We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • mikepence

    My family will not be attending the march. I respect Bill and what he has accomplished, but I believe that attempts to control the march and the marchers, are misplaced -- even damaging for victims of abuse -- who have been controlled enough!

    The last thing victims of abuse need is to be told to keep up appearances. Like Jesus cleaning out the temple, or Bill Bowen interrupting a peaceful religious gathering, there are times when being predictable just won't do.

    Thanks for listening,
    Mike Pence

  • Pathofthorns

    The one post I recall where Bill briefly touched upon the matter of appropriate attire seemed to leave that entirely in the hands of those attending.

    I really doubt Bill will turn down anyone to march beside him due to how they are dressed. I would not take the suggestion to dress in a dignified manner or to carry yourself in a dignified manner during the march as a bad thing if he has in fact suggested something along those lines.

    The march has much to do about "appearances". I think the media will be concerned with the message this crowd is presenting, the number of persons in the march, and how they carry and present themselves.

    If on the other hand Bill is enforcing some sort of dress code, then sure there is something to be upset about. But like I said, this seems highly unlikely and therefore your post is most likely an over-reaction imo.


  • Mum

    I think Bill is still somewhat in "elder mode." It's hard to drop the JW mindset right away. It was hard for me even though I was not indoctrinated from birth as Bill apparently was. Most of us here have reached the point where we know what to wear, how to behave appropriately, and how to feel without anyone telling us.

    We are entitled to our feelings and points of view, but we are not entitled to certain behaviors in public; but we are all (or most of us anyway) competent to know this.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    I'm uncertain why some people think that Bill is trying to take control rather than remind any in attendance of what their purpose is for. I've not attended many such things myself, but what little I've been exposed to it's important remembering how mob hysteria can take place; thus in my opinion distract from what the original intent is about.

    Lets say for sake of discussion that Bill has some deep seated need for "control" over the masses...aren't most folks capable of making decisions based upon what's going on and decide whether or not they would continue supporting any endeavor...

    My opinion only, this whole Silentlamb issue is more important then some taking offense at suggestions and making statements based upon something that has not even taken place yet. Personally I'd love to attend. I'm gonna do my part from afar with confidence that those in attendance appreciate the seriousness of the march.

    As for the anger aspect; I'd say that anger is the motivating factor. Anger can be turned into a positive, and certainly has been a great motivator for many necessary reforms throughout history. Guess it depends upon how any given individual choices to express such.

    My ramblings.


  • Hyghlandyr

    The only thing Bill really asked is that we not make this a bash the watchtower session. Yes there are other issues that people have. So then have a march about those issues. We can organize it together next spring. In this case silent lambs has one purpose, the protection and defense of children. Ive met bill personally. He is far from an elder. Trust me on this. His thinking is about protecting children not the watchtower bible tract society, himself, you, or me. Hell he associated with me people! That ought to tell you something. If he cared about his own reputation he would have said bugger off hyghlandyr. But I was there to support children, and that is what he is there for. And that has been his destiny. It is why god brought him into the organization and kept him there so long. So that those of us outhere could have a voice.

    Since he has basically asked that we keep this a silent lambs issue (not his organization but the children it represents) why should we balk? Stop worrying about ourselves and lets do this thing for whom it was meant to be done THE KIDS WHO NEED A VOICE AND A PROTECTOR...

    Bring the watchtower down on your own time please.

    ---Hyghlandyr, a jerk (and if a jerk like me can see this then the rest of yall should also)

  • Larry

    Mike - ??? - Why the sudden turn around? Bill just wants to maximize the effort - seize the moment. He's name is associated with this march, so he wants a successful march so he can further his efforts. I'm sure it's not as rigid as it may sound. I think the victims are more important than a man or his rules, or as I mentioned in one of my earlier post - "the protest is larger that the individual leader. Regardless of the many disagreements we may have with the so call leaders of our community, we have to look at the issue at hand. The issue(s) far exceeds the personal dissatisfaction with the person." It's about the victims.

    I was thinking about wearing my Malcolm X T-shirt, but thought about the overall effectiveness of this march and decided against it :) I can't wait to sport the silentlambs T-shirt.

    You said your family will not be attending, will that include you also?

    Are you going to give the money back?

    Respectfully submitted - LL

  • scumrat

    I'm sorry to hear that your family will not be attending, Will you be return the donated money so that others can attend?

  • Trauma_Hound

    Mike Bill never said you had to wear any certain type of clothing, it was a suggestion, I wouldn't myself if I could, no matter what anyone said, besides the fact I don't own a JW type suit. Wear what you want, and go, you begged for money to get you there, and now your turning around, are you for real or a thief?

  • Hyghlandyr

    For those that wish to know here is what Bill wrote:

    This march is not about anger, it is not about other issues you may be upset about, it is about protecting children and supporting abuse survivors. I prefer that all banners and posters support this theme. We are united for one cause. Some have stated they wish to express other agendas at the march, I feel this is not appropriate. What if you were an active witness whose child had been molested, would it be fair to them to express views that may be offensive? To reach out to all and keep the focus we have to be neutral on doctrinal issues. Silentlambs is about support of ALL, not any certain side of doctrinal issues.

    So in regards to issues, this march is about one issue, protecting children and supporting abuse survivors. Silent Lambs is non-political, non-doctrinal. What we believe is up to us. What we do is up to us. This march has one purpose.

    In regards to dress he said this:

    Dress however you wish, wear comfortable walking shoes, casual clothing will be fine. Be sure to bring rain protection just in case, cheap ponchos are about $1 at Walmart. Be aware it could be cooler in New York this time of the year. We will ave t-shirts available when you get there.

    So as you can see the post of mike is not about dress codes.

    I understand a lot of you have issues with the watchtower. I have some of those same issues. I dont pretend to relate to all of your feelings though I empathize. Those who have read my story know what occured and the abuse myself and my sisters went through. I cannot help that I have not gone through as much pain as either my sisters, or many of you have gone through. I have not experiences disfellowshipping (though I am bucking for it if I can) or other similar things at the hands of the Witnesses. Frankly, despite their failings and except for their criminal activity, I had a splendid time as a witness. Nevertheless I support those who didnt. In this case it isnt about that though. One goal. Stop child abusers. It should not be difficult for one march to lay asside everything else and speak to the GB and the cameras about that one issue. As I said above we can organize our own march and methods apart from silent lambs at another time.

    And I understand the need and desire to DO SOMETHING....Ive been saying that for months. Why only complain why not stand up. Bill has given an example that can be followed for other issues, when it is their time. And we can make it their time. Time to speak out for disfellowshipped people. People who cant speak to their children, parents, brothers and sisters. Time to stand up in a kingdom hall when someone is dfed for something they didnt do and inform the congregation of this. Or even if they did do somethin and inform them how petty their 'violation' was. Time to go door to door or time to print fliers. Time to march and time to speak in community centers, or cult awareness meetings. Time to sit and comfort each other. But this one march it should not kill us to be in support not of Bill Bowen, but of child abuse victims and survivors. We are only acting in the capacity of Child Abuse Advocates and that is all.....

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  • Shutterbug

    Mike, may I respectfully suggest you listen to Larry and Hyghlandyr this one time ? If this march starts to resemble a rabble, then the message Bill is trying to convey could be lost in the process. Bill's goals are too important to be lost simply because someone does not wish to follow some simple instructions.

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