We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • TresHappy

    My goodness, in the JW's I had more issues than a stack of magazines. However, I plan on showing my own protest. There's a KH near my house and I am going to put a stuffed lamb inside the doorway to show my support for all silentlambs. And Mike Pence, why did you solicit for money and then turn a quick about face. Sounds like a whim on your part. There has to be some civility at the march, and Bill has a right to put his wishes in if he chooses.

    I need some money too. I am not a moocher, but a very charming sponge.

  • Simon


    If someone was soliciting donations and was asked to answer a few simple questions about it then I would expect them to be able to provide a few simple answers.

    What am I supposed to deduce from your unwillingness to answer any questions and now threats?

    ** removed snippet from email for the sake of peace **

    Thanks for the email.

    "Worldly people"? Strange expression for an ex-JW I must say!

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  • StinkyPantz

    Once again, you are "impugning" your own character. . . .

    Simon merely stated what everyone else was thinking and several others have said the same things.

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  • Nanoprobe

    Again thanks, Hyghlandyr, & Simon and all the other sensible people

    It might be a good idea to reiterate your paragraph again Hyghlandyr on a separate thread. We need to keep the calm peaceful march foremost in people's minds

    Simon like I said: I think Watchtower just out smarted us.

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  • mikepence


    Take the contents of my private email off of your public internet forum, or I shall be contacting your ISP. I do not give you permission to post it here. How dare you.

    I have answered your questions, both in this thread and in private email.


  • WhyNow2000

    Leave it to this board to find faults at anything, everything with nothing.....I see the insults approaching.

  • StinkyPantz

    Mikepence, just stop posting!

  • Simon

    Well, you haven't answered the questions or even tried but you have still told me what I wanted to know.

  • Simon

    BTW: I have removed the email so you have no reason for any complaint .

    However, I did not have to do this - you did not include any disclaimer, legal notification or indication that it was confidential. For your future reference you should use this if you want to threaten someone like this.


    Edited by - Simon on 20 August 2002 17:58:34

  • LuckyLucy

    Your silence is deafing....MIKE!!

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