Video of admitted child molester in Jehovah’s Witnesses has gone viral!

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  • disfellowshipped1

    Notice these two attorneys opining on this case.

  • truthhurts13

    might I suggest a public stoning.... and Im not talkin marijuana

    I'd cast the first stone, thats for sure

  • LostGeneration

    Holy crap.

    That JW lawyer just gave about the worst defense on camera that I have ever seen. I'll bet HQ wants to DF him for being such an idiot.

    Every JW needs to see that video.

  • laverite

    Thank you for posting this. I am considering posting this on Facebook. I hope this is viewed and talked about widely.

  • Crazyguy

    However we can get this out there lets do it!!! We need to take every opportunity to take these arseholes down!!!!! Hopefully this case will cost them millions and millions more will be spent in more cases as people become aware.

  • Richard_I

    this isnt' anything new to us, but to the public, this is a great informative video. they mention that the pedo is still a JW, let that sink in... a pedo is still going door-to-door, possibly talking to kids without their parents' knowledge. now, think about all the pedos that are JWs that we don't know about because their actions are not reported to the police, that are freely talking to kids on a daily basis, both within and outside the congregation... sad, sad, sad!

  • jw07


    Youtube link for easy spreading on Facebook / Twitter etc etc

  • Bella15

    Biblical law protects pedophiles, is he serious?

  • Prime

    Thank you for posting this. I am considering posting this on Facebook. I hope this is viewed and talked about widely.

    It won't be. This is actually old news. It will go in one orifice and out the other unless you're an apostate and enjoy this sort of thing.

    "The elders are instructed that they are to report that up the chain to The Watchtower, before or not to authorities," Zalkin said. "It is The Watchtower who will decide what happens."

    If anyone knows anything about this or even bothers to check the actual facts of this case in the official files in public records, they'll see that the two elders that knew anything about this man never once contacted the Watchtower Society in response to anything to do with Gonzalo Campos.

    This is a case where two Hispanic elders that probably work at Taco Bell were completely stupid and acted on their own, appointed Gonzalo Campos as an elder and didn't have the common decency to tell the victim's parents or anyone else about his confession.

    Two of his victims were Hispanic boys he assaulted when they accompanied him on his landscaping business. The others were victims he assaulted before he was ever a JW.

    The Watchtower Society doesn't appoint elders, nor do they remove elders or disfellowship anyone. This strictly done at the local level. There's no "chain to the Watchtower Society." However, he would never have been appointed had the elders acted as they were supposed to and reported him to the Watchtower Society and Mr. Zalkin would have never been able to establish liability for this lawsuit. The first time the Watchtower Society found out anything about this man was long after he was appointed an elder. One of the victims families wrote the Watchtower Society and other elders got involved. Gonzalo Campos was removed as an elder and disfellowshipped for five years. The elder (P.O.) that appointed him was also removed. I don't know why the police weren’t informed. One of the victim's parents literally tried to kill him and letters from the elders indicated they hated him and didn't want him reinstated even after five years. It sounds like they would have been more satisfied if he was in prison. The letters from the elders indicate he did severe damage to the congregation.

  • Phizzy

    Glad you cleared that up Prime, I thought the WT might bear at least some responsibility in this matter, but as usual, you have shown they are squeaky clean.

    I am glad too that you point out that Elders are not appointed or removed within a "Theocratic" arrangement, by Holy Spirit, it is simply on the whim of local Elders, who probably work at Taco Bell.

    Explains a lot.

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