Governing Body Summoned For Jud Hearing

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  • johnathanseagull

    right or wrong........Bill is making a stand here............. a righteous stand.....go get em Bill!!

    J Gull

  • rocky220

    the trap is set, eh Bill?;)....rocky220

  • IslandWoman

    The trap is set? Do you set a mouse trap to catch an elephant?

  • DannyBear

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread Reforming the Ireformable, wherein I asked for reformers like Bill to answer a few simple questions. No one answered.

    It appears that Bill is still one of Jehovah's Witnesses at heart. He apparently believes the dogma, albiet less the stand on 'child abuse'.

    If he sends this letter, all of his hard work goes up in smoke. It is pure juvenile pay back for unsubstantiated accusations.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Bill, here's my opinion - if your supporters in this present course include (Mr.) Nancee Park, and those urging caution include Hillary_Step and Englishman, you've made a navigational error and need to correct it.

  • JT

    It is so obvious that Bill is openly and unapologetically declaring that God is his strength in this battle. He identifies strongly with the many prophets of biblical times who God sent to the leaders of Israel to tell them to turn themselves around or else.


    this has got to be the best one of all the post let us consider what he is saying closely

    ok here we go___

    now I Love bill and his cause and in fact i have no idea of what bill even thinks of this particualar post, but let's run with it to it's logicall conclusion---

    Bill = Moses, men of old, etc

    WT = Nation of Isreal gone wayward

    now god is sending bill to tell his chosen nation(WT) to repent and if not --a crash is ahead

    this highlights why we can't let eveyone have a keyboard- while in fact all we have is the following:

    Bill= Considered Person

    WT = 2nd Largest Printing Firm after the Goverment Printing Office in washington dc( you can ck and you will see it is)

    WT parades around as a channel to god, of course most of us have come to realize just like the Great Wizard of OZ had no way of getting Dorthy back to Kanas as the WT has getting folks closer to god-

    they are a printing firm with over 6million unpaid salemen/women bottom line - the fact that they envoke a few bible text doesn't make them the Anti-typical Nation of Isreal- smile

    in fact what we are see is how Religions and belief system get started - it is truly an amazing thing to watch

    a person steps up and indeed addresses a much needed issues and then others instead of leaving it there- in their little minds they begin to think "MAYBE THIS PERSON HAS SOME DIVINE BACKING"

    and off to the races we go--- and this little excercise has been repeated thru out history- where if one is not careful the Indiviual becomes larger than the issue,

    and that is why as soon as one who is taking the lead in an issue sees this developing among those who share his or her goals they nip it in the bid and put the focus back on the issue at hand

    personally i don;t know bill and he could be just testing the water here to see how folks would react

    personally i think it is great satire, and if not it could use alittle polishing up before being sent off so as not to lose focus, but i don';t know - in fact it might not even be bill post-

    but at any rate i just thought the comments above by the poster were just so revealing

    just my 2

  • kelsey007

    jt- I think it was Mr Bowen who drafted and if I read it correctly mailed the letter. You have hit the nail on the head. A little known book was written just a few years back called "The Report". Though the auther did not reveal himself he did claim to be a current elder. He made claims of being a modern day "jeremiah" much as you said in your post. I doubt the GB or any rank and file read the "Report" and from what I have seen few if any here have heard of the book. It reveals much about the Wt''s economics.

    Believe me the WT and the GB are used to getting bashing letter and demands such as Mr Bowens. I have personally read several that were sent by others who thought they could get justice in such a way. To think that you could get such justice from the WT one would also have to believe that the WT is god's organization- personally I do not believe such.

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  • kenpodragon

    I can not see this letter working in the favor of the silentlambs cause. Personally, I think I would have asked some legal advice before sending it. This is the type of letter you write when you are angry, but you throw it away before mailing it.

    My thought


  • JT

    Believe me the WT and the GB are used to getting bashing letter and demands such as Mr Bowens


    So true indeed , when i was at bethel there was a guy named David Sinclair- he worked in the Executive office he served as a Zone Overseer at times he is what we called a BETHEL HEAVY-

    for a short period he was my table head in Towers building, and one day the text talked about apostates and those who left and i recall him casually talking which was rare- talking about behind the scene things

    and he mentioned about THOSE WHO LEFT US and how they would write in asking the GB to CHANGE THINGS and it was like a joke- so "IF" this letter was sent it will just go into File 13 like the rest- the only letter that would concern wt is one that came from:



    other than that NO WORRIES OR CONCERNS

  • JT

    right or wrong-- WAS A COMMENT MADE

    Haven't WE heard something about my country/religion RIGHT OR WRONG MINDSET


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