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  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    assuming the society gives you the money for remodels :)

  • ?me?

    our cong. had the resolution read, without any explantion or questions , of course. we are going to send in OVER A 1000 DOLLARS!!!! it was shocking to me, but then again i think 300 of that is from ME! i don't see how a cong. of about 75 in attendance is going to send in that amount. that counts single moms, struggling families and a few slightly upper class families./couples. no "rich" people in our cong. i do think that beats our amount that we pledged a few years ago for our new hall. one of our sister halls is packed with young couples, i wonder if they will hit the 1500 mark?

    the other congs are smaller, other language groups, so i think from our 4 halls it will probably be 2500 total.

    again, is the WTS going to chip in on "minor" repairs? 2000 here and there for upgrades and repairs? i don't think so, and the congs will over and over without the surplus they gathered

  • WTWizard

    Just wait until they start auditing congregation funds. Let the hounder-hounder start doing that, and they are going to be ordered to clean out the whole emergency fund (including whatever was saved for planned repairs). If the amounts pledged are "too low", the hounder-hounder is going to order audits of each and every publisher (including inactive ones) for financial conditions, and demand a too-low allowance with everything else going to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. Hounders that do not comply will be removed and possibly disfellowshipped. Publishers could be subject to judicial action, or even getting sued under their "contract" they "signed" when they got baptized (that they would do everything they absolutely can to serve joke-hova, including giving all their money to impoverish themselves so their souls can be free as energy sources to that thing).

    As for the amounts being low, I am expecting soon to hear that they are being audited to buff it. I wouldn't be surprised if the hounders, under a warrant from the one judge that views baptism as a legally binding contract, start auditing personal finances. Then, they can get everything away from them--stocks, bonds, gold and silver, and expensive flashlights and all. I am realistically expecting these congregation donations to be buffed, likely to 2 or 3 monster boxes of silver per month per congregation, under threat of members getting either disfellowshipped or sued.

    The cost is too much? Hardly. Even if the washtowel spends more in court charges than they receive in additional donations, it is not the money they are after. It is souls. Make people destitute, and their energy is more easily drained. They can be sucked dry by joke-hova, which is what the washtowel is really about. It is worth a lot of money (even at a loss) to the washtowel to comply with the draconians' demand to impoverish people's souls in every way possible.

  • Pterist

    Let me get this new "loving arrangement" straight :

    1. The local KHs get to keep 3 months running costs of their own money, the surplus goes to HQ !?

    2. The interest free loans from HQ are cancelled in lieu of recieving the SAME amount as a free will donation every month. !?

    So will HQ also claim a tax right off, for what they may report as default on their loans, committed by the elders of the local KHs and also place leans on the KHs For the unpaided loans ? ?

    Sounds like how the corrupt banks handled the toxic mortgages recently, receiving bail outs and also selling the properties as forthclosures !

  • JustVisting

    You'll be paying till kingdom come as the saying goes.

  • wannabefree

    I imagine this will be quite a positive cash flow for the BORG even if some congregations are paying less. I know that the Society's Kingdom Hall Fund was the least supported in my congregation and the amount read off each month in the thank you letter was pennies compared to what they will be getting now.

  • JWdaughter

    I'm kind of curious about how this is working internationally, in other countries that hav much less money to start with and that actually might need a KH. They have no resources to offer (significantly). Do they get loans or gifts to build halls? Assuming that the entire system works differently tax and charity wise in othr countries, historically, how have they managed those KHs in "darkest Africa" or India or the Philippines,for example.

    And if they got loans,than what is the WWKH building fund all about when apparently (from what I have seen so far) NO ONE gets a 'free ride". All JWs are buyinng their ownn litrature and building their own buildings (or contributing to phantom buildings as in Mexico and So. America)

  • kaik

    JWDaughter, in my native country which was after the fall of communism rather developing country, we build KH from our local funds. I used to donate every week. After JW went from illegality, we did not have KH, we had to rent various public spaces like school auditorium. We had collection box that was used to fund our first KH building. We put money every week into it so we can build our own first KH. This was done after several years in savings. I do not remember any monies from bethel that would fund the KH; it is possible they were donated, but I left JW around the time. I only remember that we got advise on the look and the size of the KH. The local congregation workforce, skills, and money built the building (or rather renovated the purchased ruin).

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Please bear in mind that the monies touted as being for the building work are nothing of the kind. A little corollary in the letter read out said something to the effect that although the money would be primarily used for building halls an such that it would actually go into a general fund that could be used for whatever the GB think fit.

    The tax is totally dishonest and is being misrepresented by smoke and mirrors. It will just disappear into the WT swamp of unfathomable mystery accounting and cash juggling.

  • CuriousButterfly

    I know of one congregation that has around $200K saved for a renovation. We were told by a few elders in the KH that they are going to spend the money for costs to repair that should not have a complete RBC overhaul. If I was in the KH I would be upset donating all the money and then the WT take it away.

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