We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • scumrat

    This is one reason why I don't contribute money to those who ask.

  • Nanoprobe

    GAWD...I think Watchtower just out maneuvered us! I didn't think they were that smart .....guess I was wrong.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Jesika actually bill didnt give us a dress code. he said wear what we want. His only request was for it to be a silent lambs march, not a christian, jws are false christians march, not a JWs made false prophecies march, not a look the JWs are in the UN march etc. Only Silent lambs banners please. I dont find that so offensive really. And I agree with you he is a nice man. But MIke pence knows this well.

    Nanoprobe thanks And I agree with you and am glad for your posts. EVEN a THREAT of violence is terrorism. And frankly well it should be. I live in cincinnati and have seen people threatened and intimidated over BS before. We dont need to do that to the JWs. Most of them are nice folks, misled like us. Or at least MANY of them are. We certainly were. If we were cool some of them still are cool. And even if it werent against the law I agree with you that physical violence or threats of physical violence are bad. When we threaten we should threaten things like LEGAL ACTION, LAWSUITS, PRESS EXPOSURE etc.....and thats what I mean when I say we should be militant. I use the word symbolically, as I say Bill Bowen is a deity as is Sheila. Both god/goddess protector/protectress of children in my religion. Warrior/Queen...you get the idea.

    Outlaw you said it. The fact that he is even pissed off about it shows that there HAVE to be some rules. Like I said before ..What the frag ever!

  • Cassiline


    Some information for you. DA of Montgomery stated and I quote.

    "It would be useless for you to hop on a plane fly here and file criminal charges. Because I would not have a case file. And I cannot create one at a moments notice."

    Suggestions made by him;

    Have you contacted social services and the police in AZ as of yet to have them open a case file? Once the case file has been opened and your children interview, a very long and drawn out process. This involving case workers, social workers, police there in AZ, doctors exams (yes, it's well after the fact but there are medical procedures today that show signs of abuse from the past) statements as to approximate time and dates would also be needed.

    He also stated that they do work in conjunction with AZ authorities and yourself by fax and or phone once the above has transpired. The above information is then shared with the DA in Montgomery PA.

    If it is deemed you have a case from the above mentioned suggestions then you could go to PA with the evidence alone or with your children to file charges but this is not a prerequisite to filing a case against an alleged abuser.

    I am not asking you to answer these questions just some information provided by the DA from Montgomery.

    I myself have been there it's hard, emotionally draining on yourself and family. Closure is not something that happens when charges are filed. The judicial process can take months, years. I know this from experiences with my own children.

    Their abuser is behind bars. First parole date 2048. But with new parole guidelines he will never be paroled.

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  • Hmmm

    Ros, You're still a real sweetheart

    Stinky, Don't mention it. I was editing my post because this is a hot-button topic right now and I didnt want to inflame anyone with inapropriate sarcasm.

    Nita, I understand that you were saying that Bill and Sheila don't have super powers, but they are certainly super heroes in my book.

    I think the fact that neither Bill nor his children were victims of abuse makes his crusade all the more astounding. Who else has known about the rampant problem in the organization, but kept quiet because they didn't want to lose their position? The man has given up so much on behalf of so many people he doesn't even know!

    That reminds me: I finally got my paypal account straightened out. I've got some donations to make.


  • Nanoprobe

    Okay folks, now how do we handle the fallout from this thread? Posters and Lurkers AFRAID TO MARCH because it will turn into a riot. This is seriously bad

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  • mikepence

    MegaDude: That was a cheap shot.

    LuckLucy: Had you even bothered to follow the link for the site that was collecting the donations, you would see that the amount was tracked, refunds are available for 30 days, and no "scam" was involved.

    If you continue to accuse me of the crime of robbery I will seek legal redress against you and Simon, who seems concerned about 4 letter words, but not libel.

    writerpen: A good writer avoids self-serving false analogies.

    Jesika: I have spent many hours on the phone with Bill. I know him well enough, and I have not attacked him or his motives, here.

    Simon: I have addressed your concerns in private email, where they belong.

    Cassiline: We have filed a police report. We are in communication with the Montgomery Country DA's office. We are working with them. I will not comment on our legal case any further, and I am not sure what you are trying to imply.

    Amazing that a group of adults still can't deal with disagreements without resorting to such behavior.

  • Simon
    Okay folks, now how do we handle the fallout from this thread? Posters and Lurkers AFRAID TO MARCH because it will turn into a riot. This is seriously bad

    I don't think there will be a problem and I don't see any reason for people not to attend (no promises but we're going to try and make it)

    The police will be there and will be able to deal quickly with anyone who tries to disrupt things. I doubt anyone who does not support silentlambs would make the effort to go anyway.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Cassiline SMOOOOOOOChes... Tell your hubby that day in chat I was tellin him he better be nice to ya I was jokin (though not sayin he shouldnt be nice..I really wasnt inferin he wasnt nice..just my Hyghlandyr/Yahoo dark comedy..but I am sure you told him that when he said..what is up with that hygh dude...haha)

    All you lurkers out there listen up

    The march is going to be very peaceful. There will be too many of us there that support Silent Lambs (not the organization but the actual silent lambs that it represents) to allow others to make it get out of hand. We are not going to be acting violently. We are going to walk, as Bill said, in a calm manner up to Bethel. Bill has the needed permits. He has t-shirts for any that wish to wear them. Anyone else can dress how they choose. We will be calm and restrained. We will express our sorrows to the media. We will expose the watchtower society's policies. If (yeah right) the Governing Body actually talks to us or sends representatives we will speak calmly to them. We will inform them that we are not indicting all of Jehovahs Witnesses. That there are true Jehovahs Witnesses and they do in fact abhor Child Abuse. But that they have infiltrators among their midsts and it is impossible to tell them from the real JWs. At least that is what I will say, and did say to the elders at Bowen's Appeal.

    So join us for a calm march to garner media attention for abuse victims and survivors. The more of us calm ones that are there, the more we can protest in a civilized manner.

    Hugs to all.

    nanoprobe you helped highlight this, any other things you want to add. (Mike Pence does not speak for the rest of us...)

  • Cassiline
    Cassiline: We have filed a police report. We are in communication with the Montgomery Country DA's office. We are working with them. I will not comment on our legal case any further, and I am not sure what you are trying to imply.

    I did not imply anything I stated the facts.

    And if you reread my post it says, " I am not asking you to answer any of these questions."

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