silentlambs website - they will not be brought down by silentlambs or any other apostate cause. Anyone believing anything else is suffering from delusions of grandeur. They have enough money to fight the battles they face and enough power over their followers to make them do just about anything.


  • freeman

    I hesitate to make this post but perhaps I better before this gets to far out of hand.

    Fist let me state Im not going to take sides between Bill Bowen and anyone else however I do have some information that may explain things. In particular, I will tell you why I believe Mr. Bowen or an administrator working in his behalf would be so quick to shut off access from anyone even remotely connected with causing problems on the Silent Lambs web site.

    Yes Trauma, I understand you were genuinely trying to help. Finding security holes and reporting them is what I did for a living for many many years, so I understand exactly what you are saying and yes you did a good and positive thing. However not everyone understands the difference between a benign test to uncover an existing hole, or someone possibly causing a problem. A LOT of things have happened behind the scenes that most are unaware of.

    That said; hear are some salient facts that may explain things:

    Mr. Bowen has had the security of his site greatly compromised.

    Many basic security features of his site were turned off by someone.

    Mr. Bowens site has had backdoors planted on his site and he is not sure if they have all been removed.

    Mr. Bowen believes he has been betrayed by a person or persons that he trusted, (there is quite a bit of supporting evidence).

    Mr. Bowen is under tremendous pressure right now.

    I'm not going to get into a debate bashing or defending Bill Bowen and I'm not going to elaborate any further or name any individuals involved in the compromise of the Silent Lambs web site, this person or persons know who he/she or they are, and so do I/we.


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  • RevMalk
    elaborate any further or name any individuals involved in the compromise of the Silent Lambs web site, this person or persons know who he/she or they are, and so do I/we.


    Judging from allegations and accusation made against me in recent weeks, I am assuming you're talking about me here. If so, I would like to invite you to elaborate on these things. I have nothing to hide, I have done nothing wrong, and there is absolutely no proof otherwise. How do I know? Because 100% of the allegations are false, point blank. I believe you've been caught up in a......well, I'm not sure whether to call it a lie, misunderstanding, or gross twisting of the truth. First of all, whatever it may be, I had nothing to do with the current site. I had built a site, free of charge, and hosted it, free of charge on a totally different server, so I'd like to know how I made 'back doors' in a site I never touched. I'd like to see one shred of evidence to back up any of these allegations. There is none, again because they are all 100% false. Many have come to me asking about these things. In private I tell my side of the story, and urge them to see proof from Mr. Bowen. Each and every time they come back to me and say "You're right, he's out of his mind". So again, I urge you to request proof from Bill, and he'll give you none. You know why? Because there can be no proof for illusions in the paranoid mind.

    You actually think the Watchtower is going to put me on the payroll to work for 4+ months for silentlambs so that they can have back doors? Come on back to reality my friend. If they wanted to shut silentlambs down at any moment they could. How? The site is riddled with copyrighted material. For all of you living in this fantasy world, let me explain something to you. All of us that have apostate sites could lose our lives at any moment. How? With the billions, if not trillions, of dollars the Watchtower has laying around. They could keep us all in litigation for the rest of our lives until we bent over for them. Even if we refused to do so, none of us could afford to fight them. They could have us all bankrupt in a matter of weeks. As a matter of fact, they don't even need a solid reason to sue us, they could make any frivolous thing up. It doesn't matter if they lost in court, because they'd only be interested in shutting us down. SO, as proud as we all are for the things we accomplish, it's only by the grace of the Watchtower society that we've gotten this far. You think they fear us? Wake up already.

    Back to the Bill Bowen show:

    Again Freeman, I invite you to request solid proof from Mr. Bowen, I invite anyone to do so. The simple fact of the matter is, anyone who goes against him gets on his shit list, and he doesn't care who he hurts. And that's exactly what's happened to me, and many others before me. I used to defend the man like no-one has, just look at my posting history. I didn't understand the private (and public) warnings I received before agreeing to help him, but I sure as hell do now. I don't expect you to understand now, but I'm confident you will one day, because one by one, he will do it to each and every one of us until he gets some professional help. Let me pose one more question before I close:

    At the time I built the 'new' silentlambs site (the one BEFORE the current), the site resided on my server, and was intended to stay there. What possible motive would I have had to create back doors to a site that I had access to 100%? In case I wanted to allow more Watchtower spies to enter the site? Then couldn't I have just given them the master password to the entire account?

    Come on you guys, you really have to start using your own heads here for crying out loud. You spent how long swallowing the WT BS just to come out here and swallow more?

    I'll tell you one more thing. I'm tired of people coming to me with information that could help me under these personal attacks, and then saying "I can't say this in public though". I'm out here in the public eye getting my butt kicked all over the place, and from day one had nothing but good intentions. I wanted to help people, but you know what? No-one is helping me here, and a ton of you have proof that can clear my name, but you refuse to help. Am I getting bitter? You bet your ass I am. Any one of you take the constant attacks every friggin day and see how you feel about life.

    If freeman's remarks were in reference to some other poor innocent sap, please accept my apologies

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