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  • punkofnice
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Punk... that was classic!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Lump sum - around $45,000

    Monthly payment - 1,200

    However, they are starting a remodel very soon and those funds were already going to be used for the remodel so that one isn't too bad. Not sure if the monthly payment will hold up since I think at that level, they were going to pay off the sum owed in 5 years.

  • pronomono

    The letter has been read at our hall, but we haven't made a resolution because....... our elders are busy calling each family to ask what will be donated. My wife made the comment how this was unusual and I gave a good witness to her about how she was right. I'm avoiding the subject with our elders right now. I'm always conveniently busy because I want nothing to do with this. We have a fairly big hall, so I'm interested to see what our number will be. Currently, we had been donating $50 to $100 dollars a month to the KH Fund. I'm sure this number is going to go way up. I'll let you all know what type of recourse there is, if any, for failing to provide a number.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    $500.00 per month "and we should be happy at that amount since we were sending in $800.00 per month before this new loving arrangement kicked in"


    This will not be allowed to stand very long, as per the stipulations in the letter. I'm sure the congregation will be getting a "friendly" reminder from WT very soon...

  • LongHairGal


    I have a friend in a "poorer" congregation. She SWEARS they are not asking for money and that I have "wrong" information.

    I wonder perhaps if this asking for money is done more subtly in "less affluent" halls like hers and maybe they are amping up the pressure on what they perceive to be "more affluent" congregations. Either this or she is just zoning out through the meeting and doesn't even know what is going on.

    Either way, it stinks and I'm glad I'm no longer there to listen to this garbage. I wouldn't even be polite about it.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    LHG: I have a friend in a "poorer" congregation. She SWEARS they are not asking for money and that I have "wrong" information.


    "they are not asking for money" ....YET !! Give it time. Since when has WT ever walked away from money?

    Your friend is unaware of the two pages the elders have not read to the congregation.

    From feedback I've gotten, JWs in general do not understand this new arrangement; partially because they have not been privileged with full disclosure, and partially because JWs are braindead (not their fault- they are victims of their training).

    Incidentally, JWs always think "apostates" have the wrong information....until we are proved right. JWs fail to realize that we apostates are weeks or months ahead of the rank-and-file when it comes to the latest news or changes in the Org.

  • rocketman

    A couple of decades ago, we had a fund of a few thousand bucks in our KH bank account. We would use it to help out various members of the congregation in emergency situations and to cover some minor expenses that might crop up.. It was donated money, willed to the congregation, for use as it saw fit.

    A C.O. came around and told the elders to send the money to the Society, and it was bye-bye fund.

  • Rattigan350

    Let's not forget that the biggest winfall is that the Society now owns all of the Kingdom Halls outright. They ain't just cancelling the mortgages, they are taking the properties too.

    And when a new hall is requested by the RBC, The Society will send a check for that amount but they own the Hall.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    LONGHAIREDGAL - "She SWEARS they are not asking for money"

    She's probably 100% correct, because in the secret parts of the letter it stated that those congs with loans would simply keep paying the the same - or more - amount of money as the repayments, but as a "donation".

    Hence, no need to request pledges of money from that cong, because they're already being bled dry!

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