We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • Simon

    I did not see Bill saying that everyone had to dress the same way. I think it's important that there is some control though as without that it just becomes a rabble and does not achieve it's objective which is to raise attention for the victims and put pressure on the WTS. This is an official demonstration / march and Bill has organised it. Of course people can't just turn up and put whatever they like on banners - that's rediculous and just undermines the whole thing.

    As for you not going on the march but going to Philedelphia to press charges ... perhaps I have just been conned too many times and am overly suspicious (so please don't take offence) but is this really necessary? Can this not be done locally or by phone or fax?

  • mikepence

    This is my final word on this topic. I feel that I have been abundantly clear.

    *I* don't have another agenda to promote. I am not particularly interested in getting arrested. Though, if you think about it, that would certainly gain attention for the issue. But, that is another topic.

    My children, victims of child sex abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses, do not want to participate in a march where they are told how to act when they confront their abuser, the Watchtower society.

    No one should be telling anyone else how to act in such a situation. Go read a ******** book on psychology, for chrissakes. Better yet, call and talk to my wife and kids at 602-318-5442 and ask them to explain it to you. Please!

    Unlike Bill Bowen, whom I love and respect, I have victims of child sex abuse at home. I have a wife who was a battered lamb for 20 years. I know the needs of victims of abuse.

    Is this a press event, or is this really "for the children?"

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  • insanity_is_nice_part2

    i have to agree with hyghlander and the others on this one. A march full of unrestraned anger and uncontrolled emotions will totally mess everything up. It will show that we are nothin but some ppl who dont have anythign better to do and have no control. this march may be about angerm idnitation and otehr things that survivors feel and about protecting the children, but it WILL NOT help our cuase any if we get all out of hand and go bizerk in NYC. We dont want to starta riot, or a mob action thing... we want to make out point. The WTBS willbe makin enough of their own stupid actions on that day as it it, we dont need to be stupid too. WE can prove our point peacfully , WITHOUT out of control feelings. SO if your whole idea of a march is to get disorderly then its a good thing youre not going. If you can go without getttin stupid and out of hand...thats the best idea ever. its not about control, its about making a point and making sure were heard and not dismissed as lunatix.

    anyway, thats all.

    CRYSTLE ~the insane psychoticangel kitty~

  • mikepence


    Pennsylvania statute requires us to be present to make these charges and to be interviewed by detectives, etc. If I could do it from Arizona, I would.


  • StinkyPantz


    If you have so many problems with Bill's march why don't you have one of your own with no rules? Geez! The guy is trying his hardest when no one else would. He cannot make everyone happy. Even if people went according to your wishes, it would make some people unhappy. It's so easy to knock someone else's efforts.. . .

    Bill refuses to state that people can put whatever they want on their signs. He holds to the illusion that he can control this, and I think that trying to control this is harmful to the victims.

    What do you think would happen if people put whatever they want? Ex: "F*** the Watchtower"? Well it would alienate any JW's watching and I'm sure the public wouldn't take you very seriously either. Also, you cannot stand for every abuse victim. I was abused as a child and Bill's efforts do not seem as if they'd be harmful to me, so have you considered that maybe you're wrong? He has spoken to 1000's of people and has given very little criteria, you can only speak for yourself and your family.

    BTW, I am a psychology major so if you want to argue Psy. 101(and beyond) and how it proves that you are wrong, let's do it.

  • SYN

    Hmmm....this is quite the chestnut.

    From what I read in Bill Bowen's post, he wasn't asking for everyone to wear a suit, he was merely asking people to present a unified front, so as to get the message across better perhaps.

    Your feelings are your feelings, however, but I think that Bill has lost a group of sterling protestors personally over a very little thing.

    Forgive the man for trying to impose a little bit of order on a march that could well include a large number of people. What I read sounded entirely reasonable, and I am very much a person who sniffs at authority of any sort, and even more so at petty rules.

    Are you planning to throw Molotov cocktails through the windows of Bethel in your anger?

    Why not rise above the barbaric doctrine of the Society and show them who you truly are, a human with a sense of integrity and who has a serious bone to pick with the Society?

    Which do you think will be more effective, hundreds of posters reading "http://www.SILENTLAMBS.COM" or hundreds of posters with various doctrinal issues written on them, which mean basically nothing to 99% of the world?

    We're all wishing you luck when you go into prosecution! Kick their arses into action for the sake of the kids!

  • Simon

    There is a number for reporting child abuse in and out of state (Pennsylvania) that you may want to try to save yourself a trip



  • outoftheorg

    Hey Mikepence.

    Just what we need at this time. Internecine squabbling over how to do a protest someone else has organized.

    If you feel this strongly about things I suggest you not go. Also return all the money you accepted to go on this march or turn it over to SILENTLAMBS.

    I can understand your feelings on this subject but not your lack of logical thinking.


  • StinkyPantz
    This is my final word on this topic.

    I love when people start a thread and then stop responding to others when they disagree.

  • expatbrit

    Hello Mike:

    I wonder if a compromise is not possible here. Perhaps you could march to represent your family? A while ago you mentioned that you were going to stand upon the steps of bethel and hold up a Watchtower magazine with a picture of the molester of your family. This would be a tremendously powerful image to the media. It would be a shame to let such an oppotunity pass to make this kind of statement.

    You asked whether the march was going to be a press event or for the children. I would say that the purpose of all such marches is to be a press event. They are designed to attract press coverage, thereby putting public pressure on the organisation being marched against to change. Perhaps such marches are not intended, nor should they serve as, therapy? I claim no knowledge in this field, but it occurs to me that surely there are better forms of therapy for abuse victims.

    In any case, the choice is yours. But I hope that you reconsider this question again, perhaps in a few days.



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