Video of admitted child molester in Jehovah’s Witnesses has gone viral!

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  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Prime.. What has that (whether the Watchtower is liable for the decision) got to do with the public interest in this case? For one thing, it demonstrates that the 'child abusers are not appointed to positions of oversight' defense is not always true. Also it shows that incompetent/irresponsible men are trusted with peoples lives (spiritually and physically) within Jehovahs spirit-directed organisation (then the Watchtower tells you to obey them as if they were appointed by holy spirit). And finally, as Richard pointed out, it shows that caution is needed as to letting Jw's into your house if you have children.. when even those who know of an abuser, by firsthand admission, could authorise them to continue to do so.

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    The Watchtower Society doesn't appoint elders, nor do they remove elders or disfellowship anyone. This strictly done at the local level. There's no "chain to the Watchtower Society."

    Prime, You can only be joking with us. I was a elder. I was appointed by the Watchtower and when I abdicated from office was only announced when the organization sent a confirmation that it was no longer elder.

    Like all the elders and ministerial servants, is the Watchtower who appoint and remove this ones.

  • Pistoff

    Prime, as usual, repeats the untruthful company line.

  • digderidoo

    Gone viral with 72 views?

  • UnConfused

    That report was well done. Thanks.

    Per the JW Lawyer at least he was honest about the JW position and not spinning it for the camera.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    The Watchtower Society doesn't appoint elders, nor do they remove elders or disfellowship anyone. This strictly done at the local level. There's no "chain to the Watchtower Society."


    What world do you live in, Prime?


    Prime is a master debater! Just when you think Prime is getting some common sense the tables are turned!

    " This is a case where two Hispanic elders that probably work at Taco Bell were completely stupid and acted on their own, appointed Gonzalo Campos as an elder and didn't have the common decency to tell the victim's parents or anyone else about his confession."

    They may have been stupid, or acted in ignorance, but no Elder does anything on their own. They are not trained to deal with this type of thing and that is sad. It's even sad for Campos because he has never been helped either. What makes someone a sex offender? Was he abused? Probably, and that is terrible. Still, the way the WTBTS operates just makes everything worse. Campos does not get treatment, children are not protected ect.

    The way the WTBTS operates needs to change. There is no violation of the " 2 Witness " rule by reporting an alleged crime to the authorities. If the accuser is lying, the Superior Authorities are better trained to detect it. If the abuse really occured, the S.A's can be the second witness.

    Prime said, " The Watchtower Society doesn't appoint elders, nor do they remove elders or disfellowship anyone. This strictly done at the local level. There's no "chain to the Watchtower Society."

    The above is not accurate. A simple reading of the WTBTS's publications prove it. There are some areas where the Elders can make a decision without going through obvious channels. For instance, what kind of cleaner works best for windows? Should we buy a lawn mower that has a 2-stroke engine? Should we have bacon or sausage at the KH build? Can Johnny run a microphone? They can make those decisions " independently."

    Anything major must go through the obvious proper channels. Construction projects, remodels, even the colors that a local KH is allowed to use has been determined by someone higher up " the chain." Appointments are a muti-step, muti-department affair. The Brother's meet and discuss the "scriptural" qualifications of the candidate. Then the CO is involved. Next, the Branch and an unknown number of steps, until the decision is sent back to the KH. Everything requires muti-steps. I can post the procedure for you from the Shepherd Book if you really need it.

    As far as DF'ing are concerned, they are not " strictly done at the local level " as you claim. Yes, the Elders do not call someone to see if it's okay to DF someone in every case. Still, the criteria for DF'ing comes from the top and is based on the WTBTS's interpretation of scripture. All those criteria, including the minutae that has been determined by the GB, comes through a hierarchy. The very "knowledge" that the Elders base any decision upon has been supplied to them through an approved channel that they must comply with. This is the "special relationship" that exists between the GB and the lower cast members of the WTBTS. Therefore the "ignorance" that any Elder displays is also a byproduct of the "channel" since information is tightly regulated. There are ZERO local level decisions in reality. Every decision is influenced by the " Channel ", as the WTBTS is run from the top. There are no independent decisions, in fact " independent thinking " is a sign of spiritual weakness and could jeopardize one's prospects for life.

    Jehovah's Witnesses fear making any decision that goes contrary to the Governing Body's wishes. You cannot openly disagree with any decision made by the GB and be appointed to a " leadership " position, or remain in one. The GB has the final say, and makes all the rules, and sets all the standards. Those rules are to be followed without question. Since the GB has fostered the belief that they are directed by God exclusively, and has simultaneously created an atmosphere of ignorance and unquestioning obedience to a " channel ", the GB/FDS and the WTBTS are utimately responsible for what happens in the enviroment they created. Your statements show either a lack of insight, or honesty.

  • cantleave

    Prime you do talk shit!

  • gingerbread

    The attorney representing the Watchtower in this case, Jim McCabe, also represented the WT (Freemont Congregation) in the Candace Conti sexual abuse trial. Notice in the video interview how he nervously admits that the "Biblical" two witness rule in abuse cases takes precedent over secular law.

    The Conti verdict (18 million judgement against the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) is currently in appeal by WT legal.

    These - and other - pending court actions against the WT is the main reason why recent publications and talks (did you attend this summer's convention?) are warning about the coming persecution. The blame road is being laid against "apostate liars" for the persecution.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Wasn't real impressed with McCabe. They'll keep repeating the same canned crap over and over until they're bankrupt.

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