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    I was also just thinking (Brandnew) if it's a small island with only 1 or 2 congregations it won't be so easy to merge elders/congregations to change the vote. I dear say HQ will send someone out to give a talk about compliance.
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    Witness My Fury

    Did they file suit or follow suit?, 'cause there's a difference :P

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    Or another scenario is just disastablish the congregation, sell the KH and give the publishers on the island the 1 finger salute. That's if HQ gets spooked enough. Wt be warned if you do this ex-jw Web sites will just go ballistic broad casting this to the world. This is indeed exciting stuff.

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    Sometimes passive rebellion is the most effective kind.

    Fun to watch, too. :sunglasses:

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    Puerto Rico.......small town called añasco.
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    This is great news. Sounds like this congregation is getting tired of all the money going out the door. I hope this starts a trend with many more congregations.
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    Ok.....well just an update on whats goin on.....out of regularly about 30 in attendance at the hall, 9 showed up on sunday!!!!!!

    Im df'd so my 80 year old father was going to do the mic, but the eldumb said just for people to just speak up.

    Elder, his wife, his 3 teenage kids, another eldumb, and his wife...

    And pops and I.

    REAL SHIT !!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

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    We had nearly $350,000 saved up to help purchase a new Kingdom Hall closer to our territory. Land alone was around $2 million at the time and it was said that it was going to be the most/one of the most expensive Kingdom Halls ever built. Really needed though since most publishers were driving 15 - 25 minutes to get to the Hall in another town and it was really hard to get any interested ones to drive all that way to come to the Hall.

    Anyway, when the new arrangement came out, we "loaned" all our money interest free to the Society and agreed to a monthly stipend of about $1800 to send as well.

    It was then decided by the Society that we would just remodel the Hall we already had, which itself is in a very high value area, instead of building a new one closer to territory.

    Believe me, I was irritated by this arrangement. Especially since I had gone out of my way to contribute generously toward our new Hall for years.

    I had some solace at the time, thinking that the money was going toward poorer countries in need. Now I know what a crock of bull that was.

    The Society can honestly do whatever it wants and the sheeple will go along and continue to take their beatings obediently.

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