We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • nita6368

    Child molesting is such a horrible thing, I guess sometimes its hard to remember we are all on the same side. We are much stronger together than apart. There isn't a one of us who wouldn't like to make the WTS pay for all the wrongs we have suffered.This time is for the lambs

  • Hyghlandyr

    nanoprobe you misunderstood me....

    I was contrasting my view with Mikes. When I say militantly vocal I mean speaking up often about the topic at hand and exposing those who do it. For instance showing people the court convictions, records and confessions of convicted molesters. I do not mean being militant to mean to cause harm to them. Frankly if they stay away from children and never go near them again then I would be happy. But most dont do it.

    Pardon for the misunderstanding. (Being militantly vocal would also be going to the police with the accusation..stuff like that) Hope that explains better nanoprobe. I am not militant in the fasion mike is talking about (teargas...grr) etc..

  • MegaDude

    Appearing Soon on this board:

    Mike Pence Solicitation of Funds for Bethel Riot March! He may go. He may not go. But he'll solicit you none the less!

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  • mikepence

    Again, what I have said is being mischaracterized. So be it.

    It seems to me that some of you have left the religion, but not the narrow and conservative thinking that made you an easy victim of it. I can see that, because I have been there.

    I wish you all peace on your journey.

    Englishman: while you are deleting my use of the word**** from an earlier post, you can delete my account as well. I don't wish to be censored any further, by anyone.

    Mike Pence

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  • Nanoprobe

    Thanks Hyghlandyr
    Your posts have been outstanding. This thread has caused a serious problem for me and probably for many lurkers.....I am afraid to go march with a bunch of unstable people. I do know personally what happens when you are arrested and even if the Grand Jury says it was a mistake, it is an expensive mistake. You can take the cheap route out and plea bargain but that leaves you with a criminal record or you can fight it with an expensive lawyer. Bill Bowen has EVERY right to expect certain behavior and MOST of the rest of us are counting on it.

  • LuckyLucy

    Come on Mike.What is this REALLY about?

    Do you now let your children run wild just because they were abused?So that they can have the CONTROLL they lost.

    Do you really want to subject your children to teargas and riots?

    This is a bunch of CRAP.

    How much money did you REALLY scam off of people....for all we know it was THOUSANDS!!

    I don't believe a word you say anymore..glad I went with my gut feeling and did'nt send you a fricking penny!!!

    If anyone needs airfare to get to the March let me know...My gut is always right.I will pay for your trip!!


    "Maybe even a little tear gas..so what?"..This march is supposed to be for victims of abuse..It`s not supposed to turn into a prison riot..No wonder Bill requested a little decorum...OUTLAW

  • writerpen


    Since you think this march is therapy for your family, then I'm assuming you will feel the same need to express yourself in the Philadelphia courthouse in the same manner that you want to do during this march. After all, isn't pressing charges therapy? Therefore you can act as angry as you would like in front of the judge. He'll throw your ass out! Your behavior would only hinder your cause.

  • Jesika

    I don't know about Mike's donation thing, but I don't really care. My point is, Mike have you ever sat at a table and talked to Bill about what he is doing and why??? Probably not, Well I have and he is the most sincere person I have ever met that hasn't been through the abuse personally.

    As far as a "dress code" it was merely a suggestion. What Bill has done in the past yr to impact as many lives as he has is incredible. What have you done to better the lives of thousands??? With absolutely no other motive but justice and the change in policy is what drives Bill to do what he does. If you are not going to the march than I am glad, I wouldn't want someone with your attitude representing the vicims/survivors that couldn't be there.

    Jesika---a sexual abuse survivor

    Can't you find something else to do than complain about someone who is doing something about a problem?

  • Simon

    I would rather you addressed my simple questions before you go anywhere mike.

    You have received over $1,000 in donation from kind hearted people who thought it was to go on a march which you now don't want to go on. You have previously requested donations for another project that I can't remember hearing anything else about.

    Please tell me I'm wrong! I want to be wrong!

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