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  • JWdaughter

    Kaik, I don't think most JWs pay $5 per person per week even in the US! And who is looking over thier shoulder and declaring folks weak? Ithink your parents are more generous than most are in reality.

    Pledges are not supposed to be requested with any specific amounts are they?! Someone should kick thier elders.

  • Hairtrigger

    Attende cong after 5 months. No pledges made as yet. CO coming in a few weeks . guess thats when the coin is dropped.

  • smiddy

    Could this scam , only originate in the USA ,? and be binding on the rest of the world ,? not be noted by Govermental authourities , and not be acted against ? In any country ? Are Governments so shit scared of anything that is associated with a religous organisation ? that they dont take any action ? whatsoever ?

    Some answers please .


  • kaik

    I am not sure whe it originated, but I talked about it with my relatives last summer in Czech Republic. My siblings and my parents (who are trapped in JW world) told me that the branch office was demanding more donations. Last week I talked my mom who told me that their KH is Czech Republic got pledge and were required to donate 30,000 Czech crown every month to support the organization. This was money on they pay on top for necessary KH expenses like utilities, KH maintenance, and city services. 30,000 crowns equals 1,500 USD, which is a better salary in the Czech Republic. Outside Prague, people make about $1000-1200 and pensions are about half of that number. So for the local people it is huge amount. I may be heading to CZ later this year and I will ask my relatives in different KH and in Slovakia (they have Euros), how much they were asked to donate.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Elderly sister confronted CoBE to ask him what the plans were for our congs bank balance which contains $20,000.

    He assured her that the cong would keep that money! In your dreams boy, in your dreams!!!

    Just wait until the Area Manager (C.O.) visits in a few months time - butt-kicking & fleecing time!!

  • insidetheKH

    @kaik i just came back from the czech republic, visited several congregations around Prague and Pilsen and know many people there. The branch office is not demanding anything !

  • Listener

    You would be right Inside KH. This is all coming from the Governing Body, the Branch Office is just the Office where the congregations send their money. We may as well point our fingers in the correct direction.

  • insidetheKH

    @listener that has nothing to with it. the statement concerning demanded donations in the czech republic is simply not true

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Well Kaik's information is second hand and so is's a 'he said she said" situation. Whoever is right, it's besides the point. The point is, th governing body is becoming more and more like the thing it claims to be the opposite of, that is, other Christian religions, especially Roman Catholics.

  • kaik

    insidetheKH. I left JW world 20 years ago. My parents, siblings, cousins are still in the orgnanization from Prague to Ostrava some of them for 50+ and more years. I could put names of people who were my elders, and I could also name my DO and CO. You certainly know them. However, I was told by my own parents two weeks ago, that their KH was asked donating money -which they do not have- in the sum of 30000 crowns. I heard the same complaing last summer. I do not live in CZ anymore, but I go there every year or so. I do not think my parents neither my siblings would make that thing up. I can also go into the Czech JW and exJW forum and ask around.

    BTW you know that branch in Prague is closed for couple years and Czech Republic is served from Slovakia. I know people who moved there to work from the branch office. When I will be in Czech Republic this summer, I will ask my relatives again. I am a faders, not dfs or da, so I could in theory talk to my cousins who are elders, but I do not want. They never where nice people as far I remember as a kid.

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