PEER PRESSURE!!! I gave in to Pioneering during August...I feel dirty...

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  • stuckinarut2

    Hey Kate...thanks for your "chin up" message!

    Obliette and Vidiot...I nearly got caught out on sound the other day with this site open when a brother walked up to me and i didnt shut it in time....

    If he caught a look at the home screen, he would have seen the next time he walked up a few mins later, I made sure it was the JW.ORG page open...Good thing the blue colouring is kinda similar??

    Im sure he will be doing a headspin thinking "im sure that wasnt the same site..."

  • SyntaxError1974


    1) any active Jw will not know what this site is at first glance. or at least they shouldnt ;)

    2) on the way out there chance someone caught you on it, easy .... "I know! I was going to download my latest watchtower, and I accidentally typed Jw in search bar instead of address bar. That sneaky apostate site popes up! Holy crap, Im so glad I saw that demo at the convention, and I closed that site as soon as I noticed it was the wrong one. Whew isn't that satan a sneaky one?"

  • Jeannette

    Be sure and ask for a contribution for the poor, pitiful organization in New York. Let us know how much you collect for them because that's ALL this organization is about is standing at the door and collecting money. You'll learn.

  • OnTheWayOut

    SIAR: I will just fake 20something hours, and 100something leaflets on the report. If asked why I didn't get 30 hours, I'll just say I did my best.

    It's good to have a plan.

    Follow through on the shame of falling (slightly) short and ask to be removed as an MS.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Promise me you won't knock on my door !

  • sparrowdown

    0oooh this all sounds like so much fun you have inspired me to go back and pioneer for august.

  • Stirred

    SIR2 - Why put yourself in a position to lie? Just back out so you can have a Clearer conscience. However, if you are comfortable strategizing how to sabotage their oranizational arrangments for conducting this campaign, and putting yourslef in a position to be dishonest.....strategically, it is no one's business but yours and is between you and Jehovah.

    As a still-in JW who is doubting and having issues with the hypocrits I see at the hall, and among the appointed ones, your stand reminds me of what has led me, in part, to where I am now.....seeing and or hearing about hypocrisy among the appointed - MS, Elders, Etc.

    I'm having troubel with all of this myself, but for my own conscience, I cannot put myself in a position to lie. I never liked titles, so never subscribed to pursuing AP or P even if I had the hours. Now, I cannot bring myself to do any FS as I cannot make sense of where I am right now with answering certain questions if asked. I am still firm on faith in God and Jesus, but I'm seeing too much hypocrisy, legalism, ignoring of atrition rate/elderly/sick (unless they are e/e-w/ms/ms-w).

    My fade strategy is not working too well. I am feel I'm being pushed to just not attend so I can avoid all the questions. I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut but I'm working on it. I am where I am and I fully embrace it for better or worse. I just don't want to be DA or DF but I will not be coerced to do FS if I am not comfortable. PERIOD.

    Vindictive thoughts can be amusing sometimes, but really is doing something vindictive the morally correct thing to do? Even if you are mad, no longer believe, or confused, why add to potential internal conscience issues? Why not be true to yourself without compromising your integrity?

    To clarify, it is not the placing of JW Facts with people that I oppose, it is taking territory you know you will not use or use in a way differently than you made clear your intention was. That is not being true. Why not just back out. If you want to spread JWFacts, you can do it anytime you want, with your own territory. Let them do what they want with their literature and just choose not to have a part. That is what I am doing.

    Live and let live.

  • sparrowdown

    Well said stirred.

    Mmm.... "integrity" now that's a flexible concept for JWs.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Pioneering out of Peer Pressure.....there are worse things you could do.

  • stuckinarut2

    good, valid observations stirred.

    It is true that I am in effect being as dishonest with myself and the org, as they have been with all of us...

    Im just buying time at the moment...

    I do appreciate your feedback though.

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