What you have to decide is what kind of person you are? Are you the type who believes in miracles in everyday life and look for SIGNS of why things happen,or are you the kind who believes, things just happen by chance and we are truly on our own? Not that their is some God in heaven looking out for you, but perhaps some hope that life is not just what we see with our eyes. Not that the universe revolves around you, but do you at least pay close enough attention to what is around you to catch on to what life is really telling you. If not, then maybe that is the difference between a person who wakes each morning to find hope, and another who wakes each morning and finds frustration that this day is nothing more then one more moment proceeding your death. Look for SIGNS, whether they be small like thinking of a friend before they call or something major, like feeling a child before they are ever conceived. SIGNS are all around us. It is only up to you to read them, or ignore them. You decide!! My thought Dragon