Governing Body Summoned For Jud Hearing

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  • amac
    Don't let the trolls and unseeing ones derail it!

    Classic! I love people who face arguments with demonizing tactics like this.

    All this "Let's Go Get 'Em" is crap. It looks like fanatical religous people that are now fanatical ex-religious people.

    This letter is a joke. Who is on the committee? Any committee formed by Bill will be seen as being outside of "God's Organization" and hold no religous authority over the GB. Even if the R&F are stirred up, the GB will simply say they have arranged a judicial committee of their own. Since all proceedings are private, nothing will be revealed.

  • Zechariah

    It is so obvious that Bill is openly and unapologetically declaring that God is his strength in this battle. He identifies strongly with the many prophets of biblical times who God sent to the leaders of Israel to tell them to turn themselves around or else.

    It is not surprising that those who are having a hard time with this are largely unbelievers in God. They must be reasoning that it all has to be sarcasm as God does not really exist. Thats where the fear comes in of men. Also the dependence on the authority and the wisdom of men.

    That has been the beginning of the end for the WTS when they abandoned trust in God. Lets not follow suit. If we leave things to men without God God leaves us to ourselves.

    It gives me chills to see the strength God has given Bill and much pleasure in seeing him courageously using the authority God gives those that trust in him.

    You're AWESOME Bill. Keep the faith.


  • amac

    Great, now Bill is inspired by God. That's really going to get the average JW to pay attention to him now.

  • pettygrudger

    This is about the children, on that we all agree. My point of contention w/this letter is that it will only turn away r/f JW's who have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that such policies within the org. exist - unless they have had to deal with them first hand. In their world, no such ugly things even exist - for this they feel fortunate.

    I fear this letter may have the opposite effect of making these people aware, and will make r/f JW who might have listened turn away. I realize that Pat has the right to a judicial hearing, and so therefore this should take place. But as far as the "media blitz" with this letter, I think it will turn those away who might have listened. Now I fear they will look at BB as an angry ex-elder w/an axe to grind against the GB. Bill deserves better than this.

    No religion, no law can prevent a child from being happens everyday. So the crime can't be prevented, but at least if the parents are AWARE, they may know what to look for. In the most horrific circumstances that the scumbag is actually the parent, THE LAW will require the elders do what is right, contact the authorities who will REMOVE the child from the home, instead of being sent right back to the scum by elders who feel the parent is repentent.

  • kelsey007

    amac- some have a hard time realizing that you CAN believe in god without losing your freedom and your sanity. And I do truely doubt that an all knowing god would have inspired such a letter- let me know if you read this letter in the media.

  • Satanus

    Members of corps sometimes call for the dismissal of
    the members of the board. That could the angle for the
    Trauma Hound 
    For a couple of bucks, you can get a copy of the wt
    charter from macgregor ministries @

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  • IslandWoman


    It is not surprising that those who are having a hard time with this are largely unbelievers in God.

    I take great offense at that statement. I Sir, am a believer in God. I am also a believer in reason.

    In respect for Simon the comment above is all I will say about your post. Wanna talk at Bboyneko's?


  • kelsey007

    Of course, Island Woman, remember it was the "strength of god" that aided the terrorists accomplish their mission on 9-11. Do worship a reasoning god or an unreasonable god?

  • Vitameatavegamin


    Since when is the Society above having to answer for their own transgressions?? In this case, we clearly have evidence from

    the mouths of more than 2 witnesses here, so I would say they need to step up to the plate and start 'splainin. What makes them

    exempt from a JC???? Or at least some kind of investigation? Yeah, the letter is a bit antagonistic, but I get the point of what

    Silentlambs is trying to bring about.

    How many JWs out there have been summoned before JCs and been told that if they did not show, they would reap the

    consequences. We all know what that means, don't we.

    Why shouldn't they be submitted to the same??

    Something has got to be done.



  • kelsey007

    Ok vitameat- for sake of argument let's use an anology. I have been exiled from my country for not following the laws or rules. After I have been removed from my country I start an anti campaign to expose the leaders of my country as frauds.

    Sitiing in exile I form an organization on the premise of aiding abuse victims of the government. I march outside the borders of the country. Then I draft a letter demanding that the rulers of the country submit to my counsel. I demand that they be brought before a judiciary that I will form.

    Also consider that this country that I am exiled from is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is a passive nation. The do not battle with other countries though they may be outspoken about other countries.

    So what value does my letter of demand have? Given that the remaining citizens of this country look at me as an outcast- What point have I made? Where will such a demand take my cause?

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