Governing Body Summoned For Jud Hearing

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  • abbagail

    Andee, I've read enough of Dbear to get a clear picture. His posts in this thread make my blood run cold, and that is what I am commenting on in reply to what he wrote. You should go back to page 1 and start from the beginning. You'll see it back there somewhere.

    You love him? Good for you. He gives me the creeps.
    He's writes really COLD-hearted stuff. Not my kind of people.


  • plmkrzy
    Why are the leaders above the same brand of justice they enforce upon their followers?

    Beacuse, they don't even have to answer to Jesus Christ.

    Nothing but a bunch of sourpuss soreheads at this forum, expecting SUPERMAN to fly out of the sky and fix all your problems. Give us a break
    So this has resorted to an us vs. them thang?

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    oh really

  • teejay
    ... so it is to you Farkel, whom I have come to respect greatly that I present my good-byes.

    I wish you all my very best in your prospective journeys, thank Simon for being such a gracious host and offer a sincere good luck to Bill.

    Pardon my intrusion, but I would like to say the same to you, HS. Good luck. I have appreciated (very much) your contributions to this board. You are class all the way and way more often than not, I agreed with you.


  • teejay
    *shrugs shoulders*

    Still fighting? Who cares?

    My new point is that people are taking a critisism of this letter personally, and
    not for what it is...a simple opinion. Have a beer, people. It's Saturday. -- ash

    Funny. I felt that way YESTERDAY about this discussion, so... know what? I had a beer yesterday!

    Having one now, too, and watching the game!

  • plmkrzy

    I've read comments by Danny Bear almost since he first began posting here and I've never read anything that even remotely resembles "Cold Hearted". Intact quite the opposite.

    And, comments about "Bringing down the WT" have been made on numerous occasions many many times when the focus should always be on "Helping Lambs" JMO

    If honest criticism cannot be dealt with in an objective manor on a discussion board then any chance of surviving it in the real in you face world would be rather hopeless.

    Those who can't handle it need to work on learning how to be a bit more objective and working on self-control while at it wouldn't hurt either. edited for bloopers

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  • abbagail

    Yes, this GB letter definitely evolved into an "us v. them thang."
    (That's funny, btw, THANG. LOL!)

    There are the negative criticisers of Bill's decisions and Silentlambs victims.

    There are the supporters and encouragers for Bill and Silentlambs victims.

    Go back and from from Page 1. It's easy to see it. Plain as day.

    I really am not concerned with whatever Dbear has written from the beginning of time. I am referring to what he wrote in This Thread Only. And in This Thread, in MY opinion, he is one cold hearted creeeeepy guy. Chills and Goosebumps! Which is why, thank goodness, some of us have FEELINGS & EMOTIONS for Pat and for Bill's FEELINGS because these hard-headed cold-hearted guys are not showy ANY fellow-feeling for these peoples FEELINGS. (Dbear wrote he does not like Emotions. HS wrote he does not care about personalities and he wants the entire SIlentlambs movement DEpersonalized. Now how can you DEpersonalize a cause that is made up of PEOPLE and what happened to them?). And that is the point. Some of us are more concerned with the SL lambs survivors and the founder's FEELINGS, not whether whatever methods they choose are APPROVED in the eyes of hard-arses like Dbear and some of the others who aren't doing squat for the cause, but tearing down with negative criticism. If Dbear is on the phone right now w/Bill offering/volunteering to make himself Useful rather than setting himself up as Judge of the SL movement AND the victims like Pat, then I'm sure I could muster up a change of heart. How does that saying go? Something about: If you're not part of the solution, you're still part of the problem-??


  • ChristianObserver

    Hello :o)

    May I offer a couple of thoughts on Bill's letter, as an *observer*?

    "it has been requested that I notify you of the following."

    This is 3rd person reporting - Bill has been requested by another/others.

    "The committee wishes to invite"

    So Silentlambs has a committee... ?

    If so, there may be those on the Committee who are elders/Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing/victims of abuse.

    I suspect that this letter was written as a result of the WTBTS's press release handed out to the media on the day of the march. Re-reading that press release opening:

    "We respect a person's right to free expression. In fact, as Jehovah's Witnesses, we live by that principle every day of our lives."

    The press release then sets out the WTBTS procedure which it states that it follows:

    "If an accusation of child molestation is made against a member of a congregation, the elders immediately work to assure the safety of the victim and of other children. Also, they make every effort to comply with the law. This includes complying with laws that mandate reporting the incident to the proper authorities. This is done even when a child is the only one to report the wrong conduct or when the elders received the allegation of molestation in confidence."

    To my mind, the Committee is calling in the WTBTS's cards on this one - i.e. prove that you follow the procedure which you have just handed to the press.

    The Silentlambs' letter continues:

    " The committee wishes to invite any elder currently serving who would like to assist on this judicial hearing to contact William H. Bowen to confirm your attendance."

    And this appears to be a request to any current serving elder to make a stand.

    Just my two penn'orth!

  • plmkrzy
    If you're not part of the solution, you're still part of the problem-??

    Try to look at it this way. And it is relevant.

    Would you want a surgeon operating on your child if that surgeon is extremely emotional at the time or would you want a surgeon who is calm and collected and thinking clearly with his experience as a surgeon and not thinking with his emotions? Or better yet, would you operate on your own child?

    Which do you think would be in the best interests of your child?

    I am and have been looking at this issue from the standpoint of a mother whose children were victims and I know what my chioce is.

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  • back2dafront

    This is one hellacious thread.

    My viewpoints have been stated numerous times throughout this post already. I'm not sure what Bill's vision is, but I know that this letter will not have an effect on the GB. If this battle is going to be won, it's going to have to take place in the courtroom.

    I just don't think the media or any current JW's care enough to pursue a debate/trial over BB's wrongful DF'ng. If there are any allegations against the GB re: sex abuse, they need to be brought before a court of law and taken from there. Who knows - the names of several "heavies" could be on the list of 23,000 we've all heard about. That would definitely explain the borgs endeavors to keep it under wraps.

    That's where the battle needs to take place.

    I pray for all children who have suffered, and I also pray that nobody is using the child molestation charge as a way to get at the Borg, for as much as I disagree with a lot of their practices and beliefs, it's not right to falsely accuse someone of something as serious as this. Even if they deserve it.

    May justice prevail. Many lives have been ruined, families torn apart - how long will this continue until the general public really understands what's going on in the lives of the people who knock on their doors every Saturday morning??



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