PEER PRESSURE!!! I gave in to Pioneering during August...I feel dirty...

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    Don't make your time, nobobdy really cares, they just care that they could announce 100% participation of the body, if they started announcing what percentage didn't actually get the pioneer time after the fact that would probably be a fairly high number .... actually they should start announcing that, then their aux pioneer ranks would increase because some of the ones that are honest with themselves may reason ... "oh, sister and brother super example didn't get their time, I guess I could try too!"

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    Service out of compulsion, hmmmm......reminds me of the Bible story of Jonah.

    i would say that if you or others are moved to go in service/pioneer and follow through with your word (see example of Jonah) even though you did so under compulsion, then ues, your service counts. i think you'd enjoy it more if you were a "cheerful giver" but I would not discount the good vibesfrom keeping your word or honestly reassessing upfront. Your word and actions reflects who you are. Focus on being the best, true you.

    If you do not go in service or report due to conscientiously objecting, as I think is my position right now, you can consider it time to refocus and clear the mind fog an all these matters. Jesus and apostles took time away from people to process, pray, find peace.

    Many issues are afflicting me right now but morals and ethics are not. They are the ever-shining bright rightness in the world for me - kindness, mercy, love, truth......

    This process is helping me find my voice to add to the courage I feel to say "no" and not have to explain myself to those who do not sincerely care or just want to judge and/or condemn me rather than help me.

    As for integrity, I don't see logic in slamming most/all witness due to some individuals having questionable integrity. I'd say all humans have issues......and leave it at that.

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    Stirred I think that you are letting them off a little too easy. Jehovahs witnesses do have integrity as discribed in definition #2 but not so much when weighed against definition #1. in·teg·ri·ty inˈtegritē/ noun

    1. 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. "he is known to be a man of integrity"
      synonyms: honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics,morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness,scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness More
    2. 2. the state of being whole and undivided. "upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty"
      synonyms: unity, unification, coherence, cohesion, togetherness, solidarity More

      and their lack of integrity as described in definition #1 causes great pain in the lives of many they come across. They do not honestly examine their organization or its policies and condone theocratic warfare to lure unsuspecting new recuits and to protect the status quo. if siar and others wish to decieve them and it eases their exit pains or saves others from being decieved then kudos to them.


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    LOL! I still believe it's the Truth and I'm an active publisher, but I still didn't go to the RC nor am I pioneering in August.

    No angst for me.

    Sorry for your poor health I hope your are doing better.

    Just a Question what exactly do you believe is the truth?

    That the governing body are gods only spokesman on earth?

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    I didn't read all the comments but this Wednesday more aux. pioneers were announced...& I think Me & another sister haven't turned in our slip. & I won't. I thought about it, then said, NAH....Actually my hours went up for the month of July, so I'm ok with that. I can do my personal best. I don't need a title, & I don't feel bad that I just may be the only one that's not aux. was difficult enough to get the hours I had this past month, why put more pressure on myself.

    No need to feel dirty or guilty, you have to sit down & figure who are you serving...Jah or man ? I'm maturing & no longer need approval from Man. I know what I can do & so does God. Now if I want to look good in man's eyes, that's another story, but you can never please man...ever...if you were to go out witnessing for 364 days of the year, don't you know only man would say, well you could have done 365...Not God. Most humans are pleased with themselves so they lay guilt on others. If one joins the witnesses to constantly have a pat on the back, then you're in the wrong place....One minute you are the bomb, the next minute they don't even know your name. It happened to me...before I was baptized, kudos all over the place, I could comment all day, I'm baptized, get to the back of the class...I'm ok with that because I'm comfy in my own skin...I just happened to notice it one day. Wow, I ain't the bomb anymore...& guess what? I'm still alive..& doing quite well. The hall is a nice place for people who are needy...but it doesn't last long....So don't feel dirty or what you can. If you make the 30 hrs so be it, if not, God won't come down & scoll you...

    Do your Pioneering (Aux) & be happy, no matter how many hours you do...It's about God, not about Man...It's not really Peer Pressure, it's Fear pressure..


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    a watcher

    Brainfloss, I believe that the Bible as understood by JW's is the Truth. I do believe that the GB are the group of men that Jehovah is using to gather His people.

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    a watcher


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    Thank-You for your response, my intention is not to hi-jack this thread i have created another thread and would love to discus your faith with you or any like minded ones



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    Same happened to me yesterday.

    The announcement was made

    "Another 21 have signed up for Aux Pioneer during August"

    Names read.

    Not mine

    Wife next to me ( who had signed up) obviously uncomfortable that my name not

    read out.

    Me ..... Don't care.

    Me wondering why the names have to be read out anyway.

    What happened to the "you don't need to pioneer just do your best ..Jehovah knows.."

    Now... it's not just names on a list, it is read out to the whole congregation, like a badge of honor

    or somesuch.

    Almost like the scroll of life... Sorry your name is not on here ...ZAP!...... gone

    Well, Warhol said "in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.

    Let them have their fame.

    I am not giving into peer pressure ( sorry stuckinarut2 but I understand your decision)

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    Witness My Fury

    FOG: Fear Obligation Guilt.

    It's a cult! Wakey wakey.

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