PEER PRESSURE!!! I gave in to Pioneering during August...I feel dirty...

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  • losingit

    What OneEyedJoe suggested was GREAT. I'd go that route. (I actually did, subconsciously... I signed up to auxiliary pioneer after the first campaign. Did not meet the mark for the month. Went out in service once after that. But I wasn't trying to fade-- I was fed up with the BS of 'service'!)

    Follow OneEyedJoe' s plan!

  • Daniel1555

    Hey stuckinarut

    I know how you feel. The peer pressure can be hard. It needs a lot of strength to stand out or do something different than what the most others do.

    Just know. You don't have to pioneer. If you don't what would the others think? Well maybe that you are spiritually weak. Or some might think for themselves: "Wow, he didn't give in to that pressure."

    I think Oneeyedjoes plan is great. Think about it.

    Even if you gave in. There will be many more opportunies for you to resist this peer pressure. It needs a lot of strength and courage. I know you can do it.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Splash

    Ah, just found the reference to placing literature online.

    *** km 12/12 p. 5 Our Official Web Siteā€”Use It in Your Ministry ***
    Send an Article or a Publication to Someone You Know:

    Attach a downloaded PDF or an EPUB to an e-mail. Or download an audio version of a publication onto a CD. Each time you give someone who is not baptized a complete electronic book, brochure, or magazine, you may count it as a placement. Material should not be sent anonymously or in bulk. Neither should it be uploaded to any other Internet Web site.


  • punkofnice

    SpLaSh - Neither should it be uploaded to any other Internet Web site.

    Now there's a bloomin' red flag if ever I saw one!

    It's all a numbers game. Hours, placements and wads of cash for the GB.

  • Absalom

    Am I the only one who thinks this campaign is a slap in the face to the R&F? They want us to put in historical hours to get people to visit the website to answer all their bible questions. I thought that is why we were at their door, to answer their questions. No, they want people to go to website and fill out a follow up form so they can send a pioneer or elder back!

    As for pressure, I don't think they could remove from a servant for not aux. pioneering, but even if they did, you don't seem to enjoy it anyway. You can still be a part of congo without being a servant. Why hang on if you dont enjoy it.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for all the comments and replies! .... Even the hard hitting ones. I appreciate the honesty.

    Just to be clear here...I'm not actually going to do the 30 hours, or push an excessive amount of tracts. The tracts I do place will indeed have jwfacts written inside.

    I will ask for my own territory map (to do time on my own you see...hahahahaha...I won't do any of it, but will hand it back at the end of the month and say "it is all completed, and it was good to be able to go out inbetween work when there were no groups arranged" etc)

    I will always volunteer to work alone as the "odd one out", and when doing so, I won't knock on any fact I've been doing this for months!

    I purely put in the form to get the hounders off my back so they could boast about having 100% appointed in the pioneer ranks for the month.

    This also helped me to avoid being in the spotlight at this time for being the only "rebel".

    I only plan on being seen conspicuously at the main groups, the go off and do my own things.... I will just fake 20something hours, and 100something leaflets on the report. If asked why I didn't get 30 hours, I'll just say I did my best.

    Yes, you are all correct...I will indeed 'grow a pair' very soon when the time is right....remember that I am working hard on helping my wife see TTATT, and each day she is waking up fact this whole ordeal, (re being pushed into it,) has actually helped her eyes and mind to open yet more!

    I really really like one eyed joes suggestions! I will indeed use that suggestion as a great way to honourably fade out and step aside from this merry-go-round situation I am in...

    Will keep you all posted!

  • OneEyedJoe

    Definitely report back if you use the scriptures to show why you were stumbled by their actions. I may be taking a similar route at some point and would like to be as prepared as possible for the potential responses.

  • stuckinarut2

    Will do Joe!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Bobcat, the main reason I skipped the RC was really just poor health. I just can't sit through these 3 day marathons anymore.

  • Gentledawn

    Don't think that by simply handing someone a card, tract or any other slip of paper or cardboard is going to have the intended/desired effect.

    My daughter came home from work last night, laughing about a man who she was pretty sure belonged to a cult. He yawned on and on about weird get togethers. "Oh, but it's not a religion!", he told her. He handed her a card and asked her to check out the wbe address when she got off work.

    The man walked away from her and in the trash can his card went.

    She told me that all that kept running through her mind as he talked was the he was a "level five laser lotus". I'm like, "What?". It was an episode of cummunity: when Pierce's mom died, left him a CD recording, along with a lava lamp (that was supposed to be her), which she stated on the recarding was NOT her. "If you unscrew the top off that stupid thing, you'll see it was "made in China". Even with that clear proof that he and his mom had belonged to a cult (and were both "lvl 5 Laser Lotuses" within that group), he tossed the CD out the window.

    (Troy, the guy in the backseat, was raised as a Jehovah's Witness)

    So, yeah. Level Five Laser Lotus means a whole lot. Just like being "anointed" or a "governing body" member. Yup. Go put a parade on for yourself, or tell the whole world (all sorts of legitimate media outlets out there!), if that is really what you think/believe.

    I would LOVE one (or ALL) of these so-called "anointed" govbody men to go stand up in court and state that they are the equivalent of Christ on earth today. Go ahead. Make my day.

    Anyhoo, handing out dorky-ass tracts/"business cards" for clear-cut cults? Not necessarily gonna have the effect you expect. Besides, writing in "jwfacts" may swing back and bite you directly on the ass, too, if the person handed it to a fully-dolted zombie member, especially if it were a male in a "position of authority".

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