We shall NOT watch how we walk

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  • mikepence


    I endorse the idea of a compromise. Let there be two processions. One that wants to be controlled, and one that wants to openly express their emotions in whatever way they, as victims of abuse, feel that they need to.

    But, there has been no expression of support of such a concept from silentlambs. It has all been, 'it is our show, our rules.' As long as that is the case, there can be no compromise.

    If it were me, I would say: Why not open up the march to anyone who wants to protest the policies of Jehovah's Witnesses? Why the restrictions? If thousands of people showed up, and there was live music, chanting crowds -- maybe even a little tear gas -- so what? The media would say, "Wow, there is a lot of emotion here. We need to find out why..."

    A couple of dozen people walking calmly down the street to protest against the Watchtower, as one friend put it, has a name at Bethel. They call it 'Tuesday.' It is no big deal.

    Let's make it a big deal. Why not?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    There is a number for reporting child abuse in and out of state (Pennsylvania) that you may want to try to save yourself a trip .. 717-783-8744


    What you referenced means zip, zero and nada to what MIke is trying to do. He is taking it a step beyond the reporting and pressing criminal charges, that is something that has to be done in person.

  • StinkyPantz


    You said:

    Bill DEMANDED that no other doctrinal issues be brought up at the march. I was all ready for the round-table discussion on the topic of beards. You mean he wants me to stick to the issue at hand?

    A roundtable discussion with who? As if the WTBTS would do this. Isn't Silentlambs a source of support for JW sexual abuse victims? It's not an anti blood reform group, etc, so why would you expect anything else?

    For those of you that aren't going for this reason, organize another march that addresses all of the things that you think should be addressed. Bill's march is simply a first step, not the only step.

  • mikepence


    I would think that such concerns would be more appropriately expressed in private email, unless your intent is to raise doubts about my character.


  • MegaDude


    you raised doubts about your character by your silly post.

  • Hmmm


    I was being sarcastic. I was in the process of editing my post out when you replied. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  • Simon

    My intent is just to lookout for people - we have had people before who have asked for donations and then turned out to be bogus. The request for money was made publicly, why can't the answer be made publicly?

    NOTE: I am not saying that you are bogus or a 'crook', I am just asking for some explanation which I do not think is unreasonable.

    It seems that all of a sudden you are not only unable or unwilling to go on the march but now want it to turn into some sort of riot. Surely you must see that this would only do harm to silentlambs? If this is what you want to happen then of course you are free to organise such an event yourself.

  • StinkyPantz


    I thought you might be joking! Sorry, I've gotten a little worked up over this subject.

  • rosalyn


    I knew you were just trying to take the edge off of the situation.....Very well written. I had finally written my comments which took me forever ,posted it and there you are ahead of by two minutes. I was almost in tears while typing my bit ....and then I read your post....thanks for the humour at a very tense time.


    Stinky pantz I know hmmmm meant no disrespect whatsoever


  • rosalyn

    Stinky Pantz

    This whole topic is very difficult for so many of us I agree. I don't travel into this subject very often. Just too sensitive when you think of the little ones.


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